Wildhorn Spire Helmet Review

When it comes to picking a child’s helmet, there are several things I considered when choosing the Wildhorn Spire. Is it safe, is it easy to use, and will they wear it.

Should they wear a helmet is an important topic that we cover here and here!

Bike helmets are easy to draw a hard line with. You’re on a bike, you wear a helmet!

But wintersports helmets fall into a grey area because sometimes we hike pulling sleds without plans to sled down hills. Would the kids accept the requirement to wear helmets without fuss?

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Wildhorn Spire Helmet

The answer is a resounding YES.. and I think a lot of it has to do with the comfort and style of the Wildhorn Spire. All three kids love these helmets so much they ask to wear them constantly, even when walking or sitting and playing.

Wildhorn Spire Helmet

Winter helmets generally provide a layer of warmth and these do a good job of keeping them warm even in the coldest weather. Sometimes we put these on just for another layer in the cold!

Wildhorn Spire Helmet

The goggles also fit all their faces well and are easy to adjust. They fit well with the helmets and do a decent job of staying put when they’re not in use.

Occasionally the goggles have fogged up but that’s been mostly when it’s been very cold and we’re using balaclavas to cover our mouths. The ventilation system seems to work very well.

Wildhorn Spire Helmet

The chinstrap has comfortable padding, is easy to adjust, and doesn’t loosen on it’s own (which is a problem we’ve experienced with some bike helmets).

Other Features

The helmet is very lightweight

This is especially important for my toddler who is sensitive about having anything on her head. She has no issues with the Wildhorn Spire, which means a lot to our family.

Wildhorn Spire Helmet

The lenses are very scratch-resistant

We have not been especially careful with the included goggles, and they remain scratch free after months of use and abuse.

Wildhorn Spire Helmet

Helmet is bluetooth-compatable and ear pads are removable

I don’t intend to use the bluetooth capability of these helmets – the kids being able to hear me when out and about is more important – but it is a nice feature. The ear pads are also removable for warmer days, which means this could be your all-in one adventure helmet.

Wildhorn Spire Helmet

The helmet and goggles combo can be used together OR separately

While I love that the goggles come included with the helmet, I also like the fact that I am getting two important pieces of gear in one. Goggles also make great sunglasses (thanks for that valuable tip Amelia!).

Wildhorn Spire Helmet

The Bottom Line

What I love

One stop shopping, helmet-goggle combo that’s so adjustable it fits all my kids ages 2 through 6.

Wildhorn Spire Helmet

Each helmet comes with two liners and has a toggle on the back to adjust the fit. The adjustment knob makes it easy to get a good fit on all the kids.

They all love the color of their helmets and the little animal decals that come on them.

Wildhorn Spire Helmet

I love the look of the helmets. The matte finish is sharp looking, and we get lots of compliments on them.

The packaging is very eco-friendly. I have received several items from Wildhorn and all have come in minimal paper packaging, not wrapped in single use plastics.

Wildhorn Spire Helmet

What could be improved

Wildhorn helmets are ASTM-certified but do not incorporate MIPS technology. If that’s a deal-breaker for you, there are lots of other great helmets out there that meet this criteria, a good roundup of recommended helmets is shown here.

The helmets come with two liners, supposedly different thicknesses. I cannot tell them apart, and as far as I can tell they aren’t labeled.

The downside to a helmet-goggles combo is you don’t have much choice about the lenses if your kids are particular about helmet colors. The VLT (visible light transmission) of every variety differs (42%, 57%, and 60% for the three we bought).

Wildhorn Spire Helmet
Mirrored 60% VLT on the purple helmet and non-mirrored 42% VLT on the green

Buying additional lenses does not appear to be an option unless you buy an extra pair of goggles (which aren’t cheap to buy on their own). I would love to see each helmet come with two lenses.

Where to Buy

Find the Wildhorn Spire on Amazon or your local gear shop.

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