Iksplor Adventure Wear

Iksplor Adventure Wear

We have been lucky enough to watch Iksplor grow from the very beginning right here in Jackson, Wyoming. While we literally wear them every single day and I talk about them a LOT on our social media channels, I just realized that I have never written a full dedicated post on the brand. The good news is that this review is our honest thoughts after wearing them hard over the past two years.

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How Iksplor Adventure Gear got started

I am proud to know and love both Kailey and Karissa and see first-hand the amazing (now booming) business they have built from the ground up. They live the lifestyle they promote in their daily lives here in Wyoming working to help get families outside.

I’ve had countless conversations with them as they got going and their mission has always been to just make amazing merino wool for kids….and to learn from other brands and do it better.

I love this quote about what makes Iksplor stand apart:

“From sheep to shop, we wanted Iksplor to be different – and better. So we created a transparent and ethical business model, supply chain and product lifecycle to help protect the environment for future generations. We source the highest quality wool in the world, use Blue Sign approved dyes, and work with a woman-owned manufacturer right here in the U.S.

We couldn’t stand the thought of Iksplor’s textile waste sitting in our landfills for 100’s of years. Our merino is high quality and long-lasting, but when the adventures are over, it can be composted within 6 months. That is a fraction of the time of a polyester product. Send your Iksplor clothing back to us using the Iksplor More Send Back Program. We ensure your Iksplor merino will be responsibly reused or recycled and in return, you will receive 20% off your next order! “

– Karissa and Kailey, iksplor.com

Iksplor Adventure Gear Base Layers

Iksplor Adventure Wear

The Iksplor base layers are now available in sizes 0-12 in six different colors. Our family pretty much has the line-up covered….

Iksplor Adventure Wear
Iksplor Adventure Wear

They come as a set with a few intentional features we really love:

Longer lengths

Longer tops, sleeves AND legs mean that base layers stay where they should be when kids are moving and they layer well under snow gear. I love that there is no threat at all of skin peeking out.

Thumb holes

My kids love that they have thumb holes because they’re fun; I love them because it makes putting on all the layers without them moving around so much easier.

Iksplor Adventure Wear

Super soft merino wool

The base layers (and all their gear) is soft….and gets softer with use and wash. They also breathe well it means that they are worn day AND night in our home in the winter and at least as pajamas in the summer for cold mountain nights.

Machine washable AND dryable merino

To be honest, I just can’t handle clothes that can’t be washed and dried. While wool technically doesn’t need washed much, my kids are pros at getting everything dirty. It was a huge selling point for me that these can go in with the rest of the laundry with no issues.

Iksplor Beanies and Neckies

While we fell in love with the base layers themselves very quickly, we use the beanies and neckies just as much for three season adventuring.

Iksplor Adventure Wear

We’ve had a ton of different merino hats come through our home and these are by far my favorite. They also happen to be available in adult sizes too! I love them because they are double thickness so stay on, are big enough to roll and fit well under helmets (both bike and ski/snowboard).

Iksplor Adventure Wear
Desert camping and wearing the Iksplor beanies

The neckies come in two different sizes and were worn every day for skiing. They are just enough to fit under a helmet and provide some great protection on the mountain.

Iksplor Adventure Wear
Skiing with an Iksplor Neckie

Iksplor Adventure Blankets

While their blankets don’t get as much attention as their other products, I can’t leave them out. The Iksplor Adventure blankets are incredibly stretchy, warm and comfortable and make an amazing swaddle.

Iksplor swaddle

While my kids are too big for that now (sniff, sniff) we love them for traveling and camping. They are 48″ x 48″ so have plenty of room for great coverage….even when the older siblings swaddle the younger ones….

Iksplor Adventure Wear

They are also cozy, stay warm even when wet (ask me how I know) and dry easily. The kids love their stretch too.

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Iksplor Adventure Wear

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