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Iksplor Adventure Blanket

Iksplor Adventure Blanket for Exploring and Traveling

Iksplor’s very first product, their merino wool adventure blanket, is often overlooked as a must-have item for babies and kids. However, it has quickly become my go-to blanket for everything AND my favorite gift to give to newborn babies. This post will explain why a $119 baby/kid/travel blanket is the only one you need! Psstt….it’s not just for kids!

 As a member of Iksplor’s affiliate program, we earn from qualifying purchases. However, as always, the thoughts in this post are exactly what we tell our family and friends.

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Why a Merino Wool Adventure Blanket

Simply put, while merino wool isn’t cheap, it IS worth every penny. It prevents you from getting sweaty and cold, wicks away moisture and is soft and gentle on your skin. While this is usually something we consider for clothing, it is important with blankets too, especially ones that will get a ton of use. The reasons below explain why in a bit more detail.

iksplor adventure blanket

Merino is incredibly soft

Merino wool fibers are so fine that when pressed into skin they simply bend instead of poke. This means it is incredibly soft for sensitive skin (like baby skin). Merino is made of knitted construction which also helps with softness.

Merino Micro-Environment Control <– this is HUGE!

Merino wool has a hydrophobic (water repelling) exterior and a hydrophilic (water-loving) interior which helps with moisture management.

It also has the capacity to remove up to 35% of it’s own weight of moisture from the skin before the fiber even feels wet at all.

If it DOES get wet, it actually releases a small amount of heat which prevents chilling in cold conditions. And in hot conditions, the reverse happens so it actually helps cool! Mind-blowing.

Iksplor adventure blanket and base layers

Merino Health and Safety Perks

Merino wool is a flame retardant and resists bacteria and associated odor, which means you really don’t have to wash it very often.

It also provides UV protection while remaining breathable.

Best uses of the Iksplor Adventure Blanket

Swaddling and wrapping babies

Because of the stretch and size, it makes an excellent infant swaddle. Because of the wicking and safety properties it makes a great all-purpose baby blanket too (and will replace all your other ones)!

Great towel option for camping and outdoor adventures

My kids spend a lot of time in wild water throughout the summer months. And it’s usually not something plan ahead. Countless times our Iksplor blankets have doubled as a towel as they quickly wick away water and keep kids super warm. Honestly they work much better than any cotton towel.

Our friend wrapped up after a hot spring dip

Travel blanket for all ages

Because the Iksplor blanket packs so small and is so light, yet soft, it makes a great travel blanket for car or airplane travel. All five of my kids have them for just this purpose.

Adventure blanket to keep in the car

We usually keep our adventure blankets ready in the car for when we need to use them as a place to sit, an extra layer in the stroller or wagon, a towel or a cozy place to sleep outside.

Reasons why we love the Iksplor Adventure Blanket in particular

  • Large size for multi-age use and functionality (48″ x 48″)
  • Machine washable AND dryable
  • Made in the USA
  • Wicks moisture away from the body
  • Regulates temperature in both heat and cold
  • Protects from the sun with a UPF 50 protection rating
  • Resists odors and is antimicrobial
  • Gentle enough for very sensitive skin
  • Naturally flame resistant
Iksplor adventure blanket for camping

Best and safest swaddling blanket for infants

As I mentioned above, the Iksplor Adventure Blanket will replace all your other blankets for swaddling infants. And, because it is large and has wicking properties, it really can do that (even if it gets wet from spit up or a small diaper leak).

Because it is 48″ x 48″ it is large enough to grow with your child as you swaddle and then use it as a blanket for both covering up and playing upon.

Iksplor adventure blanket for swaddling

Best travel blanket for all ages

So swaddling is great for infants, but truly a blanket that works for a wide range of ages is far more crucial in my opinion. I love that this blanket grows with my kids.

Is lightweight and packs small

The iksplor blanket may be generously sized, but it really is very lightweight and packs down small. It fits in a diaper bag, large purse or kids’ backpack for easy access.

Easy to wash

While I appreciate blankets that don’t HAVE to be washed often (the Iksplor adventure blanket hides dirt very well), I have zero tolerance for blankets that can’t be washed. This one can be machine washed AND dried. Prefer to line-dry items? I love that it can hang-dry and retain it’s softness.

Merino wool is naturally flame resistant

My kids spend a lot of time around the campfire when we are camping. I love knowing that if by chance a spark lands on their merino wool blanket, it won’t melt to them or harm their skin.

Iksplor adventure blanket for camping

Adventure Onesie

In a stroke of genius, owners Karissa and Kailey decided to turn some of the blanket material into adventure onesies starting in a premie size through 18 months. These Adventure Onesies are slightly thicker than their standard base layer sets and can be layered with them for maximum baby warmth.

Iksplor Adventure Onesie
Our friend cozy in the Iksplor Adventure Onesie

Check out all the Iksplor products here and use code “mtnmama20” for 20% off!

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Iksplor Adventure Blanket

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