Gifts for a Skiing Family 2023

Since we can’t provide skiers with perfect snow or weather, the next best thing is some great ski accessories. Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be wonderful. These gifts for a skiing family include everything from new clothing, both outerwear and base layers, to packs to skis to fun accessories. We’ve included tried and tested products that we love with a range of prices to fit your needs.

The year that our kids could finally, kind of, ski with us, we had the best spring break I had ever had. We spent the week skiing as a family and felt like it was finally a week of activities that we all loved.

Our team here at TMM loves downhill skiing (and snowboarding), backcountry skiing, and even cross country skiing and we have pulled together some of our favorite gear so you can head out and make some memories on the slopes or even in the parking lot.

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Best Kids Ski Jackets

Akova Elevated Hardshell

If you prefer to have separate hardshell from insulation, this Akova jacket is a great choice for your child. TMM contributors love the quality, waterproofing, and fit of these jackets.

Valid for any order at full price (not including Outlet and Renewed items that are already heavily discounted).

Child in ski clothing sitting on the slopes.
The Akova Hardshell is a great ski jacket to keep your child warm and dry all winter.

Akova Elevated Insulator

If you go with the Elevated Hardshell for your skier, then this insulating layer is a perfect addition for colder days on the slopes.

Valid for any order at full price (not including Outlet and Renewed items that are already heavily discounted).

Child in ski clothes, including helmet and goggles, sitting on the slope.
The Akova Elevated Insulator can work well on its own or paired with the Elevated Hardshell.

Reima Posio Kids Ski Jacket

This stylish, insulated ski jacket is waterproof and breathable to keep your child comfortble in all conditions. We love the quality of Reima products and this one is no exception. Reima gear is sized to last for more than one season and the quality holds up to heavy use. We have a lot of Reima gear reviewed in this Reima Winter Gear for Kids post.

Child in ski clothes on a mountain skiing
Reima Posio jacket in action on the slopes.

Kids Ski Wear

Reima Proxima Kids Ski Pants

We love the color, warmth, fit, and durability. My daughter got a pair of these ski pants last season and they will easily fit her for this season as well. They kept her warm and dry through the wet New England and Ohio ski season. I love that the pants have suspenders to keep them up and help prevent snow from getting between her jacket and the pants. We have a lot of Reima gear reviewed in this Reima Winter Gear for Kids post.

Child on skis in blue pants and flowered jacket with blue helmet.
The Proxima ski pants in action on my daughter, Lua.

Akova Elevated Jr Gloves

We at Tales of a Mountain Mama are super excited about this new ski glove for kids. It has all the features we look for: warmth, waterproofing, wrist leaches, and adjustable cuffs. Keep your eyes peeled for a full review after seeing how it survives a ski season.

Valid for any order at full price (not including Outlet and Renewed items that are already heavily discounted).

Iksplor Base Layers

Iksplor base layers are well-loved by our team at Tales of a Mountain Mama. For a full review, see this article about their adventure wear. Team members who have used Iksplor base layers report that they are lightweight, thin and pretty stretchy while still keeping nice and warm.

Father and child shoveling snow while wearing base layers.
Iksplor base layers are perfect on and off the slopes.

Adult Ski Wear

Iksplor Base Layers

Iksplor base layers are well-loved by our team at Tales of a Mountain Mama. They have way more than just kids clothing and the line up even includes maternity and nursing tops for outdoors Mamas. For a full review, see this article about their adventure wear.

Mother, toddler, and young child walking in the woods. Mother is carrying toddler.
Iksplor base layers are soft, warm, durable, and cozy.

Akova Women’s Legacy Insulator

Akova’s excellent outdoor clothing doesn’t stop with children. The insulator jacket is a great choice for women skiers who need some more warmth under their shells. It allows for great movement and packs easily.

Valid for any order at full price (not including Outlet and Renewed items that are already heavily discounted).

Woman skiing
The Legacy insulator can work well as a jacket or as a mid-layer under your shell.

Akova Men’s Legacy Insulator

Not to be left out, there is a great men’s fit version of the Legacy Insulator as well. Again, great on it’s own or layered under an Akova shell. We love that it allows lots of movement for active dads.

Valid for any order at full price (not including Outlet and Renewed items that are already heavily discounted).

Man in a black jacket next to a ski rack.
The Insulator jacket will keep skiing men in your life warm and stylish.

Skiing Family Gifts

Deuter Freerider 28 SL

I want this pack so badly that even though I haven’t tried it yet (but really hope to this winter), I have to recommend it. I have used other Deuter packs in the past and love their durability and fit. This pack has all the features I want in a ski pack: dedicated space for safety gear, a helmet carrying place that doesn’t interfere with ski carrying, and loops to carry skis on the side. I can’t wait to try it out and report back with a full gear review. This pack is also available at

Woman carrying a ski pack with skis on the side.
The Deuter Freerider 28 SL also can carry a helmet on the back, so you can easily carry a helmet even with skis on the pack.

Pure Mountain Fun Ski Carrier

Amelia uses these for her kids to help them carry their own skis from about age 4+. They simplify the movement of the family plus gear to the ski hill and work even on the bus (though watch your head so you don’t get hit by swinging skis! We love how the packs are super small and fit in a jacket pocket when not in use.

Two girls wearing Pure Mountain Fun packs to help them carry their skis.

Hydroflask Stow Bottle

My dad got one of these for his birthday last winter while we were on a ski trip to Colorado. Everyone in the family was immediately jealous because he could easily carry a little bit of water to drink when we were out skiing but didn’t have to carry a pack. The bottle stows easily in an inside jacket pocket, even when full, and packs to nearly nothing when empty.

Skis and Ski Boots for Kids

Be sure to get skis with metal edges and release bindings if you are going to take kids skiing at ski areas. The plastic strap on skis are great for playing in the yard, but won’t work for teaching a child to ski. Plus, they aren’t allowed at ski aras. We have a few recommendations here and also suggest checking out this really thorough review of children’s skis.

L9 Ski Packages

If you need an entire package of gear for kids, you can’t beat L9. They have excellent skis, boots, and bindings for experienced skiers.

Dalbello Ski Boots

We had Dalbello boots for our kids when they were really little and were quite happy with them. They have a range of sizes, starting for the youngest child. Single buckle boots work well for really small kids, but as they grow, pay attention to making sure that they have enough ankle support.

Atomic Kid Skis

Our son is currently skiing on Atomic skis and we are really happy with them. They have worked well in conditions ranging from groomers in bounds in the Northeast and Midwest to East Coast backcountry to powder and groomers in the Rocky Mountains.

Skiing Headwear for the Family

Narwhal Horn

This adorable helmet decoration helps save narwhal’s as well. Every purchase from this women-owned start up also donates money to endangered species protection. My daughter has this horn on her helmet and loves being a unicorn when she is skiing.

Check out our team favorite winter sport helmets!

Blackstrap Balaclava

In cold weather it’s important to have a layer under your helmet to keep your head and neck warmer. Any balaclava will do, but I love the fun prints on these balaclavas. The style lets them easily be used as hats, balaclavas or neck warmers. My kids have these and the fabric is comfortable and pretty. The sizing seems to work really well for kids.

Outdoor Research Alpine Onset Merino Beanie

I cannot live without my OR beanie that fits under my helmet. Many near crises in our house have been averted by someone finding my “pink hat”. I recommend it for all whose heads get cold even with a helmet on in fairly warm weather.

Gifts to Keep Hands Warm While Skiing

Hot Hands Hand Warmers

As you may have guessed, I hate being cold. I also hate being wasteful, so while I use Hot Hands hand warmers daily, I always save the hand warmers in a zip lock bag at the end of the day so that I can use them the next day. They normally last me for two to three days if I’m not skiing all day.

Outdoor Research Sureshot Heated Softshell Gloves

While I normally recommend mittens for maximum hand warmth, heated gloves are a bit better than heated mittens because the heating elements go down each finger individually in gloves. Outdoor Research is a long-time favorite glove source for our family, and so of course they are my top choice for heated gloves.

Free the Powder RX Pro Mitten

These are mittens that my husband and I own and love. They are warm, waterproof, and cost effective. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Gifts to Keep Feet Warm While Skiing

Dry Guy Boot Glove

These things look totally ridiculous and it seems unbelievable that they work, but they really do. The little bit of heat lost through the boot shell really makes a difference and these neoprene boot covers keep feet noticeably warmer. We all wear them most days through the New England ski season.

Hotronic Boot Heater

Now that I have these boot heaters, I can’t imagine how I survived so many years without them, even with the boot gloves. I love that I can control the level of heat my feet get and that I can make my boots warm before I even put my feet in them. These are an excellent gift for your loved ones with chronically cold feet.

Smartwool Ski Socks

Paradoxically, the warmest socks for our family have been the thinnest. These Smartwool socks have no padding but that lets your boot keep you warm and function at the highest level.

Accessory Gifts for the Skiing Family

Ariat Boot Jack

Well-fitting ski boots can be totally impossible to get off. This boot jack helps you get your boot off at the car without falling over into the slushy mess on the ground at the trunk.

REI Coop Trail Stool

When the pandemic closed lodges a few years ago, we realized that it was much faster for our family to get kitted up at the car rather than going inside. For everyone except the driver, that just meant riding in the car in our boots. For the driver, changing at the car was an exercise in good balance until we realized that this foldable REI stool is perfect for sitting on at the ski area parking lot while getting in and out of boots. The boot jack (above) makes it even easier.

Thule Force Roof Box

We leave this box on our car all winter and that way we don’t have to take skis or poles in and out of the car every time we ski. The large size makes it perfect for carrying gear for family vacations at other times of the year as well.

Gifts for Families That Ski

We hope these gift ideas for the skiers in your life make gift giving a little easier. Gifts ranging from narwhal horns to roof boxes, you’ll be sure to find the best gift for your loved ones in this guide. And don’t forget to keep your family safe on the slopes this year! Grab some Rocky Talkies to stay connected!

Looking for More Gift Ideas for Outdoor Families?

Gifts for a Skiing Family 2023

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  • Amanda, her husband, Josh, and their children, Colby and Lua, live in Oberlin, OH where Amanda is a Geosciences professor at Oberlin College. Amanda's parents live in New Hampshire and so they spend a lot of time there as well. They take advantage of homeschooling to maximize outdoors time for everyone. Amanda grew up in Hong Kong and spent summers in New Hampshire, where she found her love for nature. Pursuing a PhD in geosciences to study why Earth looks the way it does and how people change those processes was a natural outgrowth of her love for being outside. Their outdoor sports sort of follow seasons: the winter they love to ski, in the fall they race cyclocross, in the spring they ride bikes on day trips, and in the summer they rock climb, bike tour, take overnight canoe trips, and backpack.

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