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Best Gifts for the Snowboarder 2023

Best Gifts for the Snowboarder 2023

Let’s be honest – the ultimate gift for the snowboarder in your life is a bluebird powder day. But if you’re not able to deliver that (it’s ok, we get it) this list of Gifts for the Snowboarder will give you the next best ideas for all the snowboarders in your life.

All of the products listed in this ultimate list of gifts for the snowboarder are things that myself and other Tales of a Mountain Mama team members have personally tested and recommend. We have gift ideas for the entire family, stocking stuffers, essential gear, gifts for those learning to snowboard and some fun splurges for your favorite shredder.

Two children standing with their snowboards
Since gifting a bluebird day in the mountains doesn’t always work out, our Gift Guide provides the next best options.

Most snowboarders would be stoked with big ticket items like boards, outerwear or lift tickets, but I assure you that giving a great gift does not have to break the bank. Some of my favorite options like this Dakine multitool cost just around $10.

Some years it might be a smaller item, such as socks, while other years we give our children a new helmet or snowboard. Evaluate the interests and needs of the snowboarders in your life, and get inspired by our list!

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Table Of Contents
  1. Best Gifts for the Snowboarder 2023
  2. Gifts for Snowboarders: Snowboards
  3. Gifts for the Snowboarding Family
  4. Gifts for the Snowboarders: Toddler
  5. Gifts for the Snowboarder: Teens and Tweens
  6. Gifts for the Snowboarder: Women
  7. Gifts for the Snowboarder: Men
  8. Stocking Stuffers for Snowboarders
  9. Gifts for the Snowboarder: Backcountry Adventurer
  10. Big Ticket Items for Snowboarders
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Gifts for Snowboarders: Snowboards

If you can’t gift your favorite snowboarder a bluebird powder day, the next best thing is probably a brand new snowboard. Here are our top snowboard picks for kids, men and women.

Snowboards For Kids

Burton Kids Grom Snowboard

Formerly known as the Chopper or Chicklet the new Grom Snowboard, the twin shape and flat profile makes this board great for kids just learning to turn. Us older snowboarders will appreciate the cool Craig Kelly Air graphics. The Grom Snowboard comes in 3 sizes: 110 cm, 120cm and 130cm.

Burton Kids Family Tree Hometown Hero Snowboard

If you have a kid who jumps off every feature, slashes pow, shreds the steeps and views the mountain as their playground, this is the snowboard for them! Camber under the foot helps hold those edges when carving, while rocker under the nose makes the Kids Hometown Hero a powder-day dreamboat.

My child is currently on a 120 cm snowboard, and as soon as he is big enough to ride a 130cm (the smallest that the Kids Hometown Hero comes in) I will absolutely be buying this board!

TMM Team Member Sarah

Never Summer Kids Mini Proto Snowboard

This board is a small-scale version of the hard charging Never Summer Proto. With rocker between the bindings and camber under foot, this board is great for aggressive kids who are riding the whole mountain. The Kids Mini Proto comes in a 137 cm, 140cm and 144cm and each snowboard is handcrafted in Denver, Colorado.

Snowboards For Men

Burton Flight Attendant

A great choice for an aggressive, all mountain rider who likes a stiffer board. The Burton Flight Attendant has a longer nose and shorter tail for maximum float in the powder, and camber under foot for maximum stability.

Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero

The Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero was developed for the tight trees and variable conditions that East Coast snowboarders know all too well. But this board is a beast on a powder day, too. If you’re looking for one snowboard to do it all, this is an excellent pick.

Rossignol Jibsaw

The Rossignol Jibsaw is a fun, jibby frestyle board. It’s true-twin shape gives the board all the pop that you need. The jibsaw has been a favorite of freestyle riders for more than a decade and it’s still one of the most versatile in its category. The Rossignol Jibsaw Wide is available for heavier riders or those with big feet.

Snowboards For Women

Burton Feelgood

The Burton Feelgood has been my go-to snowboard since the late 1990’s and it’s still my top-choice. I’ve bought more Feelgood’s than I can remember! The board performs in all conditions – powder, trees, steeps, park, pipe (yes, that’s still a thing!) and even on the bunny hill while teaching my kids.

Anon Tracker 2.0 Goggles

These goggles fit small faces really well, have a sticky rubber strip on the inside of the strap so they don’t fall off helmets, come in lots of fun colors, and they are compatible with the Anon MFI magnetic facemask.

Burton 2L One Piece Snowsuit

Give the gift of staying warm, dry and looking cool! This is one of the only “big kid” one piece suits available on the market and for years this is all my kids have worn for cold Jackson Hole snowboarding days.

Burton Kids GORE-TEX Gloves

Right around 2nd grade my son started begging for gloves. Of course I argued that mittens were warmer, then finally caved and bought these. After a full season of use I can honestly say they are just as warm and dry as any mittens my son has worn! Bonus points: They come with a lifetime warranty.

Lego City Ski and Snowboard Resort

Keep your shredders inspired off the hill, and busy for days, with this awesome 800 piece ski resort set.

A child walking in the snow holding a snowboard wearing the Burton One Piece Snowsuit.
Kids will stay warm, dry and highly visible in the Burton One Piece Snowsuit.

Gifts for the Snowboarding Family

Burton Gig 70L Duffel Bag

Having organized gear means less time in the parking lot and more time shredding. This duffel bag fits a TON of stuff. Last winter my family of four went on a weekend snowboard trip and we fit boots, helmets, goggles and mittens for four people in this one bag.

Custom Trail Sign

These custom trails from Etsy are so cool. Customize a sign with names of trails that are special to your family, or name a trail after your family – like Toal’s Trail.

DryGuy Boot & Glove Dryer

This basic yet durable boot and glove dryer holds up to two pairs of boots or gloves. We use ours every day all winter long and it’s been going strong for three years. There is a heat or an air dry setting as well as a timer to ensure you don’t melt your gear.

Gravity Grabber

The perfect snowboard storage solution. Gravity Grabbers mount to any surface and use an anti-slip, gravity locking design to keep your board off the ground. Available in single and multi-packs.

Mountain Money

Many resorts offer “mountain money” cards. These reloadable cards can be used like a credit card for things like hot chocolate, snacks, lessons, on-mountain photos and more!

Gifts for the Snowboarders: Toddler

Snowboarding is for the entire family – even the youngest members! Help get them started with these gear suggestions.

Wondering how to teach your littles to snowboard? Read our How To Teach Kids To Snowboard blogpost here.

Veyo Mittyz

Thumbless mittens, but with a shape that allows for hand movement. We also love that they are soft on the outside which makes them more pliable in the cold too. Plus, the designs are super cute!

Toddler’s Burton Riglet Snowboard

This hard plastic board with a built-in Riglet Reel is perfect for pulling your little one around the house, the yard or the neighborhood – snow or no snow! Best of all kids will play with this for years and years.

Iksplor Baselayer Set

These merino wool baselayers are soft, warm, colorful and you can throw them in the dryer with the rest of the laundry. Oh – and the tops have thumbholes so your littles can be cool like the big kids!

Use code “MTNMAMA” for 10% off all Iksplor products!

One child pulling another on the Burton Riglet Snowboard.
Bring snowboarding indoors for kids of all ages with the Toddler Burton Riglet Snowboard.

Gifts for the Snowboarder: Teens and Tweens

Teens and tweens are at such a fun age. They are ready to rock in the outdoors, and often have more definite interests and individual style. This age is exciting to give gifts for.

Anon M4 Goggles

The M4’s are available in the M4S (for small to medium faces) and a low bridge fit. Many teens choose to wear their helmets over their goggles and the M4 Snapback goggles eliminate pressure points for a comfy fit.

Apple Air Tag & Adhesive Pelican Case

Sadly, snowboard theft is a major problem at many resorts, or sometimes kids just misplace their gear! This tracking device is the size of a dime and fits inside the waterproof case, then sticks to your snowboard. Track your snowboard easily from your iPhone.


Help keep those (expensive) goggle lenses in pristine condition and look cool in the lift lines or the boot pack!

Smartwool Base Layer Hoodie

Teens will love the hood feature and thumb holes and parents will love the merino wool warmth and odor resistance (cuz let’s face it – teens can be stinky after a day of snowboarding!).

Two women stand on top of a mountain on their snowboards

Gifts for the Snowboarder: Women

At the very top of my wish list is a day to shred pow without my darling kids in tow. But if it has to fit underneath the tree, these are my next top choices!

Burton Avalon Bib Snowpant

The Avalon Bib is a bib for every body! It comes in lengths and a range of sizes, in GORE-TEX, 2L and stretch, not to mention about ten different colors. In fact I love these bibs so much I have two pairs! If you haven’t yet tried on bib snowpants – DO IT! I made the switch a few years ago and I’ll never go back

Iksplor Merino Legging

These leggings are soft, very stretchy and have a wide unrestricting waistband. They keep you warm but not too warm, and thanks to the merino wool – dry.

Are you a breastfeeding snowboarder mama? If so, Iksplor makes an awesome merino wool nursing top that we highly recommend. Click here to check out the Iksplorer Nursing Top.

Use “MTNMAMA” for 10% off all Iksplor products!

Stio Women’s Colter Boot

After a day of riding, nothing feels better than taking off your boots. Slip into these boots that are as comfy as a slipper and have the traction of a snow boot.

Use code “MTNMAMATALES” for 20% off all Stio products!

Sun Bum Daily Sunscreen Moisturizer

Protect your skin from the elements without the greasy feel. This sunscreen also smells great and doesn’t run into your eyes. It’s also small enough to fit into a chest pocket for mid-day reapplications.

Gifts for the Snowboarder: Men

Burton [ak] GORE-TEX Guide Glove

These gloves are warm and waterproof thanks to leather and GORE-TEX without being bulky. My husband wears these gloves and a new pair is at the top of his gift list.

East Street Archives Book

Bring the joy of snowboarding right to your coffee table with this photography book from Gary Lund.

East Street Archives delivers a raw look and emotional journey from Gary about East Coast snowboarding during the golden era of riding in the 1990’s. There are many never-seen-before riding and lifestyle images, captured on 35mm film throughout the mountains and streets of the USA and Canada.

ONE Supreme Snowboard Tuning Kit

This kit has everything you need to do a full tune on your snowboard including files, brushes, scrapers, wax and even the iron.

Patagonia Capilene Air Hoody

This lightweight feeling baselayer hoodie is half merino wool and half polyester. It’s super stretchy and keeps you warm and dry on cold resort days or on the bootpack.

A father and son hot wax a snowboard.
Tuning snowboards can be fun for the whole family.

Stocking Stuffers for Snowboarders

Burton All-Season Speed Sauce Wax

Rub on wax perfect for increasing your speed for a couple of runs. Fits in your pocket, rub on and go.

Burton Recycled DND Beanie 3-Pack

Beanies are the perfect stocking stuffer for the snowboarder (or three) on your list and this timeless style can be worn alone or underneath a helmet on the slopes.

Dakine Multi Tool

Looking for a great gift for $10? This is one of those snowboard essentials – everyone should carry one in their pack or pocket. It has a couple of screwdriver heads and wrenches and fits in your palm.

HotHands Hand & Foot Warmers

Keep hands and feet warm on sub zero days with these convenient hand warmers. I stick one to my phone to keep the battery from freezing, too.

Phoozy Phone Insulator

Keep your phone battery from dying from the cold with this insulated pocket bag.

Platypus Flexible Water Bottle

It can be hard to drink enough water when you’re out snowboarding, but with this collapsible water bottle that fits in your pocket, keeping hydrated is a little easier.

Gifts for the Snowboarder: Backcountry Adventurer

Burton [ak] Dispatcher 18L Backpack

This pack is perfect daypack for snowboarders. It has room for a beacon, probe, shovel, helmet, extra layers and snacks. There are straps to attach a board to the pack as well for the bootpacker.

BCA Dozer Avalanche Shovel

Backcountry snowboarders will love this shovel because it’s lightweight, has a t-gril, fully breaks down and lies flat inside the backpack – leaving room for other stuff.

BCA Tracker Avalanche Transceiver

This avalanche transceiver is consistently rated as one of the best due to its streamlined, high performance simplicity. It comes with batteries and a harness.

G3 Speed Probe Avalanche Probe

A simple, lightweight lower cost avalanche probe that is perfect for fitting in smaller daypacks.

Big Ticket Items for Snowboarders

Burton Feelgood Camber Snowboard

This board does it all – floats pow, shreds chop, is no stranger to air time and carves like a dream. It’s no wonder it’s been around for decades and it the board of choice for so many female snowboard legends.

Franco Snowshapes Custom Snowboard

These snowboards are handmade in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and are 100% customizable down to the materials and shape of the board.

Avalanche Education Course

If the person on your gift list plans to get into backcountry snowboarding, an avalanche education course is a must and AIARE is the leading organization, offering courses all over the country.

Snowboard Lesson or Camp

Taking a lesson from a professional instructor is something I recommend for everyone, but it can be so expensive. This is a great gift and there are so many options, from lessons to camps such as women’s camps, freestyle camps and camps for teens and backcountry-specific camps.

A group of kids and instructors on a snowy mountain for snowboard lessons.
The gift of snowboard lessons is so valuable and fun!

Need more gift ideas? Check out all our gift guides here!

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