MUCK Rover II: A multi-season boot for kids (and Giveaway)

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While we certainly have our fair share of winter left around here, on those sunny days, the snow often ends up in a puddle (and later a sheet of ice…)  Boots that can handle all the varying conditions are top priority around here.  I am super excited about these the Rover II boots from Muck for kids (size Toddler 10 – Youth 7) AND that we get to give away a pair!


The Rover II boots by MUCK are the only boots J has ever owned that have never, ever resulted in cold feet.  In fact, I have come to trust them enough to not even throw in a toe-warmer (which I have started to do this winter as a preventative measure when the temperatures really drop and kids are sitting still.)

They are the only boots that J has never complained about, the only boots he can fully put on my himself and the only boots that really can boast being completely waterproof.  They truly work for all winter conditions: snowy, wet, cold and icy.  In fact, while they are intended for colder weather, their comfort rating is good until 85 degrees F (according to MUCK) so we plan on wearing them almost year-round.

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Available Colors:

Muck_Kids_Rover_Brown Muck_Kids_Rover_Black Muck_Kids_Rover_Blue Muck_Kids_Rover_Lilac Muck_Kids_Rover_Moss Muck_Kids_Rover_Mossy Muck_Kids_Rover_Pink





Win Some!

MUCK has very generously offered one of you the chance to win a pair of Rover II boots for your child.   This Giveaway is open to the U.S. and Canada (yea!!)  Winner chooses color, based on availability.  As usual, please use the Rafflecopter Widgets below to enter to win.  Winners will be emailed and announced on this post in the Rafflecopter Widgets.  Have questions?  Please don’t hesitate to contact me at mountainmamatales(at)gmail(dot)com so I can help!  Good luck! Pssttt…you can find all our current giveaways here (I am *pretty* good at keeping it updated!)

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45 thoughts on “MUCK Rover II: A multi-season boot for kids (and Giveaway)”

  1. It does get so muddy here sometimes! One problem we seem to have is that my little one doesn’t like to put his snow boots on by himself. And I can’t tell if he’s being temperamental, or if he really has trouble, or if they are getting too small now. These boots look really awesome!

  2. Our biggest issue is usually just keeping warm. My son is almost 3 and he does stay active to a point but there is still quite a bit of being still outside while we enjoy all AK has to offer. Keeping warm is definitely important. I love his little webbed toes and would hate to see them fall off.

  3. We are currently dealing with wet feet and uncomfortable boots. And we always deal with socks that just don’t lay right inside of the boots! I’d love to not worry about their feet while out on our adventures.

  4. We have not tried Muck boots yet! Of course keeping feet warm is the biggest concern, but durability would have to be next on my list. Fischer tends to be tough on boots and his barely make it through one season. I think a pair of boots should be durable enough to be a hand-me-down for another child or two!

  5. cold feet, and tearing. Our kiddo’s are pretty hard on their boots (living on a farm) so we seem to always be buying new.

  6. Yay for Canada. 😉
    This boot truly looks awesome! I haven’t found a boot yet for my son that he never gets cold in. And mud is coming so a multi-purpose boot would be great!

  7. Our biggest problem for boots with my toddler is getting his feet in all the way, as he isn’t particularly good at pointing his toes as we pull them on 🙂 And, he has really big feet for his age so boots can be hard for him to manage if they are too heavy.

    Boots getting kicked off? Look for pants with an elastic cuff and stirrups at the bottom – they’ll do miracles to keep boots on and snow out of the boots!

  8. My kids love puddle stomping as the snow melts, and my son always gets cold feet so these would be perfect! And yeah to Canadian entries this time !

  9. Boots that stay on are essential! We have pull-on Keen boots now, and they occasionally get left behind in the snow when we are post-holing along. Also, even though they are rated to -40 (haha!) my daughter gets cold feet after only an hour outside in moderately cold temperatures (-5 to 25). It is so so important to have the boots be 100 waterproof as well! Try and keep a curious child out of a puddle!

  10. I am always looking for something warm/waterproof and that will be good sturdy “hand me downs” from big sis to little sis. These look like a good option.

  11. tried to put our boots on this morning and they were soaked from playing in the snow yesterday. not just soaked but the boys could have gone swimming in them!

  12. we have 2 pairs of what i thought were going to be great boots….wrong. found out they leak, the straps dont stay done up and the fabric has not stayed nice. super disappointed to have spent a bunch of money on a product that is not living up to the value

  13. My biggest problem with the boots we have now (other than they won’t fit next winter!) is that the boys are very lazy about taking them off, and stand there banging their boots on the floor to try to get them off! Not sure if these are easier to get off than the ones we have, but i’m willing to give it a shot!

  14. Our biggest problem this year is that my sons boots are a little loose at the heel and so when walking along the trail he has a tendency of scuffing along instead of picking up his feet. They’re warm and great in the snow but walking long distances is a challenge (of course I feel the same way when I put on my Sorels so I can relate)

  15. They look like they’d be good for trudging through the snow without getting all wet. Its difficult to buy a boot that the kids actually want to put on and wear. Those look lovely and durable. 🙂


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