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Baby Bogs Review

**Updated for 2019**

Since we originally wrote this post back in 2013, we have had three additional kids wear Baby Bogs and can confidently say they are are must-have in our boot line-up, especially for new walkers. See updated full review below.

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Skeptical About Baby Bogs

I admit I have been checking out Baby Bogs from afar for a while now and have been super skeptical. Sure, they’re cute, but didn’t seem like a boot that would actually keep my kid’s feet warm.

So, like we do a lot here, when we finally got our hands on a pair, we worked pretty hard to put them through the rigorious (and cold and wet) paces until they reached that assumed inevitable fail.   Long story (outlined below) short, I was wrong.  

While Baby Bogs certainly have their place (and are NOT for tromping through 12 inches of snow) they are pretty incredible little footwear.

The Break Down

Similar in style to the Bogs adult styles, Baby Bogs are lined with a plush fleece and have a soft and flexible sole AND upper.  

They are rated to 14 degrees (F) and have handles (like most Bogs Boots) for easy on and off that even young toddlers can handle.  I love that they are available starting in a size toddler 4 and up to a Toddler 10.

While other reviews online that I have seen will say they are not waterproof, Bogs guarantees that they are, and I back up their claim.  

In fact, this was the part I was most skeptical about so I let my kids do plenty of tromping in (deep) puddles to test them out, which they didn’t mind one bit. 

I checked their socks and the inside of the boots every time and found them to be dry.  However, since the boots are NOT very tall, water and snow can find its way in fairly easily, which obviously means you end up with a wet foot.  

We can mostly remedy this by just pulling their rain or snow pants over their boots.

What Baby Bogs are great for:

Baby Bogs are great for an every day boot for toddlers and new walkers (thanks to their flexible sole). I also think they are the best for teaching your child to put on (and take off) their own boots because of the easy handles.

We love that they are easy for wearing indoor and outdoor (like going to school, doing errands, etc.) When it’s really cold, we add thicker socks, but usually for just a bit of outdoor play and in and out of the car/stroller, smaller (and even cotton) socks are ok.

We also find Baby Bogs great for tromping around in a little bit (or packed down) snow and puddle stomping.

What we love:

What we love most about Baby Bogs is that KIDS love them. They come in fun colors, are easy to get on and off and keep their feet warm and dry.

They are super easy to walk in, even for new walkers. The ups and downs of piles of snow is hard enough, you don’t need boots getting in the way too!

As a mom with kids who love mud, I also appreciate that they are machine-washable.

Baby Bogs Review

What we aren’t so crazy about:

We don’t love that the boots can definitely can easily fill with snow/water/sticks through the top. We would appreciate if they were a little taller or had the ability to cinch the top.

If your kids are kickers, Baby Bogs will pop right off, especially if the boots are slightly big. I recommend buying on the larger size and layering with thick wool socks as needed for warmth and stay-on security.

They are a bit spendy for toddler shoes, though a few styles are currently on sale for $33! They also hold their resale value very well.

The traction isn’t great on icy conditions. We recommend the B-Moc for slightly better traction.

The Bottom Line:

We are surprisingly very impressed with Baby Bogs.  They perform better than we imagined they would and are definitely a favorite for our kids, especially around the ages of 18 months – 2.5 years.

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Baby Bogs Review

Bogs generously provided us these boots in order to facilitate this review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own.   You can find my full disclosure here.

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