Affordable Family Ski Gear

Finding affordable family ski gear is key to getting everyone out on the slopes comfortably. There is nothing worse than gear that doesn’t fit right and kids melting down simply because they are uncomfortable.

Curious how to keep kids warm too? Check out our tips for layering.

Skiing back when we just had three kids to manage on the hill….

Additionally, downhill skiing and snowboarding in general isn’t cheap. Gear coupled with lift tickets quickly adds up. We lined up our best tips for resort skiing on a budget here. While, as a family, we certainly do hit up ski swaps, we also like to invest in skis that we know we will literally be able to pass down through five kids (and then sell when we’re done!)

Years ago, we found this collection of great videos to help kids ski from Level Nine Sports. It’s how we got started teaching our kids to ski. Those videos led us to, and over the past eight years they have also quickly become our favorite shop to get ski gear for the family.

Affordable Family Ski Gear with Level Nine Sports

Based out of Salt Lake, Level Nine Sports knows families and skiing. They have a fantastic online presence, but also have four brick and mortar stores in the greater Salt Lake area.

While visiting, we visited downtown SLC store and found the inventory comprehensive and their sales folk knowledgable.

Over the past eight years all five of our kids have skied on packages from Level Nine. I also got my skis from there…including boots that fit my wide feet and calves. Hallelujah!

They have also extended their store to consignment offerings and ski clothing and helmets along with skis and boots.

Note: I think that besides the great deals on awesome gear that Level Nine has, their customer service is top notch and has steered us correctly for all six of the ski packages we have gotten over the years.

Best Starter Package: Defiance Puzzle Ski/Roces Complete Children’s Package 

This package is aimed towards the “Developing Young Skier”: Anywhere from first timers to advanced youth skiers, that still have a lot to learn about skiing. They might ski fast sometimes, and have a blast, but aren’t comfortable with some areas of the mountain.

At $199 for the whole set-up, it’s a screaming deal that our kids have worn for numerous years and then passed on down the line of kids. When compared to the cost of renting during a vacation or even a season lease, this package pays for itself very quickly.

It’s an affordable way to get new skis and boots that can be passed on down through your family and that cover a wide range of sizes.

Why We Choose Level Nine Ski Gear


The Defiance Puzzle ski is their in-house brand. They’re lightweight, ski well and have a fun pattern. They also have a lifetime warranty since L9 manufactured them.

Note: L9 found it difficult to keep quality and affordable kids skis in stock, so they made their own! They come out of the same factory that makes skis for other reputable brands.

They also carry numerous other kids packages that allow you to save up to 50% off retail from other brands.


The Roces Adjustable boots are the huge selling point for us. They are adjustable over 3 full sizes to allow for growth over a few seasons. Often mid season we have to adjust our kids boots up a size and are incredibly thankful we have the option to do so without getting new gear.

These boots are BIG for Level Nine and are included in all of their kids packages. If you are going to buy anything at all, those boots are worth every penny.

Skis for the Whole Family

Years ago we also bit the bullet and decided to buy our tiny four year old brand new skis. We had a terrible time finding teeny tiny used ones that worked for a kid that was ready to ski at 20 pounds.

Another big thanks for L9 for helping us choose an appropriate ski that he wore for two years before passing down to each of his three sisters.

Head over to and take a peek at the great gear at affordable prices for families!

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