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ManPlow Sprout Kid Snow Plow Review

We are completely buried in snow. And it’s March. And dumping out there. Again.

Needless to say, we’ve been shoveling a lot of snow this winter (and may be doing so into June at this rate!)

We (meaning Mtn Papa) also took over the care of the local ice skating rink this winter and, after much research, decided he needed a ManPlow. Admittedly, I was fairly skeptical about anything called a MANPlow. However, after one particular snowfall that Mtn Papa was gone for, I used it and decided right then and there it was a good investment.

What we love about the ManPlow (in our case, the 42″ Pro):

  • Wide blade
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Optional handle grip makes it super easy to lift the snow up and out of the way
  • Does a great job of scraping

Long story short, when I got an email about their new KIDS’ Sprout plow, I was instantly intrigued. They sent us two to test and both have been kept very busy by (mostly) willing hands.

The Sprout is light like the ManPlow, pushes snow well and is durable. The best feature is the fact that the handle extends in 1″ increments to grow with a child. It is best for kids 38″- 62″ tall.

We’ve noticed that the Sprout plow is best used as a plow (go figure) opposed to shovel you would be throwing snow with.

My only gripe?? All ManPlows and Sprouts are white….which poses a problem when there is a lot of snow and kids that are still working on keeping track of their gear. I vote for bright orange!

Bottom line – the Sprout is an impressive and fun shovel for kids that will last many seasons (the blade can even be flipped to allow for prolonged use). And if you happen to maintaining an ice rink, the ManPlow Pro 42″ is a game-changer for quick and smooth ice!

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