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Stripes Gear for Kids

2019/2020 COUPON CODE! Use code “mountainmama” for 10% off. SPECIAL!!! Use that code for 20% off until September 1 with that same code!

I have had my eye on Stripes Gear for literally years now. I am SO excited to tell you about them now…and use them this winter for the whole family. This post is your introduction.

Introducing STRIPES!

Stripes Gear is a family-run company out of Canada specializing in these very fun, super warm Polypropylene base layers, manufactured on the south island of New Zealand. You hear me talk a lot about wearing wool on this blog, which we do and love, but this poly-pro is pretty amazing too. Plus, wool is NOT for everyone….and we love this alternative.

The garments are 20% warmer than wool and contains no harmful substances. For kids, they start at size 2-3 and go to an XL youth.

Here’s why poly-pro is great, according to Stripes (and we certainly agree!):

  • Non-allergenic, no itch
  • Polypropylene has the best thermal properties of any known fiber – natural or man made
  • Lowest moisture regain (minimal absorption) – hygienic, garments stay light ‘n’ dry, whereas Merino/wool (wicks & absorbs moisture) becomes wet, heavy, and clammy.
  • Floats in water (fabulous underneath wet suits)
  • Easy care (machine HOT washable), durable, color-fast, non staining
  • Dries super quickly

L (age 2.5) has been wearing her Stripes for pajamas for a few weeks now. It was the perfect way for us to get a first look on how they would perform with daily use…and in keeping her warm in what has become a very cool sleeping environment as the weather turns. She continues to be comfortable, they continue to wear very well and I have high hopes for the winter.

Introducing STRIPES!

Stripes Gear does have a considerable amount of stretch in them and a bit of a looser fit than more traditional base layers. My kids that aren’t particularly fond of tight-fitting clothes really like this. I’ll report back later this winter as to how they do being layered under other gear.

Their hats are all one-size-fits most…and that huge amount of stretch really helps make that true.

Plus, have you seriously seen anything cuter!?!? And my kids can NOT take a serious photo…maybe it’s the Stripes that make them even more goofy.

Introducing STRIPES!

Oh and Stripes Gear comes in adult sizes too! I’ll put off the photo of the whole family in them (minus the baby) until it’s colder out and we are out doing something super fun.

You can purchase Stripes Gear here. 2019/2020 COUPON CODE! Use code “mountainmama” for 10% off. SPECIAL!!! Use that code for 20% off until September 1 with that code!

**Note, these are machine washable, but must be air dried only!**

Introducing Stripes

Per our request, Stripes Gear generously provided us this gear in order to facilitate this review. However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own.

© 2016, 2019 Tales of a Mountain Mama. All rights reserved. Republication, in part or entirety, requires a link back to this original post and permission from the author.

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