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Baby Deedee Bunting Review: A perfect layer for the cold

Baby Deedee Bunting Review

Brrrr… dressing babies in the winter is challenging.

I’ve had moments where I’ve taken off the layers and they’ve had bright red cheeks from being too warm and other times their faces and fingers are cold as ice.

Babies are amazingly resilient (even in cold weather) but it has taken me 4 babies to finally figure out what works well and what doesn’t for dressing babies in the cold

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Baby Deedee Bunting Review

My favorite layer for babies

I can save my stories of “how not to dress your baby” for another post but one item that is essential in a baby’s wardrobe is a warm, hooded bunting. It’s the perfect layer for underneath snowsuits and can be worn by itself.

It’s useful as a layer for winter camping and it’s also handy to bring in the car, on walks, or for playing at a park when temperatures or windchill are unpredictable.

I purchased a bunting like this for my 3rd child and was grateful for the opportunity to test Baby Deedee’s furry bear bunting with my 4th. I had an inkling I would like it but this has been our go to layer all winter and I never anticipated how much use it would get. 

What We Love

Why is a bunting so helpful? It solves a few of the hurdles you naturally encounter when dressing a baby in the winter.

The Baby Deedee bunting helps keep your baby warm from head to toe.

A warm jacket is great at keeping your child’s core warm but when they’re in a carrier for a few hours on a winter hike it’s nice to have your baby layered so both their top half and bottom half stay warm. A bunting does just that.

Baby Deedee Bunting Review

You do not have to worry about cold hands and feet.

The Baby Deedee bunting has fold over cuffs for both hands and feet. I love the flexibility of this feature.

If my son’s little hands are cold or if he’s not moving much then I keep the cuffs folded over. This feature is especially nice for when he’s riding in the chariot or the hiking carrier.

In contrast, if it’s not too cold outside or he’s wanting to play with rock or bark then I let him have his hands out.

Baby Deedee Bunting Review

Baby Deedee Booties

We tested the Baby Deedee booties that match the bunting and they were a great addition. They stayed on his feet and kept his feet super warm.

An additional plus of having the booties is that they’re a great way to add more length to the bunting as your baby grows.

The Baby Deedee booties (like the rest of the bunting) are also designed to be a cinch to put on and take off.

Initially, I was nervous that they might come off too easily and be easy to lose but we didn’t find this to be the case. They snap up around the ankle and the elastic at the heel helps to keep them in place.

The Baby Deedee bunting is super easy and convenient to get on and off.

Our other bunting had snaps through the legs. While this was helpful for changing diapers the snaps were a huge pain for taking the bunting on and off.

The Baby Deedee bunting has a nice zipper and is super sleek to put on and off.

It’s not uncommon for me to have my baby dressed for summer (t-shirt and shorts) when we start out our day. I’d like to say this was my approach to minimalism but normally this is a sign of how tall our laundry pile is.

In instances where my son is underdressed for the weather outside and we are needing or wanting to be outside quick the bunting is a lifesaver. I quickly slip him into the bunting and in less than 15 seconds he is ready for outdoor play.

Baby Deedee Bunting Review

Buntings layer well and are easy to move in.

It makes a great mid-weight layer underneath a snow suit and also works great as an outer layer over clothes.

I also love that it’s easy to move in because all my babies have been “movers”. While the super puffy marshmallow suits we own certainly have their place for keeping our infants warm my kids inevitably reach an age and stage where they hate being restricted by their clothes.

My son can walk, crawl, and move with ease in this bunting and that is a big win.

Baby Deedee Bunting Review

Finally, it’s adorable, right?

It doesn’t hurt that this is also super cute. The cute little ears on the hood give this bunting some personality. It’s so cute that when our Halloween was colder than expected I had it double as my son’s Halloween costume.

Things to Keep In Mind

If you’re wondering how to keep your baby warm for winter I would make sure a warm baby bunting makes the list. We have no complaints about the Baby Deedee bunting and it’s been a lifesaver for our cold, humid winter.

Keep in mind if you live in a rainy, wet climate that this will not protect against rain. If this fabric becomes wet it becomes heavy.

This problem is easily solved by putting a waterproof layer over the bunting.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is a warm bunting and the materials are mid-weight not light-weight. The inside is jersey knit and the outside is a warm sherpa.

This makes it more versatile for wearing as a layer on it’s own but may make it more difficult if you’re trying to fit it under a layer that’s already designed to fit snug.

Final Thoughts

The range for sizing of this product is wide (e.g. 6-12 months, 12-18 months, etc.). If you’re on the fence with what size to order then I would order up a size if you’re on the top end of the range or if your baby is tall for his or her age. From my observation for an “average” sized baby this product runs slightly small.

Also, I always like to know how well something will hold up over time. This bunting was tested in weather ranging from 3 degrees to 50 degrees. It held up well in all weather and after several washes.

It was worn a lot and also worn in the dirt. I don’t love that the inside layer of the cuffs is light for this reason but so far it comes clean in the wash. If it were me I would definitely avoid ordering the white version of this bunting for this reason.


Although I never anticipated using the Baby Deedee bunting nearly as much as I have nor liking it as much as I do I almost feel lost without it now. This bunting gets used as an outdoor layer every day and it’s convenient design is a big win for outdoor moms!

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Use code “MTNMAMA” to save 10% on Baby Deedee products!

Baby Deedee Bunting Review

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