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9 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

While we are finally getting more and more sun each day, this time of the year just tends to be TOUGH for people, especially if winter and/or cold isn’t your thing.

Team Member, Valerie, and I (Amelia) collaborated to to line up some quick and easy tips for making the most of it (and *gasp* maybe even liking it too!)

9 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

1. Embrace Winter to Beat the Winter Blues

When my kids were tiny, and slept thru the warmest part of the winter day, life was pretty heavy for me. Until I learned to embrace it.

I started taking them for a walk in the late afternoon, in the dark, with moonlight reflecting off the snow, and the hush of winter surrounding us. It made those long winter months more bearable.

2. Invest in right gear for your climate

If you are warm and dry and comfortable, you’ll go outside more often, which is one of the best ways to beat the blahs. Don’t break your budget, shop sales, buy in the off season, search second hand shops.

On the most miserable of days, just breathing fresh air will lift spirits. Here are some tips to get you started.

Warm feet make a huge difference too!

3. Make time for the sunset/sunrise

When the days are short, and often-times bland and grey, I make time each week (and day if possible!) to view with sunrise or the sunset. There is something so inherently powerful about this experience. It will lift your spirits and help you beat the winter blues.

My house is in a valley, so to see this magical moment, I hike up a hill, or drive to a high point in town. It’s always worth it.

9 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

4. Chase the sun

In my house during the winter, I have two rooms that are briefly bathed in sunlight. If it’s (finally) a sunny day and I have indoor projects to do, I move my desk to the sunny patch, even if it only lasts 30 minutes.

Or I pull my yoga mat right up next to the window for few extra moments of brightness while I stretch.

It’s also a good idea to get outside when the sun is the highest and soak up all that Vitamin D you can!

5. Bake

Baking is so therapeutic, especially in the cold of winter when we just want to warm our home. The smell of homemade bread, or fresh brownies tends to lift all our spirits. For some extra seasonal fun, bake them in these pans.

We love making these Aussie Bars for the trail.

6. Find Friends and Fire

There’s something rejuvenating about a fire and standing around it with good friends, some hot toddies (or hot chocolate) and laughter. It pushes the dark away and brings life and light to dampened spirits.

9 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

7. Try Something New

Not into snow? It may be time to try snowshoeing. Love summer camping? Try renting a cabin or yurt in the winter (see #8 below).

Go stay at a ski resort and take a lesson to learn to ski. We highly recommend Grand Targhee (this post tells you why!)!

9 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

8. Take a Weekend Away…..Outside

Truly, I LOVE winter camping. No bugs, no bears and cozy campfires. Check out this post for our best tips on how to make it happen for families (yes, it really is worth it!)

9 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

9. Get Moving

Our body produces natural “feel-good hormones” when we move and get our heart pumping and our lungs working. Go on a walk, a bike, a ski, a snowshoe, a run. Whatever works for you!

Ladies – we particularly love these pants for getting moving out in colder weather.

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9 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

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