SMART Outdoor Nourishment for the Body, Mind & Soul

outdoor nourishment

Outdoor Nourishment: Cultivating an Outdoor Life I can’t believe it’s already March. My January and February were rather uneventful- some snow, some sun, some rain and the endless list of farm projects I work on in a very non-linear fashion due to my two farmhands being 3.5 and 1.5 years old. Despite our unconventional approach … Read more

Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

San Juan National Forest, Colorado. Bayfield Ranger District. Scene of meadow, Rees and mountains.

Choosing Gratitude as an Outdoor Mom One of my superpowers is I see the world through rose colored glasses. I’m not saying I’m happy no matter what and there aren’t some days where I hate everything. I’m just saying when I let gratitude guide my outlook, that adds the rose colored tint to my perspective … Read more

Sidelined and Struggling as an Injured Parent

Sidelined and Struggling as an Injured Parent I am a terrible parent. At least that’s what I frequently felt like, especially at the beginning of this long ordeal. Being an injured parent, and rendered physically unable to take on the extensive duties of being a mom was life-altering; both for me and my family. I’m … Read more

Socially Distanced Outside Winter Activities

Socially distanced outside winter activities Important Note: At Tales of a Mountain Mama, we can’t tell you if it is safe to socialize outside where you live right now. The CDC and your local health department are the best sources of information for how to stay safe during this time. TMM encourages everyone to wear … Read more

Get Outside Every Day

Getting outside in dark and dreary weather

Get Outside Every Day (Even in Dark & Dreary Weather) Moving to the far corner of the northern hemisphere has come with new unique challenges this winter. When Amelia asked me to write about getting outside in the dreary, dark winter weather of England, I replied that we need to actually get out after dark … Read more

An Outdoor Mama’s Guide to Moving Abroad with Kids

moving abroad

An outdoor mama’s guide to moving abroad with kids I’m far from an expert on moving abroad, however, I’ve learned a few tips our recent move to England. When school let out in March and didn’t start in fall, our family decided to move-in with my in-laws in England so my girls could attend in-person … Read more