When Your Partner Doesn’t Share a Love of the Outdoors

When your Partner Does Love the Outdoors

Life is full of give and take.  Sacrifice and love.  Adventures and lessons. We talk a lot about getting outside as a family around here.  Obviously we believe in it whole-heartedly and do our very best to help inspire the same love of the outdoors in others.   However, we also run across plenty of … Read more

9 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

9 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

While we are finally getting more and more sun each day, this time of the year just tends to be TOUGH for people, especially if winter and/or cold isn’t your thing. Team Member, Valerie, and I (Amelia) collaborated to to line up some quick and easy tips for making the most of it (and *gasp* … Read more

All Because She Says “Yes”

Announcing our Writing Contest WINNERS!

This guest post was a winning entry in our “For the Love of Mom” contest. I feel as though Andrew hit the nail on the head with this one and captures what our own family thinks is so important too – saying YES! It also happens to be our only winning entry from a man. … Read more