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All Because She Says “Yes”

This guest post was a winning entry in our “For the Love of Mom” contest. I feel as though Andrew hit the nail on the head with this one and captures what our own family thinks is so important too – saying YES! It also happens to be our only winning entry from a man. Way to go, Andrew!

All Because She Says "Yes"

I have no doubt that my wife is superwoman.   How she does it all is truly beyond me.  She’s raising four kids, she home schools, and she is an amazing cook.  However, the thing that sets her apart the most from other women is that she says “yes”.

You see, I am constantly surrounded by men who when told of the things that our family does together say “wow, that’s amazing…but my wife would never do that”.  I usually just smile and throw out a short reply because honestly, I can’t relate.  While these friends are out golfing while their wife is out to brunch with the girls, my wife and I are hitting the trail with our posse of kids behind us.

When I suggest that we head out camping for the weekend she says “yes”, and then whips together some great food for all of us while we’re there.  She supports and shares my love of the outdoors and values the time we get to spend there as a family.

When our kids want to go skiing, she says “yes” because she knows that it’s important to support them and to encourage them in their passions (and hopes just as much as I do that these kids develop a deep love of the outdoors).

When it’s time to plan our next vacation, she says “yes” to whatever random spot I throw out because she knows the value in showing and experiencing the world together.  In the last year, we’ve visited 13 countries, explored some of the world’s most beautiful mountains and seas, and braved endless deserts.  She says yes, because she knows we’re setting the stage for the rest of our family’s life together.

All Because She Says "Yes"

When I need some time for myself, she gives me a break and says “yes” because she knows that both of us need our exercise in order to be happy.  She gets her time and I get mine and we are both better people for working together.

When the kids want to play in the mud (again) and all the neighbor kids are spotlessly clean, she says “yes” because she knows that childhood is short and that dirt isn’t a real problem. By allowing our kids the freedom and opportunity to live a rich outdoor centered life, she is giving them one of the greatest gifts of all – the wonder of the world.

When I told her that I was thinking about accepting a job position in one of the most restrictive countries in the world, she said “yes”, knowing that it would be one of the hardest things she had ever done.  She recognizes that just because something is hard doesn’t mean it is bad and that by doing impossibly hard things, we can become our best ever.  Through it, she has become her best, and my best.  The best for all of us and the glue that keeps our family together.

Backcountry river, mountains of snow, this gal is up for it, and her ability to say “yes” continues to make all the difference in our family each day!  Love you, Jess.

Disclaimer: My wife also says “no” a lot too…at least that’s what the kids tell me 🙂

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All Because She Says Yes

Andrew Averett is a finance professional by day, and an adventure seeker and dreamer the rest of the time.  He and his wife travel the world with their four kids in search of amazing experiences that will shape their family’s lives and live each day to the fullest.  He and his family currently reside in the Middle East. You can find Andrew (and his wife) via their blog, Bring the Kids on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This post was written exclusively for Tales of a Mountain Mama in response to the For the Love of Mom writing contest. 

© 2015, Tales of a Mountain Mama. All rights reserved. Republication, in part or entirety, requires a link back to this original post and permission from the author.

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