The Girly Girls Guide to Glamming Gear

Glamming gear for (outdoor) girly girls is an art form, one that can and must be passed down to the next generation of gear heads. Sometimes it includes expansive DIY projects and sometimes it’s as simple as throwing down a few hearts with puff paint and calling it a day. Per the request of many of our readers, we have put together the ultimate Girly Girls Guide to Glamming Gear. You’re welcome.

Over the years I’ve found easy ways to glam my girls gear while keeping cost within reason.

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Crafty With A Glue Gun?

Let’s start with the obvious ways to glam gear: bedazzling gem stones without abandon. Less is not more in this case.

I found this awesome high tech bedazzling kit. Full disclosure, we haven’t tried this kit. I am not crafty with a glue gun, I pretty much ruin every project I attempt.

I have, however, tried cheap stickers that last about a week and then I have to pick them off my floor for a week. Not all are created equal so choose wisely.

Adding stickers and decals is an easy option, especially if the next kid line isn’t as enthused by glitz and glamor.

If you want something that will stay on forever, we highly recommend Noso Patches.

The Girly Girls Guide to Glamming Gear
These Minnie Mouse ear have lasted 3 years!

We put stickers on skis, boards, helmets, and water bottles. Placing a sticker on gear is an olympic event in my home, one not to be missed.

Mom Pro-Tip: Collect really cool stickers and decals and then bribe your children as needed. Just keep it equal!

These butterfly stickers were a huge hit and not originally intended for bikes.

Crowns glued to the top of helmets works for awhile but don’t expect it to last.

Parawild has great accessories that easily fit in helmets. Helmet covers are always a great addition and can be removed easily. We love our Helmet Flair Horns, they are magnetic and can be swapped out as desired for ears or spikes.

A Tutu on Any Outfit is Always A Good Idea

She was in the walking with the bike stage, tutu gave her strength.

A spare tutu within reach is always a must. I never buy them but we always seem to have them.

There are some super cute ones though buy it expecting it to be covered in mud. Let it go. You can wash easily, some are surprisingly durable!

Work With What You’ve Got

Let’s be honest, this kid left me in the fashion dust a LONG time ago!

Letting you kid out in whatever glam they already have is half the battle. Chances are their closet and toy box already has plenty of accessories to enchant their imaginations.

Think longevity. Adding ribbon, pipe cleaner and some glitter can shine up just about anything but don’t expect it to last.

A shiny unicorn bell will last much longer and can be handed down to the next princess.

The Girly Girls’ Guide to Glam Gear; AKA: Bling we Recommend

Girl Glam for Biking

Switching out bike components is a popular way of blinging a bike. Hot pink pedals are easy to swap out and very budget friendly.

These jeweled crown tire valve stem caps are fit for a Queen.

Baskets, doll seats and bells are also popular. Flashy grips for a bike or scooter are a common upgrade.

Party dresses and unicorn helmets? Yes, please!

We really like these LED bike wheel lights for added bling and safety.

We use these pads for everything from ice skating, biking, scootering to sledding.

Plastic streamers are a nightmare, shed everywhere and are bad for the earth. We’ve gone through several and I’m left feeling guilty every time.

Here are some ribbon ones that are higher quality.

We are drooling over the custom designs posted by parents using bike spray paint. The possibilities are endless!

Girl Glam for Winter

Headbands, gloves and hats have endless possibilities. This mermaid balaclava is both warm and functional yet straight out of storybook land.

Animal snowsuits are all the rage and we just covet this unicorn from Weedo Kids. It even comes with a potty zipper! Available in the US hopefully next fall!

Socks and base layers hide under outwear but they are essentially worn full time all winter. These too can be both functional and please the little ladies.

My little princess really enjoys putting her lip balm in her harness back pack, in addition to her baby. Even googles can be rose colored, like these ones from Bern.

We love these helmets from Giro with a bow on them. Other bright colors available too (and they fit very well).

Glam for Hiking or Adventuring

Camelbaks and other kids hiking back packs come in bright colors that help to spot your little one easily as well as store a doll and a snack for later down the trail.

Mermaid jackets, unicorn rain boots and these snazzy hikers are fun ways to entice your girly girl outside.

A quick nail polish at the summit keeps little legs motivated to keep going and doesn’t weigh much.

Don’t forget the sunnies! A good pair of durable, stylish sun glasses paired with a glamorous sun hat will surely double your expedition abilities.

These butterfly wings are easy to pack and always brings a smile, especially on a long hike.

Not everything has to be blinged. A few key pieces does the trick!

Show us your best blinged out kid and gear!


The Girly Girl's Guide to Glam Outdoor Gear

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