Surviving (and Thriving) Below Zero with Kids

Surviving (and Thriving) Below Zero with Kids There is a lot of great information out there about how to handle and dress for winter, but I find that when we start talking about subzero weather many families feel it’s just easier to skip it. I’m here to convince you otherwise. Subzero temperatures require more work … Read more

Best Subscription Boxes for Outdoor Kids

Best Subscription Boxes for Outdoor Kids

Everyone loves getting mail. Now more than ever getting a little boost for your family life at home is always welcome, especially if it keeps kids engaged. We’ve gathered up the best subscription boxes for outdoor kids especially.

20 Best Indoor Active Play Gifts

This year has seen a lot of people spending more days at home than ever before, and there are a lot of questions from parents “what do we do when we can’t get out?!” We’re an outdoor family, but of course we spend some time indoors also. I think indoor time should be used exercising … Read more

6 Powerful Reasons Why Nature is Good for You

These are trying times. And a trying time is a perfect time to remind yourself why nature is good for you. I would venture to guess that most of us are struggling to one degree or another right now.  Maybe you’re working from home with kids running around everywhere.  (If this is you, check out … Read more

Let Your Kids Run Wild

Let Your Kids Run Wild

Our children need to go a little wild. I’m not talking throwing-a-tantrum-in-Target wild. But rather the kind of wildness that comes with a pure, unadulterated childhood. One that includes exploring nature on their own terms. Our kids need to have a “wildhood”, if you will. As parents, we have such a monumental task of teaching, … Read more

Easy Solstice Celebrations

Celebrating Solstices (and Equinoxes) is one of my favorite things to do with my kids. Studying seasonal rhythms and cycles is part of our everyday homeschool curriculum, and it doesn’t even feel like “learning” (which for young kids is when I think the very best learning happens!). Solstice celebrations are an important part of our … Read more