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Top Gear Picks for Active Winter Pregnancy

Staying active and outside during the winter when pregnant is not always easy. It really does mean you often have to get some different gear so you can continue to go out. We think it’s worth it for your sanity!

We’re breaking records here.  This is officially the longest (by 2 weeks) that I have gone in pregnancy.  After two premies, I am a little thrown off by the fact that we are nearly 38 weeks along.  

I’m not going to lie – it’s the most uncomfortable I have been. Ever.

Yes, I know all of you that have done full-term or late-term pregnancies are laughing at me now.  I’m a self-declared *wimp* and, to put it mildly, anxiously awaiting this baby.

Best Winter Gear for Pregnancy

That said, I am thrilled that we will be meeting a full-termer (whenever he/she decides to make their grand appearance.)

Since we’re in the “close enough” stage, I thought it was a great time to highlight the gear that has made it possible for me to continue to get outside comfortably throughout the winter, even while “large as a barge”.  

While it ain’t pretty, I am still able to snowshoe, take walks/hikes, and get some fresh air in full blown “waddle mode.”  

I may end up laying around the rest of the day complaining about my hips and grunting as I get off the couch, but the outdoor time still does wonders for me.  

The cute stuff from your basic pregnancy clothing store won’t cut it.

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The Gear I love for Winter Pregnancy:

Make My Belly Fit  

THE thing I get the most comments on on a daily basis, especially on the ski hill.  Definitely check out our full review (updated for 2019), but this is an incredible life-saver and makes getting out with your own technical jackets 100% possible.

The new universal adapter means it works with virtually any jacket.

It also works after Baby comes for baby wearing (which I will show off someday….sigh….)

Top Gear Picks for Active Winter Pregnancy

Clouds Rest Baselayer Maternity Crewneck 

Long enough to make it full-term with no belly-peeping, uber comfortable, thumb holes for layering, and a cool side pocket that holds essentials (my phone is stashed there usually so I am ready to take photos.)

Top Gear Picks for Active Winter Pregnancy

Clouds Rest II Maternity Baselayer Bottoms

Size up, but great for fitting under belly and adding much-needed warmth.  I layer these with my Topanga Pants.

Top Gear Picks for Active Winter Pregnancy

Topanga Fleece Pants

Buy more than one pair.  I wear them every single day right now.  Super comfortable, toggle on the bottom to cinch up or let down, wide leg, fits under belly and, when paired with base layer bottoms, works great for snowshoeing, skiing, etc.

Top Gear Picks for Active Winter Pregnancy

Tubbs Flex ALP Women’s Snowshoes

These ones are GREAT because they are so easy to get on and off.  In fact, you can complete the process in just a few seconds of bending over (which is important when you can’t actually breathe while you are bending over.)

Top Gear Picks for Active Winter Pregnancy

Toasty Cheeks Skirt

This is so great because it fits under your belly, adds some warmth when snow pants aren’t fitting anymore, and is easy to wear after pregnancy too. My all-time go-to skirt.

Top Gear Picks for Active Winter Pregnancy

Skhoop Down Skirt

Another trick when you need a bit more warmth than the skirt above is a down skirt with zippers on the side you can unzip as needed as you grow (and then shrink back down too)! This skirt + fleece leggings is just about perfect for staying warm. Size up for comfort – these skirts have no stretch and better for it to be too big than too small.

Top Gear Picks for Active Winter Pregnancy

Hiking/Skiing Poles

If you’re anything like me, keeping balanced far into pregnancy is nearly impossible. Play it safe with poles. We love adjustable ones so you can get them just the right height no matter the conditions or your footwear.

Top Gear Picks for Active Winter Pregnancy

I want to know – what are/were your must-haves for being able to continue getting outside while pregnant?

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Best Winter Gear for Pregnancy

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