Postpartum Hiking Safety and Tips

You just had a baby and you just can’t wait to share your love of the outdoors with your new little bundle. But, before you get back on the trail after birth, it’s important to let your body do some healing. Below we discuss a wide array of postpartum hiking safety and tips for your protection. … Read more

How to Get Outside with a Toddler When Pregnant

Getting Outside When Pregnant with a Toddler

Request from a reader: ” I’d love to see a post on how to get out in winter while pregnant with a 1 1/2 year old who will have to be carried quite a bit. I am 3 mos pregnant and so will be pregnant (and getting much bigger) for the entire pregnancy. I am … Read more

Make My Belly Fit Review

Make My Belly Fit Reviews

Being pregnant in the dead of winter poses a host of new challenges to keeping warm and being able to be outside. While in a moderate climate it’s fairly easy to just make do, when the temperature really drops a warm coat is absolutely essential. Personally I prefer to make my own jackets work instead … Read more

Bouncing Back (to Adventure) after Baby

Bouncing Back After Baby

My husband was recently out and about and spotted another dad on a bike ride with his kids. This fellow had a tandem attachment to pull his kid’s bike behind him, and behind his kid’s bike he had ALSO hitched a trailer to pull wee sibling. Kudos to you, sir. **Note, this is not recommended … Read more

Yes! Bring that Baby (and the rest of them too)!

Yes! Bring that Baby (and the rest of them too)!

Parenthood in general is utterly and completely overwhelming at times. There are seasons and ebbs and flows and highs and lows. Many a time we think that we are just not going to make it through the day, much less do anything but feed the kids, maybe yourselves and keep everyone alive. Though it’s oh … Read more

Top Gear Picks for Active Winter Pregnancy

Staying active and outside during the winter when pregnant is not always easy. It really does mean you often have to get some different gear so you can continue to go out. We think it’s worth it for your sanity! We’re breaking records here.  This is officially the longest (by 2 weeks) that I have … Read more