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Welcoming Wee Woollies + Special 24 hour coupon code

Welcoming Wee Woollies

I am SO excited to welcome our newest blog sponsor, Wee Woollies. We wore their base layers all last year and wall three kids are outfitted for another year with fresh colors and sizes. Wee Woollies are one of those gems that I found (thanks to Mountain Baby <– another great shop to check out, especially all you Canadians!) and quickly became a favorite. I was thrilled when they agreed to join forces this year. They are super comfortable, cute, effective for warming/cooling AND affordable. In fact, when you start looking around, you’ll realize they are about half the cost of some of the other well-known merino wool options for kids.


About Wee Woollies/New Zealand Merino Wool:

Wee Woollies are base layers/pajamas for kids aged newborn through 6 years made in Vancouver, Canada. A family-run company, they source their Merino directly from New Zealand, promising environmental, social and ethical sustainability, animal welfare and traceability back to the source. Those sheep adapt to a broad range of conditions, making their wool work for them keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which then translates into the garments made from their wool working for us year-round.

The long, fine hairs from Merino Wool are extremely soft, light, airy, itch-free, and actually wick moisture away from the skin (something only merino wool does since it has a capacity to absorb up to 30% of its own weight of liquid and then release it in the air as vapor.) The wool is extremely breathable, which makes it great for hot summer days and is the reason our kids don’t sweat when wearing it.

The kids (all 3 of them) wear their merino shirts on every hiking, skiing and camping trip we go on. I personally greatly appreciate that care is as simple as machine wash and line dry.

Extra bonus: Merino wool is also extremely fire resistant and resists odor (both qualities appreciated when we are out camping with campfires and small tents.)


Set your kids up with wool!

We invite you to take a look around their site and then come back TOMORROW and use the code “mtnmama” to get 10% off your order (and free shipping when you spend $100+). The sale will run from midnight to midnight (PST) TOMORROW, September 25th ONLY. It’s happening because you asked for it, so we hope you take advantage! 

Welcoming Wee Woollies + Special 24 hour coupon code


Be sure to check Wee Woollies out on Facebook too – they are running some giveaways to celebrate their new season of colors!


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