Serious Year-Round Sun Protection from Block Island Organics

Natural and Effective Year-Round Sun Protection from Block Island Organics

I know it’s starting to feel a lot like fall (and maybe even Winter) out there. Many of us (guilty here!) tend to start being more complacent about sunglasses (post on that next week) and sunscreen this time of the year. To be perfectly honest, I get tired of the constant reapplication of the sunscreen and the battle of encouraging my kids to keep their glasses on. So, when the heat lets up and then sun is out just a little less, I ease up and figure that “they’ll be ok”.

Natural and Effective Year-Round Sun Protection from Block Island Organics

The truth is that sun protection needs to happen year-round. While cloudy days seem like no big deal, harmful sun exposure is in-fact happening and shouldn’t be ignored. Throw some snow in there for the winter and you have some serious potential for damaging burns. 

Since we live in a high elevation (6700 feet), sun screen is more important than ever. The atmosphere is thinner and we burn faster. I tend to be one of those people that worries about chemicals for my family. For this reason, I have two choices:

  1. Cover up
  2. Use mineral-based sunscreen

Sadly, often times the mineral-based sunscreen doesn’t work as well as the chemical kind.  At least that is what I have seen in the past. That and it’s thick and a pain to apply (which when you have wiggly kids that don’t like to stand still, it’s a big deal.)


Block Island Organics Sunscreen: “Play Smart, Play Safe”

Serious Year-Round Sun Protection from Block Island OrganicsIn my quest for the “perfect” sunscreen for our family this summer, I tried out a few different brands. They worked, but, as mentioned before, the thick consistency and difficulty in application made me just not want to put them on. Not to mention that the kids hated the feel of it and would run from me.

Block Island Organics was the first mineral-based sunscreen I found that actually went on smoothly (similar to the chemical-based sunscreens we are familiar with.)  They are “non-comedogenic, vegan formulated, paraben free, phthalate free, nano particle free, artificial fragrance free, non-eye irritating, not tested on animals, made in the USA and highly rated by the Environmental Working Group.” I love that the feel is light and more like lotion.

We tried both the SPF 40 and the Baby Block (Zinc only). I actually prefer the feel of the Baby Block, especially for my face. However, I think for normal everyday use, I would be better off using the SPF 15 for my face (just because it contains less zinc and/or titanium than a higher SPF and so less residue.)




The White Film….

One of the trade-offs for using mineral-based sunscreen is that white film that is left on your skin. It was certainly LESS with Block Island, but we definitely still experienced it. I asked them for some advice and thought this information was worth sharing:

“Mineral sunscreen is whitening in general because the zinc and titanium ingredients, what filter the sun’s UV rays, can create a whitening effect.  This is endemic to all mineral sunscreens. And if your are used to using chemical sunscreen, mineral sunscreen will be a different consistency from them.  We do a lot to reduce this whitening effect but as with all mineral sunscreens, it can be there.  It’s part of the mineral vs. chemical tradeoff.  There is a way to reduce the whitening by using nano-particles for the zinc and titanium. Essentially very very small particles. We don’t do this as there is some controversy over the safety of nano-particles. The controversy may be a little overblown but for the time being we’ve decided to go non-nano to err on the safe side. There may come a time when that changes, perhaps in a future formulation, if we feel more comfortable as additional research comes out.”

We felt that, when applied correctly (1 ounce to cover your body, reapply every two hours), we experienced excellent sun protection and no burns.


Bottom Line

This is our new favorite sunscreen. Now I just have to remember to USE it year-round – the benefits far outweigh the inconveniences of application (made easier by the Block Island formula). Two thumbs way up from us!

They also do a fabulous job on answering questions and educating us on their website about Smart Suncare. It’s worth checking out if you have any questions about why mineral-based sunscreen is so important or wonder why a higher SPF isn’t ALWAYS better!


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Natural and Effective Year-Round Sun Protection from Block Island Organics Natural and Effective Year-Round Sun Protection from Block Island Organics

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