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Summer Gear for Outdoor Women

While I love kid gear, I secretly always look forward to our seasonal posts highlighting our favorite current clothing for women who love to get out and get moving. And, due to the feedback we always get, I think you do too!

This season we are highlighting our favorite hiking gear, specifically. And if you are like me, you know this translates to clothing you wear every single day, hiking or not!

Kuhl Harmony Skort + Sona SS

Favorite Tops:

Title Nine Henerala Short Sleeve Tee

Wicks well, doesn’t stink, is super soft and comfortable and holds it’s shape. Basic, but great style! See a photo of me wearing this tee in this post.

Kuhl Sona Short Sleeve

I’ve honestly owned a Sona for a few years now and just bought another one. It’s flattering, wicks well, can be dressed up or down and is another one that just holds it’s shape well. I don’t got time for cotton tees that stretch out and don’t last for years and years! Note: the light colors are slightly see-thru, so expect to wear a tank or bra with more coverage.

Favorite Jackets:

Kuhl Parajax

This is my all-time favorite jacket for summer. It’s the jacket I really didn’t think I needed (what could something that thin possibly do??) but what I wear nearly every day for just a little more protection. Fits well, has great pockets and perfect for hiking, a bit of sun protection, early mornings or evenings and to block the wind.

Kuhl Traverse Pull-Over

Slightly thicker and softer than the Parajax, this is another favorite for me if I just want something to pull over. Super comfortable, a great layer when I just need a little something more. Like a pull-over sweatshirt but better!

Columbia Mystic Trail Jacket

This is one of those jackets I really didn’t think I would love when I first got it, but has turned into what I need for rainy days. Great fit, great color and what I bring for my hiking layer and as an everyday layer! Plus, best hood!!!!

Columbia Mystic Trail Jacket

Favorite Hiking Pants, Tights & Capris:

Kuhl Weekendr Tight

These tights are super unique because they are stretchy AND are made of an abrassion-resistant fabric. I love that the waist doesn’t roll and it comes with zippered pockets! Also available at REI.

Prana Halle Pant

While this pant is also available in a Convertible, I honestly just love the pants and don’t mind rolling them up. Friends, I HATE pants. They really don’t agree with me, especially after five kids.

SO it says a lot when I say I love these. They are semi-lightweight, have great stretch for movement, come in lengths AND plus sizes and a huge variety of colors. They’re perfect for hiking.

Sherpa Kalpana Hike Tights

These may be my favorite hiking tights ever. I love the zippered pocket, I love the stretch coupled with protective patches and I love high rise!

Favorite Skorts/Skirts/Dresses

Kuhl Harmony Skort

I see the Harmony as sort of like Joggers as a skort. Super cozy and comfortable, even the shorts under the skirt, and something you can wear to do literally anything.

AND it has zippered pockets!

Majestic Skort from T9

I really really REALLY love this skort and it’s a-line, slightly longer style. Easy wear, easy dry and perfect for summer….all summer long! Plus, zippered deep pockets on this one too!

If you missed it, see our full line-up of T9 skorts we recommend here!

Nuu-Muu Dresses

You hear me talk about these a lot….only because they’re so great. They also just released their new summer line and it’s my favorite yet! Perfect for hiking, biking, running, chasing kids and dressing up. AND they come in kid sizes (and it’s just not fair that my daughters literally have more Muus than I do!)

A sampling of Summer Nuu-Muu Dresses

Long Haul Compression Skort from Skirt Sports

Tons of big pockets? Check. Compression shorts? Check. No chub rub? Check. Fun patterns. Check! If you haven’t checked out Skirt Sports yet, now’s the time! They are on sale and fantastic!

Available in sizes XS – XXL (and plus sizes too!) Check out their real models too! I love this about their brand!

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Outdoor Women Best Summer Hiking Styles

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