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The New Mom Uniform: Title Nine Skorts

As busy and active moms, we need gear that will make our lives easier… not just when we hike or run, but on the DAILY.  Leggings may be the modern-day “mom uniform,” but sometimes we want to look a bit more feminine or put-together. And sometimes, a skirt just looks more flattering on our bodies.  Skirts are great, but getting up and down, bending over, climbing on playgrounds, and having kids climb all over you can lead to inadvertently flashing your “assets.” Enter the Title Nine Skort.  

Now I know the word “SKORT” might bring horrible flashbacks of that god-awful 80s-90’s style that was a wrap-skirt in the front, shorts in the back, and a horrible, stiff cotton all over.  Thank goodness we burned all those things, along with our cone-bras, back in 1996. The skort styles from Title Nine are cute skirts designed with active fabrics and lightweight hidden boyshorts underneath.  

They are designed for running, walking, playing, hitting the gym, hiking, biking, doing cartwheels, climbing trees, paddleboarding, rafting, chasing your kids up and down the stairs, picnicking in the park, or even dressing up for a work meeting.  Many have hidden pockets for stashing keys, snacks, phones, or credit cards and all are easy to care for and dryer-friendly.

Skorts are the go-anywhere, do-anything style for moms on the GO. They have become our new uniform as the weather is warming up, and make us feel confident, collected, and ready for anything!

The Mountain Mama team had the chance to put the very best of Title Nine’s extensive skort selection through some rigorous adventure-mom testing, and here’s what we found…

P.S. See something you love? Thanks so much for clicking through these links to purchase. It doesn’t cost you a dime and helps us out just a tiny bit!

The Dream Skort

The Low Down:  This skort is Title Nine’s most popular, longest-lived skort for a reason: It’s totally dreamy.  It comes in two different lengths (14″ and 16″), a million colors, and is pretty much the most perfect design for any body shape, with a flattering A-line cut.  It’s made from “Buttah,” which feels and performs like your favorite worn-in pair of yoga pants that you never want to take off. It doesn’t wrinkle, it dries in a snap, and it dresses up or down with ease.  It will literally do anything and our general consensus is that we never want to take it off. Ever.

As an admittedly frugal clothes shopper, I wasn’t quite sure if I would feel guilty wearing something that cost more than my typical Target wear, but as soon as I took it out of the shipping bag, I knew this skort was special.  Title Nine describes the weave of the fabric as “buttery,” and honest to God, that was the exact adjective I thought of, before I knew they trademarked the poly/spandex fabric blend “Buttah!”  It drapes perfectly when worn and even when I shove it in my gym bag to wear after a workout, it’s wrinkle free.  The undershorts don’t ride up and are barely noticeable when I’m wearing it too.  I love where it falls to on my legs—just enough to feel sassy without looking sultry!  It’s easy to dress it up or dress it down with a top, but the best part is how active I can still be while wearing it.  I recently wore it to one of my search and rescue team’s training meetings.  While learning all sorts of skills that required me to squat, sit, kneel, and stand, I was never self conscious that I was exposing more than I should be, and the fit lends itself to agility as well as spectacular style!  

Team Member, Nancy – Size Medium, 3 kids, SAR stud, tons of trails to tackle
Title Nine Skorts

The fabric. Oh, that breathtakingly soft fabric.  Some clothes you wear for function, some for fun… but how many pieces do you have that you wear just for the feeling? This skort plays hard, feels great, and has pockets. Super-secret pockets! There is a super handy pocket on the leg of the built-in boy short and a stash pocket in the waistband!  I’ve determined that I need to size down one size for the very best fit. The built-in boy shorts were a little loose on me, which led to some visible wrinkling, and the skort sat a little too low on my hips, making the darts on the back of the skirt extend too far down for my flat-booty. If you have a similar figure, best to order the Dream Skort in a loud print to disguise the unfortunate dart placement, or size down. Darts may be less noticeable with other body shapes.  Despite my sizing error, and the dart pucker, this skort is still my first pick for comfort & style. The Dream comes in stripes, prints, many different colors and two lengths for the perfect skort!

Team member, Valerie – Size Medium, mom of 2, singletrack-seeker

Rogue Skort

The Low Down: The Rogue is made from Title Nine’s ultra-light “Nimblene” fabric, which is super quick to dry, doesn’t wrinkle and packs up small.  This makes it the perfect skort for water adventures, travel, hiking with water crossings, or just hot and sweaty weather. The pockets are secure with zippers and thoughtfully designed drain-holes, and the sides have cinches to give you a little extra leg-room or sass when you need it.

This skort is the bomb! There is no way to appreciate how comfortable this skort is until you try it on. I thought with this skort being appropriate for “water activities” the fabric might feel a little stiff, but the Nimblene fabric is incredibly stretchy and soft. My favorite part about this skort is how versatile it is. It is a skort that can be casual for camping, perfect for the pool, or feminine and cute for everyday wear. I love that I don’t have to worry about the fabric getting scuffed up or snagged as it is quick and easy to wash and also super durable. If there’s a flaw, I haven’t found it yet.

Team member, Stephanie – Size 2, mom of 3, loves to make a splash

I was surprised, thought it might be a hot, heavy fabric but it’s not. It’s very lightweight and breathable.  Put it to the dirt test, working in the garden the other day and it was great for keeping cool and not flashing the neighbors.  I think it’ll be great for fishing and rafting this summer. And I love that the pockets zip. The Spitfire skirt is more flattering on me, but the Rogue is super practical. I LOVE the zipper pockets. It’s great to know nothing will fall out while biking! The drawstring came out the first time I washed it, but it stayed up just fine without it.

Team member, Jackie – Size 4, loves practical designs because she doesn’t have time for anything else!

Clamber Skort

The Low Down: The Clamber Skort was created to hold up to hiking and other dirty adventures, with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish on the rugged, yet stretchy Moxie-Flex fabric.  We’ve found it’s also perfect for travel, it dresses up for work with classic-style pocket placement, and is rugged enough to handle making mud pies with our toddlers.

When I had the chance to test the Clamber skort, I was immediately dubious that I’d ever wear it more than a one-time test-drive.  I’m a skirt girl on the trail.  Every skort I’ve ever worn hiking ends up riding up my legs, necessitating the constant “grab and pull” to right them into place again.  I couldn’t have been more surprised (and elated!) when I realized this was not the case.  First, the shorts stayed in place with no migration up my thighs.  Made of a sturdy-but-light mesh fabric, they are perfect for keeping dreaded “crotch sweat” at bay.  It was climbing over deadfall that was blocking the trail that completely sealed the deal for me. The stretchy Moxie-Flex skirt fabric allowed totally free movement and flexibility!  Bonus: The Clamber skort kept me from exposing my hiking partners, like I often inadvertently do in my skirts.  I also loved the comfort of the wide elastic waistband as well as the generous pockets (four in total) to hold my phone and my small supply of emergency essentials. Finally, the Clamber skort is, hands-down, the cutest piece of clothing I’ve worn on the trail.  If I had to give it one ding, I think the slightly heavier weight of the fabric might prevent it from drying as quickly as some of my other hiking attire.  But it’s yet to be determined it if would even be an issue, since I’ve only taken it out on sunny days so far.  Regardless of its drying time, it has undoubtedly made a regular rotation in my hiking and every day wardrobe! 

Team member, Nancy – Size Medium, mom of 3, loves her fur-kids, skort-convert
T9 Clamber Skort

I am now in love with all things Clamber….perfect stretch with perfect durability. I love the pockets on it, along with the wide waistband that is just the right mid-height and stays put. It’s easy to dress up and down, and goes with almost every top in my closet.  

Founder, Amelia – Size 14 , mom of 5, no patience for poorly made clothing that slows her down

When I first considered this skort, I was hesitant due to the fact that it looked more structured than the stretchy yoga waistbands and hidden pockets I normally like, and it had zippers and buttons, which I never like. However, once I wore the Clamber skort I fell in love with it….literally, head over heels. (BONUS: I didn’t flash anyone in my tumble, thanks to the awesome built-in mesh boyshort).  I reach for the Clamber again and again. The flattering waistband, the stylish pockets, and the ridiculous comfort have me considering ordering another. This is how it goes… Hiking with the kids? Wear the Clamber. Grandma’s house for coffee & cake? The Clamber. Splitting kindling? Clamber. Post mountain biking brews with the girls? Yep. The Clamber. You get the idea. The fabric might be magical. It never reveals how often it’s been worn without a wash.  So, if you’re like me, and love the super cozy stuff, do yourself a favor: expand your horizons and give the Clamber a chance. You might be (very) pleasantly surprised.

Team member, Valerie – Size 12, On-the-go and on-the-road traveler

Majestic Skort

The Low Down: The Majestic Skort is a longer, A-Line style, made from Title Nine’s thicker Diamalete fabric, which is a blend of Supplex nylon and spandex.  The material allows it to feel cool, quick dry, and it won’t wrinkle, no matter how much you ball it up in the laundry basket. This skort has two stealthy zippered pockets and it dresses up or down, for any occasion.

This is hands-down my favorite skort ever. I am self conscious about my legs and I love that this one is just a bit longer and hits me at my knees. The shorts vent well, stay where they are supposed to, and even work over capris for slightly colder days or when I want a little more coverage. The A-line shape is flattering. Finally, I love that the 2 zippered pockets don’t pouch out and actually fit my phone too! I’m purchasing another color since I wear it almost daily.

Founder, Amelia – Size L, loves her curves, thrilled to have a longer skort option!

Also check out this new pattern of the Majestic they JUST released! Pairs perfectly with the the Henerala Top (shown in photo above too)…another one of Amelia’s favorites!

Own Skort

The Low Down:  Made by Aventura, for Title Nine, The Own is designed to go anywhere and do anything from playground, to beach, to mountains and back.  It’s made from a super-soft poly-blend that won’t wrinkle and dries quick. The inner short has rubber grips around the leg, to prevent any ride-ups, which make it ideal for active moms.  It has two open pockets in the front and a zipper pocket in the back.

I’ll be honest… when I first pulled this skort out, I wasn’t a fan.  BUT, after wearing it a few times, it’s become a regular part of my skort rotation.  The fabric feels like wearing a pair of comfy yoga pants. The stripe print is subtle and, like jeans, goes with just about anything.  The waistband stays put, which is nice when you are jumping up and down every five minutes to chase after a toddler. If you have trouble with shorts riding up, the rubber grips in this skort will keep them from EVER moving. I found the grips a bit too big and aggressive, but they certainly keep those babies from riding up on a serious hike or a bike ride, no matter how sweaty you get.  The hand pockets are too shallow of a cut to be useful for a phone, but they hold both dog treats and chapstick nicely. There’s also a small zip-pocket in the back that will hold an ID and credit card, or a house key.

Team member, Ginny – Size XL, addicted to skorts, frisbee-thrower for her obsessed dog

Spitfire Skort

The Low Down: The Spitfire is a go-anywhere, do-anything skort.  It is great for daily use, but will also stand up to hikes and outdoor play with a heavy-weight Supplex nylon/poly/spandex blend that won’t wrinkle or snag.

Despite having three kids and a minivan, I’m pretty self-conscious about looking like I’m wearing “mom clothes.” But I need stuff that’s practical for playgrounds, hiking and school meetings – often all in the same day. The Spitfire skirt helps me feel put together, but is practical for mom-life. The pockets are cut a bit low, so my phone has fallen out of them a few times. And if you put too much stuff in them they look pretty bulgy. But the fabric wipes off clean which is great when little hands come at you with chalk and dirt on them. The fabric might be a bit heavy for really hot days, almost like a sweatshirt or yoga-pant feel, but it’s high quality. The skirt is flattering, but it is a bit fitted in the bum.

Team member, Jackie – Size S, has to occasionally look professional for her day-job.

Samba Skort

The Low Down:  The Samba Skort is made by Toad & Co. for Title Nine. The fabric is Toad’s long-loved Samba, which is a blend of cotton and tencel, giving it a wrinkle-free look and a soft, lightweight feel.  It’s best for playing outside, travel, work, and looking like you’re put-together (even though we know you only got 4 hours of sleep last night).

This skort is super light and comfortable, dresses up (or down) with ease, and holds up to the demands of summertime everyday play with little ones.  It is a longer length with an A-line shape, so the fit is super flattering on most bodies, including my apple shape. It has a drawstring, which is nice for small adjustments throughout the day.  It also dries quicker than a standard cotton, which was super nice when I became the target of splashing during a water fight. The shorts underneath are a lighter nylon, which breathes well and stays put very nicely – no riding up at all.  

Team member, Ginny – Size XL, mom of 1 toddler, never gets to stand still

Hollaback Skort

The Low Down: This lightweight skort is designed specifically for running, walking, and sweating, with 360 degree reflective hits and a small stash pocket.

I primarily use the Hollaback for running and I love the super-feminine look. I always get compliments when I wear it, plus the fabric is so soft and comfortable. I’ll admit I was pretty skeptical about whether I would like running in a skort but I love running in the Hollaback skort as much as my favorite pair of running shorts. The skort is also super breathable, even when I am really sweaty. The pleats are longer in back than in front, which was an intentional part of the design for keeping your booty covered. I like it now, but initially I thought the front/back length difference looked a little funny.  Also, I’ve found the inner shorts are fairly secure but they occasionally ride up in the same way other spandex and exercise shorts ride up. It doesn’t bother me much but it’s something to keep in mind.

Team member, Stephanie – Size XS, avid mother runner

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