Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather

    Oh spring….how wet (and muddy) thee are.

    But, the outside play must continue for the sanity of us all. Of all the gear we have used and own, I think the gear that keeps everyone dry and happy proves to be the most valuable in each season.

    These are our tried and true favorites. Full disclosure: A few of these are affiliate links. While we will only recommend products we actually believe in, if you click through these links to purchase, it helps us out just a tiny bit. Thank you!

    Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather

    Villervalla – available at Biddle & Bop

    This is the new kid on the block (imported from Europe, thanks to Biddle and Bop) and is a brand new hands-down favorite in our house. I am a kid gear-head dork and I can’t stop gushing about this stuff. It’s more of what I would call a “hard shell” so is super, incredibly durable, works for snow, slush and rain and is full of tiny details for a great fit.

    The shell suits and pants/jacket separates are available in stripes and bright solids. The sizing is in Euro so best to measure the child’s height to find the perfect fit.

    What I love:

    • Cinched waists allow room for layering without it being bulky and in the way
    • Adjustable cuffs AND an inner sleeve and thumb holes keep out the moisture
    • Adjustable hood is big enough to actually work in the rain, fits on kids’ heads and is detachable when you just don’t need it
    • Detachable and adjustable elastic for under boots (though I am sure this is the first thing that will go when it DOES start breaking down someday.)

    We have used it and loved it in all spring weather conditions (pouring rain, slush, snow, & mud).

    Suits available in ages 2-6 years; Jacket/Pants in sizes 6-9 mo – age 10.

    Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet WeatherGear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather

    Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather


    Another import, this is one we have been using and wearing for years and years now, thanks to Ollie and Stella. It’s soft and supple for really great rain movement and their hood is THE best I have seen. It’s a lighter weight than the Villervalla so great for warmer temperatures. We have seen occasional tears in our suits (like 2 in 6 years of wearing them), some zipper sticking and eventually they just aren’t waterproof anymore (like after 4 years). But, don’t let those small things turn you away – these are fantastic suits and if you’re just looking for rain, our favorite. Plus they pack very small and are bright for easy-to-spot kids!

    Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather


    Oaki Trail Suits

    These the most budget-friendly of any of the rain suits you will find and are also fantastic. They are less supple than the DucKsday and more of a hardshell (though not as reinforced as the Villervalla). I love the inside cinchable waist and adjustable cuffs AND ankles. Their downside? The hoods are sort of terrible and don’t keep rain off little faces.


    TOBE Novus Mono Suits

    These are THE toughest shell out there I have seen for kids. Literally bomb-proof. They are more of a winter shell, but we use in cold, heavy rain too. If you need something for all-seasons, especially in colder climates and can afford it, this is what you want! Only downside? I wish there was a bit more shape or a toggle for the waist and that the ankle cuffs were adjustable.

    They are on sale right now!

    Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet WeatherGear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather

    Tuffo Muddy Buddy Coverall

    The tuffo is the lightest weight and simplest design. It has double zippers for easy on and off and provides a basic full rain-suit. The cuffs aren’t adjustable and it’s not super thick, but people love love love them and they’re very affordable also.

    Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather

    CeLaVi Classic Rain Bibs/Jackets – available at Biddle & Bop

    These are a thicker, softer rain jacket and so great for mud because they clean super easily. Often in warmer weather, we’ll send the kids out in just bibs. They’re generously sized, but snap at the waist for a more trim fit. Plus, they come in a footed version for babies (who kick off boots anyway!) YAY!!

    Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet WeatherGear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather


    Rain Mittens – available at Biddle & Bop

    Rain mittens that WORK, where you been for the last 9 years?!?! Intended to be of an overmitten than work by themselves, these are the only ones we have tried that we’ve actually been happy with.

    Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather

    We prefer the ones from CeLaVi with a thin fleece lining (blue), but if you don’t need that and want a little longer length and for bigger kids, go with the ones from Villervalla (turquoise).


    Muck Boots

    We have been long-time lovers of Muck boots because they fit well, keep little feet warm in colder, wet conditions and hold up for years and years and years. In fact, our pairs that are over 6 years old show virtually no wear, despite being on the 3rd kid. The only thing we have noticed is that for kids with a bigger heel/arch, we recommend their Element Boot over the Hale (which we love!)

    Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather

    MyMayu Wanderer Boots

    I love these boots, especially for little ones. They are super light, packable, waterproof, and help little ones get out and run! Of all the models (Muddy Munchkins and Explorers are the other ones), these are my favorites. They have excellent traction, stay on and work perfect.

    Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather

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    Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather

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      1. Hi Amelia!

        It’s me who e-mailed you about baby boots for spring!

        What a great post!

        I think I’ll go with Muddy Munchkins over Bogs. It seems Muddy Munchkins will stay on better for a crawler but also adapt to a walker as I am hoping to get both spring and summer use out of them and since George is standing and walking behind a little wagon, perhaps walking isn’t too far off?

        I am now struggling between choosing between a rain suit versus rain bibs and a rain/wind jacket. In your experience, is a rain suit more of a pain when changing diapers during camping trips? Do you only put your kids in rain suits when it is in fact raining or are they convenient and comfortable enough to wear on cold/windy days for romping around?


        • And by rain bibs I mean rain pants haha!

        • Hi Catherine,

          Yes, I think you’re right on the boots….they are so great for the new walkers and crawlers 🙂
          I would go with a suit…we definitely use them for mud/wind/shell layer AND rain/slush/snow. It doesn’t make diaper changes that much harder, because even with bibs you are having to pull off a top layer (and they are so much more protective than regular pants that would allow easier changes).
          Hope that helps!

      2. Another question has popped up! My husband is looking at a tent heater. We are wondering if you have ever used one of these and if you think they are necessary and when. We are camping near Lake Superior in May where it could be in the 20’s at night. We have a really small tent… I’m not sure where we would put the thing! Thought we would see what you had to say about them!

      3. Rebecca Daavettila says:

        Hi Amelia,
        I am looking at ordering another Oakiwear rainsuit but I was wondering if you have an affiliate link for the Oakiwear website? I would rather order through their website than Amazon. 🙂

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