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ActionHeat Heated Clothing

ActionHeat Heated Clothing

Have you ever found yourself shivering at the sledding hill while your kids run around sweating and shedding layers? Or how about a late fall hike or bike ride where the chill cuts through your jacket?

If this sounds like you, heated clothing from Action Heat might be your new favorite gear obsession (it sure is mine!)

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How to stay warm

I’m one of those people who is always freezing. And I live one of the coldest parts of the USA. So, understandably, I jumped at the opportunity to test some heated clothing.

If you like to stay warm without wearing lots of bulky laters, keep reading because the ActionHeat Battery Powered Vest and Rechargeable Heated Wool socks might just be for you.

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ActionHeat Women’s 5V Battery Heated Puffer Vest

actionheat vest heated clothing

The ActionHeat Battery Heated Puffer Vest is my absolute favorite new piece of gear. I’ve been loving this vest for chilly fall hikes, where I normally start out cold, gradually get warmer, then freeze again on the descent.

The vest has 3 heat settings which are controlled by a push-button on the chest area. Within minutes of turning on the vest, the back and chest panels offer instant warmth. 

The 5V rechargeable battery lasts up to 4 hours, and there’s even a USB port so you can charge your phone right in your pocket.

Technical Specs

  • Material: Lightweight synthetic insulation, water resistant outer layer
  • Heat Panels: 3 built in, ultra fine carbon fiber heating panels
  • Battery: 5 volt rechargeable battery
  • Power Bank: 2 amp usb port to charge phone or other electronics
  • Charger: USB wall charger
  • Sizing: Women’s XS-XXL
heated clothing

Features of the battery operated vest

  • 3 heating panels that warm your core (two on either side of the chest, one on the upper back)
  • LED display that shows battery life (1-4 “bars” of battery life)
  • Touch button heat setting control located on outside of vest
  • Heat settings are color coded (red=high, white=medium, blue=low heat)
  • Small battery (the size of a raisin box) that’s easy to remove from the jacket
  • Battery lasts 4+ hours depending on heat setting and power bank use
    • High heat, 150°F: 2+ hours
    • Medium heat, 130°F: 3+ hours
    • Low heat, 110°F: 4.5+ hours
  • The vest is machine washable (just remove the battery pack).
heated clothing
The ActionHeat heated vest battery pack is smaller than a cell phone, and about the same weight.

What I’m Not So Crazy About

The one thing I don’t love is the boxy fit. Although the vest is a women’s fit, the shape is very square, rather than being tapered. But this isn’t a huge deal breaker in my mind, since I usually wear a shell over the vest. 

ActionHeat Wool Socks

The moment you press the ‘on’ button located at back of these ActionHeat Wool Socks, your toes will start feeling the heat. And let me tell you heated clothing is no joke – they get hot! The high setting (140°F) means serious warmth. I found that low was most comfortable for me, but that could change when it’s zero degrees outside.

Do battery heated socks work?

Yes! Since it’s not yet winter, I tested them on my freezing cold wood floors early in the morning. I found that the low setting was plenty warm enough for that setting. The medium heat felt just a little too warm, and the high heat made my feet sweat.

I wore the socks on the low heat setting periodically throughout the day for a total of 4 hours, and never ran out of battery.

My feet get really cold in the winter when I wear my snowboard boots, so I’m looking forward to testing these socks out under those conditions. Check back in a month for those results!

How do heater socks fit?

Not only do the socks keep your toes warm all day, but the sock itself is actually pretty comfortable.

Sure, I could feel the heat panel on the top of my toes and under my foot, but it’s not annoying. The battery pack feels slightly heavy as it sits in a pouch at the top of each leg opening. But neither of these things bothered me.

The socks fit well in my Alta trail running/every day shoes, and I think they’re thin enough to wear in my snowboard boots. I’ll update everyone on that when the snow flies!

Heated Socks vs. Heated Footbeds

Let me preface by saying that I do not actually own heated footbeds. But I did my research on this topic because every single one of my friends who i’ve mentioned heated socks to has asked the question:

Are heated socks better than heated footbeds?

The short answer is, it depends on your budget and the versatility you need.

You can purchase a high end pair of heated insoles for about half the price of heated socks. If you tend to have sweaty feet and like to swap out fresh socks during the day, heated insoles may be your jam.

Lastly, I don’t just wear one pair of boots. I have my Sorel’s that I shovel snow and go sledding in. I have snowboard boots. I have insulated hiking boots. And now, I have a way to keep my feet warm no matter which pair of shoes I choose for the days adventure.

For more tips, check out: How to Keep Your Feet Warm in Cold Weather

Technical Specs

  • Material: Wool blend socks contain 50%, 48% cotton, 2% lycra
  • Heat Panels: Built in, ultra fine carbon fiber heating panels
  • Battery: 3.7 volt Lithium-Polymer Rechargeable Batteries
  • Charger: Dual battery charger for charging both socks at one time
  • Sizing
    • S/M (up to women’s 9.5)
    • L/XL (up to women’s 13)
    • 2XL (women’s 13.5 +)

Key Features

  • Heat panels sit above the toes and radiate heat down towards bottom of the foot
  • Battery pack slides in a pouch at the top of the socks
  • On/Off/heat setting switch conveniently located at the top of the battery pack for on the go changes
  • Battery lasts for up to 8 hours depending on heat setting
    • High heat, 140°F: 4+ hours
    • Medium heat, 120°F: 6+ hours
    • Low heat, 100°F: 8 hours
  • The socks are machine washable and come with their own mesh bag (unplug the battery pack before washing!)

Is Heated Clothing Safe?

Heated clothing has been around for a long time, and in the past ten years safety has greatly increased. The low-voltage heat packs are designed to not overheat. The heat wires on the Puffer Vest are covered with a waterproof membrane, making it safe to wear in damp/wet conditions.

Heated Clothing: The Bottom Line

If you live in a cold climate, or if you’re a cold-natured person, I would highly recommend investing in ActionHeat battery heated clothing. I know that I personally will be wearing the wool socks every day this winter, and I will no longer be the coldest mom on the sledding hill.

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ActionHeat Heated Clothing

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