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A Stroller for All Seasons

A Stroller for All Seasons

Like many families, our space is precious and limited. Any stroller we have simply has to be able to work for all seasons, not just warm and dry weather. Because, frankly, my sanity depends on it.

We love Burley’s multifunctional trailers simply because they are just that – ones you can use literally every single day, rain, shine or snow.

This post will show how to we use our Burley for all conditions and some tricks to make the stroller you already have work for winter.

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Photo Credit: Mary Burton

A stroller for all seasons and all surfaces

If you live with snow in the winter, you know that the make-up of it can widely vary depending on air temperature, ground temperature and just the amount of moisture in the air. While pushing a stroller can be tricky on the ice or through deep snow, there are options.

Wider tires

Just like a fat bike uses “fat” tires, wider stroller wheels also means that it is easier to push in the snow or any condition that is not paved. We love Burley’s 16+ wheels for snow and our gravel roads. They just provide a slightly cushier ride and make pushing it easier through dirt, snow and even sand.

We love these tires for year-round off-road/pavement adventure.


There is not a winter that goes by that I am not thankful every single day for skis on strollers. While we tend to use our skis more for pulling than pushing, they opened up a world of outdoor winter exploration for our family.

The Burley ski kit (or any ski kit) is not necessarily cheap, but are a worthwhile investment if you love to XC ski.

Photo credit: Laura Gundlach

Keep kids warm all winter in a stroller

We have routinely pushed our babies and kids in a stroller when the temperatures have dipped way below zero (F). In fact, it’s my favorite way to get out in the winter with babies because they are so protected in the Burley. I call it their own little climate. However, we have some tricks that help a bit.

Sleeping outside in the cold months is nothing new. Babies around the world do so and many parents swear it helps their health. I agree.

Worried about taking your sick kid outside? I do it all the time, even in the winter months. This is why I think it’s good to take your sick kids outside.

Use a bunting bag

Honestly, for a long time I thought a bunting bag wasn’t really a necessary piece of equipment and just avoided using one. However, I quickly realized that I was totally wrong and it’s a game-changer in really cold weather OR when you don’t want to wrestle toddlers into snow pants.

The bunting bag stays in the stroller all winter and I just tuck the kid in, buckle them up and then pull the bunting around them. It’s that perfect extra layer for sedentary kids who you’re trying to keep warm.

We have tried a bunch of different stroller-compatible bunting bags and the Burley one is my favorite. Cozy inside, not too bulky and very warm!

Layer up

I know sometimes it’s hard to think about spending money on gear like base layers for babies when they grow so fast. But, I can attest to the fact that wool base layers (which also work great as pajamas) and wool socks really are worth it. They wick moisture away from little bodies and provide an important defense against the cold.

Check out the base layers and socks we recommend in our big Best Winter Gear for Kids post.

A good general rule of thumb is to add one more layer to your kids than you are wearing.

Photo credit: Sasha Buchanan

Use a hot water bottle or hand/foot warmers

I like stuffing hand/foot warmers between layers (never on skin) on cold days. Remember, even if you’re working hard pulling or pushing your child, they are just sitting there. Feet in particular are tough to keep warm on sedentary kids, but we’ve had great success with just investing in a package of hand warmers or foot warmers and using it on the long and cold days.

Another option is to fill a rubber water bottle with hot water and put it at their feet.

Add a blanket to your stroller

On the really cold days, we add one more layer to the gear + buntings and throw a down blanket over the kids too. I like using a down one because it doesn’t take up a ton of room and isn’t heavy on their legs. This one from REI is fairly affordable.

You can, of course, also use your own larger down puffy jackets on them too.

A stroller for all seasons

Keep the cover closed

One of the perks of a Burley trailer is the cover that protects babies and kids from the elements. While air can, of course, circulate, the protection from rain/snow and wind really goes a long way.

We try to tuck our kids in, give snacks to the older ones and keep that cover on until our ski or winter adventure is done.

A stroller for all seasons

Provide snacks and hot drinks

It’s rare we go on a longer winter adventure without providing hot chocolate at the end. Call it bribing if you will, but it works and it’s worth the extra sugar rush. My favorite homemade recipe is included in my book, The Easy Camp Cookbook. We make a big batch and use it all winter.

I prefer to pre-make it in an insulated growler and then have it ready to pour back at the car. If you don’t mind hauling the extra weight, mid-trip is great too!

Best All-Weather Strollers

We have had tons of strollers come through our home, but I have a strong preference towards multifunctional ones that allow me to bike, ski, hike and run year-round.

The Burley D’Lite is my personal favorite, especially after the updates they made in the last few years.

Stroller for all seasons

Are they more expensive? Yes. BUT it also means one stroller that does it all. And anything that truly allows your family to get outside in all weather and all seasons is worth the cost.

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A Stroller for All Seasons

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