Skhoop Hanna Skirt Review

I love skirts.

Which is kind of funny because I tend to not worry a whole lot about what I am wearing, but I HAVE to be comfortable or I just won’t wear it.  I also tend to wear clothing all the time that I can be outside and active in.  Otherwise I am changing many times throughout the day (and really, who has time for that?!?!)

For me, if I am not wearing polar fleece pants, I am most likely dressed in skirts + long underwear in the winter.  However, I also get annoyed when those said skirts stick to the long underwear and are full of static.

Long story short, I was completely sold when I discovered insulated Skhoop skirts at one of the shops in downtown Jackson, WY.  While Husband was rolling his eyes, I was dreaming of all the places I could wear a skirt and still be warm in the winter.  I was even more excited with Skhoop agreed to send me a Hanna Skirt (retail $128) to review.

What I love about the skirt:
– It is certainly warm (thanks to the insulation!)
– One side has a full length zipper for easy on-off.
– Both sides of the skirt have a zipper at the bottom to open it up for easier movement.
– The zippers stay where you put them (no sliding up or down as you move in the skirt)
– Love the embrodery on the front.

One thing to note is that the skirt tends to run a bit small.  If you are between sizes according to their sizing charts (which are very detailed) definitely size up.  The skirt is not stretchy at all, but does have elastic on the back of the waistband for a good fit.

I am loving wearing the Hanna with my Bogs Boots (review of those coming in the next couple of months)!

I would also love to try their Original Skirt (retail $128) which is longer and would be warmer still.  And how cool is this photo!??!  Skiing in a skirt!  Sweet!

**I will update my post when I have a chance to try that out!  I am not sure how FALLING in a skirt would work out, but am willing to give it a try!**

You can find Skhoop skirts at REI and other outdoor stores around the country (they are based in Anchorage, AK.)  You can also find them directly on their site: (where you can see their entire line!)

Skhoop also sells a bunch of other great Scandinavian wear including fleece tights and shirts, great socks and even kid’s skirts.  They also have down skirts and skirts that would be great in the rain.

Skirts are taking over the outdoor industry! Skhoop is a great place to start!

Skhoop generously provided me a skirt for review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly my own.  The photos in this review are taken from the Skhoop site.


  • Anna is a proud Washingtonian living in the Cascade mountain range with her park ranger husband and their four kids 6 and under. Their family is lucky enough to live in a ranger house in a state park and have lots of access to the outdoors year-round.

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  1. Hi there!
    I recently stumbled upon a website that sells skhoop skirts! Totally cool. Would so love to have the long down one! Anyway, about skiing in a skirt… I’ve been doing it for years! Have you tried it yet??


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