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Skirts and Dresses for an Outdoor Life

I am one of those gals that will wear skirts (and dresses) almost daily if I can.  As long as I can walk, bike, and play in them, I prefer them to more restrictive pants or capris.  These are my favorite skirts and dresses that enhance my outdoor lifestyle in all seasons.

I hope this will be a resource for women everywhere looking to dress up their outdoor adventures (or just be comfortable out playing!)

This line-up will touch on a number of different fabrics, styles and companies and will be updated each year to make room for new favorites.

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Favorite Winter Skirts

Kuhl Kozet Skirt

This is my new favorite for 2019. It is comfortable and stretchy, hits at an active length and is thick enough to be warm but not too bulky.

Available at Title Nine too (“Mountain Maven Skirt”) with 100% 5 star reviews.

Skhoop Original Long Skirt

The Skhoop Original long skirt isn’t down, but it is warm and easy to throw on over virtually anything (tights, fleece, jeans, snow pants, etc.) I appreciate the longer length since so many winter skirts are an above-the-knee length.

I always size UP with Skhoop skirts since there is no give in the material.

Skhoop Mary Midi Down Skirt

If you want a little more length but aren’t interested in a full length skirt like the Skhoop Original above, the Midi is a great compromise. This one is also down and therefore a little “puffier” and warmer.

Again, I always size up in Skhoop skirts!

Playmaker Skirt at Title Nine

A little less of an A-line shape than the “Kozet” (AKA Mountain Maven) above, this skirt is another great pull-on-and-go one! It slides easily over leggings and doesn’t cling. Also available in a dress style.

Stayed Skirt at Title Nine

Another favorite from Skhoop but this time with stretchy sides so a bit more forgiving and easy to move in. This one is a bit stiffer because of the woven front panel, but I love the design.

Favorite Winter Dresses

Kind Apparel Fjord Dress

This dress is a must-have and is maybe the coziest winter dress out there. They updated their fleece in 2019 to a super soft and cozy micro-grid.

I also personally love the hood with a snap cowl neck and the kangaroo pocket. One of those winter dresses you need more than one of.

Image courtesy of Kind Apparel

Favorite Summer Skirts & Skorts

Title Nine Skorts

In the interest on not letting this post get way out of hand long, we rounded up our favorite Title Nine skorts in a post all of their own. They are some of our very favorites so don’t skip this post!

Macabi Skirts (short, classic and slim) 

The Macabi is so great for a functional outdoor/travel skirt in so SO many ways.  While every skirt has its function and place, this is the one I reach for when I need comfort and function first.  It is very lightweight, dries quickly (even after wading in a river), resists wrinkles and packs up tiny.

It has an elastic waist, with a drawstring and belt loops so you can wear it as you want to.

The (self-draining) pockets are my favorite feature.  They are super deep to allow them to be filled with treasures and necessities. There is also one zippered pocket for valuables.

There are wearing options thanks to the included pant clip.  You can adjust them to however you need them work for you (and quickly change between the styles without changing your clothes.)  I have found that I just love it as a skirt, but love the option of being able to clip it up for wading or biking.  A few options are shown below.

Finally, the skirts come in different lengths to accommodate your own style preferences or different heights.

And, not only is it highly functional, it’s also cute. I get complements on it every day I wear it.  If you were going to buy just one skirt for daily outdoor wear or travel, this is it.  I will be buying myself a second one.

Oh! And the Macabi isn’t just for women…..check out how men wear it too.

Purple Rain Adventure Skirt 

This is the skirt I wear most of the time when I am not wearing one of my Lady Hike Dresses. It flatters, fits well, has a thick waist band so no rolling, is the perfect length for easy movement AND made of super stretchy and quick-dry fabric. 

So yes, totally great for really ANY body (pregnant or not!) It also has great pockets. One without velcro and one with on each side. And they are big enough to fit a smartphone. I wear it hiking, on the river, biking and for slipping on over yoga pants.

Summer Dresses

Lady Hike Summer Day Dress 

I have two of these dresses and literally wear them every other day in the summer months. They have the BEST pockets for throwing in whatever I need them for, is lightweight and flattering, works well under a pack AND works for nursing.

The fabric on the “Earth Tones” dress is piling a bit, but the Blue Mint dress is in perfect shape after over a year of wearing it.

Nuu-Muu Dresses

I’ve had my eyes on a Nuu-Muu for years now, especially since they are made in one of my very favorite cities – Bellingham, Washington. The Nuu-Muu is a basic, flattering dress with a back pocket to store a couple of essentials (keys, $, ID, etc.).  It is soft and wicks moisture which means is perfect for sweating while active.  I wear mine running, hiking, biking and for my daily, active life.

I personally prefer to wear it with some sort of pant/capri/short because of the length.  It’s great for layering and I love that it just adds a little bit of modesty to tight (and more comfortable for activewear) pants.

When pregnant or for more length, size up; if nursing, go with the Scoop Nuu-Muu.

It’s a fun way to dress up almost any activewear.  They have a whole host of designs and patterns.

The Mini-Muu is also great for girls sizes 5-10 (though my two year old wears the XS and my 4 year old does too and they work fine).

What skirts/dresses do you LOVE to use adventuring?  Feel free to link us up to your photos too in the comments below!

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Saturday 30th of March 2019

Glad to find this article! We're in that faux-spring, oh-wait-its-winter time of year and once again I'm on a quest for the ultimate insulated skirt!

Margaret La Vigne

Tuesday 5th of December 2017

royal robbins is so cute

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Friday 6th of May 2016

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Tuesday 8th of March 2016

thank you for sharing these..I bought my wife a camping skirt (craghoppers) because thankfully for me she prefers wearing skirts to jeans or shapeless trousers as she has a woman's body


Friday 4th of December 2015

Nice write up. I love that you added the pictures of "real world" use! Tells so much more of what the look and fit is like. Thanks!


Friday 4th of December 2015

Thanks - and a good reminder for me that I need to update it! :)