Nuu-Muu Active Dresses for Women and Girls

I have been wearing Nuu-Muu dresses for years, through four of my pregnancies, and while hiking, biking, and adventuring. They are THE most versatile dress in my closet since they literally work for any season (thanks to layering). Thanks for clicking through the affiliate links in this post if you decide to purchase – it helps us out just a tiny bit.

We believe in strong girls & women.
We believe in real bodies & real friends.
We believe in trying really hard.
We believe in having fun along the way.
We believe that you can too.

My girls (Mini Muus start at size 3/4) literally wear them every single day year-round. They love their dresses and I can usually convince them to wear long underwear in the winter under them and a sun shirt over them in the summer. Any time I DON’T have to fight them on what they are wearing is a win (how does it start so incredibly early?!?!)

The dresses are an “active” length, but I can’t imagine a Nuu-Muu without some sort of tights or leggings under them. They hit about mid-thigh depending on the size you wear and your height.

Twice a year Nuu-Muu comes out with new designs for the season. And ladies go crazy for them. Honestly, it’s hard to own just one (though I am not to the point where I have 20-100 of them like some groupies!)

What we love:

  • I can do literally anything in them since they are comfortable, layer well and dry fast – bike, hike, go to town, even jump in a lake!
  • They come in a variety of fun patterns
  • Available in women’s sizes 0-22 and girl sizes 3-10.
  • Ruu-Muu style has a back pocket
  • Scoop style works well for nursing moms
  • Dresses stretch for pregnancy too!
  • They flatter most body types
Scoop Muu – Perfect for pregnancy and nursing

What I am Not so Crazy About:

  • They are a bit short….I size up for length and always wear something under them
  • Now if Nuu-Muu would come out with a really great, compression legging….

Bottom Line

Nuu-Muu dresses are the perfect dress for active women, that can be layered up or down easily. We recommend sizing up for a looser fit!

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