Gifts for Outdoor Moms 2023

Every year, my mother-in-law asks me what I would like for Christmas and I frantically wrack my brain trying to remember what I put on my mental list. Inevitably, if I don’t have actual ideas written down, I will just end up asking for a restaurant gift card–which, don’t get me wrong, can be a great gift! But gifts for outdoor moms that are related to our personal passions will always beat out $50 to Chipotle.

Mom Gifts End Up On the Back Burner

It’s so easy to get caught up in holiday gifts for kids and put our own list on the back burner. We’ve got a lot of needs and activities to manage this time of year, and researching a wish list of outdoorsy mom gifts for ourselves can end up a low priority!

It’s also hard to know what is worth spending money on. Gone are the days of being happy with a cheap toy that lasts for a few weeks. I want to know that when I buy something, it’s going to be a quality item that lasts.

At the same time, motherhood stages change so much, and we moms get the bonus challenge of trying to track down long-lasting products while our bodies change dramatically through pregnancy, nursing, and raising young humans.

We Made the List For You!

The team at Tales of a Mountain Mama is just regular moms like you, and we put together some of our favorite gifts for outdoor moms, to take that burden off your shoulders! I’m personally so excited about it, and the items I didn’t choose myself, that are recommended by other team members, are going at the top of my own list!

Each piece is good quality from a reliable brand that we trust. You can print this list and hand it to your spouse or other inquiring relative, or shop from it yourself if you play your own Santa every year.

The items below are designed to help set you up well to enjoy the outdoors with your family. And perhaps even occasionally on your own. 😉 2024 is almost here, and it could be your best outdoor adventure year yet!

No matter what outdoor activities you have planned for the new year, we have a gift guide for you!

A collage of images of gifts for outdoor moms, including products from Iksplor, Nuu-Muu, Wildelore, Akova, Helly Hansen, Deuter, and Earth+Kin.

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Favorite Gifts for Outdoorsy Moms!

The products below are from brands that have consistently shown up on the favorites lists of many of the moms here at TMM. I’m excited to recommend them, and to request a couple for Christmas myself!

Cozy Gifts for Outdoor Mom

Comfort is key in mom life when we are chasing little ones or trying to keep up with adventurous older kids! Whether comfort means staying warm and cozy, or being free to move easily, these outdoorsy mom gifts below have you covered.

Iksplor Long Sleeve

This 100% merino wool base layer top is so versatile and perfect for moms. It will keep you warm and cozy under heavier layers, or work solo in mid-range temperatures, or serve as pajamas on a camping trip. It even comes in a nursing-friendly version!

Chloe from TMM says the nursing top is the most practical design in nursing apparel she has encountered! Along with the props this top gets from multiple of our moms for comfort, it really can’t be beat as an insulating base layer.

A pregnant woman wears a cornflower blue Iksplor base layer long-sleeved top while on a snowy hiking trail.

Iksplor Leggings

Just like the base layer tops, these Merino wool leggings are super soft! They can go from under ski pants to stand-alone wear for hiking to pajama pants, making them a great multi-use item to add to your wardrobe.

Team members Chloe and Sarah love these leggings, and find them to be super comfortable, stretchy, and soft; ideal for both pregnancy and non-pregnancy use in chilly weather. They have a wide waistband that is ideal for active mothers.

A woman, outside, holds onto two small children while all three wear Iksplor base layer sets.

Wildelore All Phases Fleece

This thick fleece pullover can take you from pregnancy through nursing over the cooler months! Team member Jamie loves how it fits throughout pregnancy without making her feel like she is wearing her husband’s giant sweatshirts. It’s perfect for keeping you warm when you are moving a little slower and need that extra coziness.

A woman wearing a Wildelore All Phases Fleece nurses an infant outside.

Nuu Muu Gobe

This versatile dress is ideal for moms at all stages of parenting! TMM founder Amelia is mother to five, and has worn Nuu Muu dresses through pregnancy and while chases her growing family. The Gobe dress is another winner that can take you straight from work to adventures.

I love the pattern variety and the wide range of sizes available! The Gobe flair skirt is super flattering on all body types and can be worn for many different outdoor activities, keeping moms in active comfort while we also look cute.

A woman holds a young baby while wearing a colorful patterned Nuu-Muu Gobe dress on a city sidewalk.

Nuu-Muu Ruu-Muu

Lots of U’s, lots of ways U can wear this cute dress! The Ruu-Muu is shorter than the Gobe, which makes it functional even for adventures like biking and climbing. It’s also quick dry, so you can even wear it for swimming or when working up a sweat jumping on the trampoline with your kids.

As with the Gobe dress, the Ruu-Muu ranges in size from XXS to 3XL, but the Ruu-Muu has almost 5 times the number of patterns, so you are bound to find one that catches your eye. These dresses are perfect all-season wear with some layering, so add them to your gift list!

Outdoor Gifts for Mom to Stay Dry

Not many things can ruin a good outdoor adventure faster than wet clothes and feet when they are meant to be dry, especially in chilly winter weather conditions. Below you’ll find some gifts for outdoor moms designed to keep you warm and dry even in winter snow.

Akova Women’s Legacy Insulator

Akova Gear is the new brand name of Shred Dog, but the quality is nothing new! This jacket fits right in with the quality of all the Akova and Shred Dog products, personal favorites of TMM founder Amelia.

The Legacy Insulator allows for great movement in a highly packable and warm jacket. We recommend it on it’s own or for layering with the Akova shell.

Valid for any order at full price (not including Outlet and Renewed items that are already heavily discounted).

A women skis while wearing an Akova Legacy Jacket.

Helly Hansen Loke Pants

These waterproof pants are ideal to pull on over leggings (maybe your Iksplor base layers from above!) to keep your legs warm and dry. I’ve ended up in soaking wet pants during a long day of sledding with my kids, and these are definitely an upgrade to that experience.

The pants are windproof and super lightweight as well, a couple more ways they will improve your outdoor adventures. One thing to note is that they work best for moms who are 5’5″ or shorter–taller moms may find the inseam length a little too short.

A man and a woman stand in front of a mountain lake wearing Helly Hansen hiking gear, including Loke outdoor pants.

Helly Hansen Sorrento Insulated Winter Boots

The Norwegians certainly seem to have things figured out when it comes to winter gear, and these boots are no exception. The Sorrento model is warm, waterproof, and lightweight for outdoor adventures. Plus they are really cute!

If your wintry dreams involve strolling city streets with a mug of hot cocoa looking at Christmas lights, or watching your kids tear up the ski slopes–also with some hot cocoa of course–make sure you are doing it with warm feet!

Carry All the Things Gifts for an Outdoorsy Mom

Maybe this doesn’t exactly feel like a gift, but it’s inevitable, we will end up carrying everything our kids bring on adventures and promise they will take care of. Make things that much easier on yourself by having the right way to haul it all.

Deuter Kid Comfort Active SL

Being a mom doesn’t mean we can’t get outside on a hike; however, it might mean that little people need to have a ride. Carrying a child on outdoor adventures is not an easy task, but this carrier is specifically designed with women’s’ bodies in mind! TMM founder Amelia loves how it actually fits a typical female torso. Also available at REI.

It’s also super lightweight, and has great accessible pockets like a large waist belt pocket and a cinchable bottom gear storage area that is within reach while still wearing the pack.

Check out all of our favorite kid carrier reviews!

A parent carried a small child in a Deuter Kid Comfort Active SL while hiking near a waterfall.

Deuter Trail 28SL

This is another great pack designed for women, but this time you can load all of your favorite hiking gear inside instead of a baby. It’s just the right volume to serve as a roomy daypack for a hiking or mountain climbing outing, or for a short weekend backpacking trip.

I love the Glacier-Deep Sea color! Two of my favorite places to travel to, represented in a beautiful color scheme. But more importantly on this list of gifts for outdoor moms, it’s comfortable and well-suited for the female body. This one is also available at REI.

Check out all of our favorite Daypacks for Women!

Earth and Kin Duffle

This is a brand new product from Earth and Kin, and it’s going right at the top of my own personal Christmas outdoorsy mom gifts list. It’s extra roomy so you can carry everything you and your kids need for a full day of outdoor adventures.

A young girl in a unicorn headband sits in the open back of a parked van, with an Earth and Kin duffle bag in the foreground.

Earth and Kin is a company that focuses on making sustainable and durable products. This duffle may be brand new, but their quality has been tested. Check out Jen’s review of another E+K product to learn more about this awesome business!

Outdoor Gifts for Mom

Below are several quick hit outdoorsy mom gifts–most of which I have received in previous holiday seasons and am so excited to share with you! They could definitely enhance your outdoor experiences this next year and beyond.

Outdoorsy Mom Accessories

Darn Tough Midweight Hiking Socks

These stockings are the perfect stocking stuffer every year, and have so many varieties and patterns you can’t go wrong!

Branwyn Bralette or Branwyn Busty Bra

Whether you backpack, ski, or just live in a humid climate, this merino wool bra will be just the right sweat-reducing undergarment you’ve been missing. Check out our full Branwyn Innerwear Review!

Sports Bra

Looking for a little more support for hiking? Adidas makes fantastic hiking bras that are also available in plus sizes. Choose your support and your size.

Hoorag National Park Gaiter

A gaiter is so versatile for outdoor adventures, and these designs are a lot of fun!

Iksplorer Beanie

Iksplor not only makes merino wool base layers for the rest of you, but they also make soft merino wool beanies to cover your head as well–just choose your favorite color!

Relaxing Gifts for the Outdoor Mom

“Relaxing” and “mom” might seem like opposites, but these gifts for outdoor moms are just right for when the moment does occasionally present itself.

Odoland Camping Kettle Set

I love this kettle set because of it’s extra large size and sturdiness over the campfire, and my kids love drinking out of the old-style cups.

REI Flexlite Camp Chair

This super light chair is easy to keep in your car, your stroller, or your backpack just in case you get a few minutes to actually sit down!

Bengal Spice Tea

Bengal Spice, another great stocking stuffer, is my absolute favorite chilly weather tea flavor!

Outdoorsy Reading

Check out all our favorite book recommendations!

The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter

This book has given me so much food for thought about how to approach life and the outdoors.

The Cloudspotter’s Guide by Gavin Pretor-Pinney

I loved reading this, and learned SO MUCH about clouds and weather!

The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs by Tristan Gooley

Another great book, like the one above, to enhance your understanding of the world around you.

Outdoorsy Gifts for Mom the Naturalist

For the nature watching or foraging mom, she will love these gifts to help her get outside.

Bare Bones Foraging Bag

Picking wild berries is one of my favorite outdoor activities, enhanced by this great carrying bag.

Juniper Grove Mini Journal

This adorable mini journal always gets tossed in my daypack for notes and thoughts about nature that come to me while out hiking.

Nikon Trailblazer Binoculars

For when you just need to have a closer look at those beautiful great blue herons or white-tailed deer!

Gift Ideas for Outdoor Mom

Wrapping up this list of gifts for outdoor moms are a few more very worthy ideas!

Sierra Designs Backcountry Sleep Bag

This sleeping bag is so cozy and comfy, my favorite bag I have ever had.

The North Face Mittens

I love to wear inexpensive cotton gloves under these just in case I have to remove them in freezing temps to help little ones with zippers and laces.

Every Plate Meal Delivery

I’ve loved having these meals delivered ready to cook once or twice a week–it’s such an easy way to still eat healthy meals at home after a long outdoor adventure day.

Enjoy This Holiday Season

Each one of these outdoorsy mom gifts are on this list because they have enhanced our outdoor experiences here at Tales of a Mountain Mama, and I’m sure they can do the same for you! Now when your mother-in-law or spouse asks you for ideas, you can confidently provide some guidance that will help them love you in a way that you love as well!

Looking for More Gift Ideas for Outdoor Families?

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