Outdoor Gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming soon. Both days can be a wonderful time to give someone important in your family a special gift. A gift to make their outdoor adventures more relaxing, taste better, or more comfortable. Or simply give a gift that makes that special parent feel special on everyday adventures.

We have put together a great list of outdoor gifts for mother’s day and father’s day. If you need more gift ideas, make sure to check out all of our gift guides.

Dad With Kids Looking at Water

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Gifts For Relaxing

Camping with kids when they are little is not exactly relaxing, as they are on the go until they collapse in exhaustion at the end of the night. For the brief moments of calm, give that special mom or dad a special chair or blanket.

A Comfortable Camp Chair

To be honest, when my kids were toddler and preschool age, when we were camping, I really didn’t need a chair to sit in for long (though my kids always preferred my chair to their own). As they have gotten into the little kid years, I have found that I actually get to sometime sit and relax when we are camping. These are some of my favorite chairs to give and get.

Nemo Stargaze Recliner

This is the chair for the one who loves to relax.  My husband has used his Stargazer for two summers of car camping and it is still loved. In fact, it is never empty, someone is always in it both kids and adults.

GCI Freestyle Rocker

If getting back up is a little hard, this upright chair still give you a relaxing rocking option. Family members who are aging and even one who had back surgery love this chair. It comes in many versions including the GCI Freestyle Rocker with Side Table.

Helinox Chair Zero

A lightweight wonder, this chair is perfect for backcountry trips.  It packs down well and is rather comfortable.  I am hoping to upgrade to this chair this year from my heavier chair (my husband already has it).

Make sure to check out our Best Family and Kids Camping Chairs from the team.

A Camping or Picnic Blanket

Good blankets are endlessly useful. They can be an extra layer on a cold night or a layer under sleeping kids. A good blanket can make picnics, beach trips and even daily playground visits more comfortable and fun.

Rumpl Original Blanket

There are so many good uses for a packable blanket.  Staying warm while sipping coffee (or an evening beverage), an extra layer in the tent, or an emergency blanket in the car. This blanket may spend the winter in your vehicle if you live in a cold climate and the summer in your camping tub as an extra layer.

ENO Islander Blanket

This is the beach or picnic blanket for when staying lightweight is key. It is also perfect for those who like to always have everything with they could need.

We were sitting on a beach with friends last summer and they had this ENO packable nylon blanket to sit on. I had a packable towel to sit on and as the damp sand slowly soaked my shorts, I looked at their blanket and thought wouldn’t that be nice.

Nemo Victory Patio Blanket

Unplanned picnics and outdoor snacks are a wonderful part of spring and summer, a picnic blanket with a waterproof back is perfect to pull out for those times. This beautiful blanket with a waterproof back will be a great addition to picnics, summer concert and more for years.

Gifts to Make Camp Cooking Extra Special

Cooking outdoors is one of joys of camping. It can also be one of the hardest things to do without the conveniences of home. These gifts can make cooking (and eating or drinking) easier and more enjoyable. Sometimes simple things like knowing you always will have a good knife with you camping or that your coffee will be hot can really make a difference.

GSI Outdoors Santoku

This knife and cutting board set goes on every summer trip from picnic lunches to canoe camping. And if this gift is for someone who just loves wood, try the wood handled version called the Rakau.

GSI Outdoors Cookset

Yes, a new cookset can feel like a luxury.  GSI’s Pinnacle and Bugaboo series sets come with lids with rubber seals and drain holes.  They also include a removable handle with a latching mechanism

If you have ever lost your noodles to the forest floor when trying to drain them, you will understand how game changing this can be.  Add a handle that doesn’t fall off if your grips loosens just a bit and you have pure camping cooking joy!

Blackstone On The Go Griddle

Last summer propane powered griddle was the most talked about addition to our group camping trips. Multiple dad’s we know got this for Father’s Day and loved it.  They could make breakfast, lunch and dinner quickly on it while car camping.  A hamburger could be sizzling next to an quesadilla and everyone stayed happy. 

Multiple sizes and lidded and non versions mean you can decide just how portable you want it to be. Some versions can be hooked up to a larger propane tank too.

Cooking Breakfast at Camp

Gift for Good Camping Coffee

Hot coffee in the morning is something I absolutely love. Camping with kids and getting to drink your coffee while hot can actually happen! These gifts will help the parent who loves coffee enjoy their mornings a little more.

Aeropress Go Travel Press

This is our go-to coffee making solution for canoe camping.  Yes, it is heavier than a filter or instant coffee but it is worth it to us.  It makes coffee fast enough that the coffee is still warm (as long as I put it in my double walled mug).

Miir Camp Cup

A double walled mug really makes a difference in keeping liquids warm. This was a huge upgrade from my old plastic one and I am not going back. I also appreciate the easy to drink from lid.

GSI Glacier Vacuum Java Press

Does someone in your life love to have more than one cup of hot coffee when camping?  This double walled press is large enough for multiple cups and keeps it nice and hot.  Perfect for car camping or even use at home.

Gifts for Making Daily Adventures Special

A Great Backpack, Tote or Hip Pack

Yes, the old cloth bag from the public radio station or local store still works, but a new tote or bag can just feel like a treat.  It is something you use daily whether going to work, taking kids to activities, packing a picnic or just running errands.  A new bag can just make those daily occurrences feel more special.

Gregory Alpaca 30 Gear Tote

For the tote bag person in your life consider this new collapsible bag with good structure.

Fjallraven High Coast Hip Pack

For the one who wants to try a crossbody (or just wants another color option), this lightweight option from Fjallraven is great. It comes in at least five colors and a sling version. My Fjallraven sling bag has even been machined washed and came out great.

Exped Typhoon 25

Does your favorite mom or dad like to spend time on the water?  Or is your climate rather rainy?  A waterproof day pack may be a perfect gift. 

Rather than bringing a dry bag with on every day trip in the canoe or fishing boat, they can carry an actually backpack.  It will make that trip from the car to the water so much easier when their hands are already full of paddles, fishing poles, a cooler, and even kids.

For even more ideas, see our Best Daypacks for Women post.

Dad fishing with kids

Accessories to Make Every Day Special

Does a special parent or person in your life always have sunglasses on their head? A pocket knife in their bag? These gifts are sure to please them.

Goodr OGs Polarized Sunglasses

After seeing so many people around me wearing these in fun colors, I finally tried them (and then I got my husband a pair too)!  While I still love my old sunglasses (that aren’t made anymore), there is just something freeing about wearing my Goodr glasses.  They stay on well,  the clarity is good,  I can have more than one pair and still spend less than on my old glasses and if I lose them, it isn’t as big of an expense.

Kershaw Pocket Knife

My father and father in law carry Kerhsaw pocket knives.  Having a pocket knife nearby means that special person is always ready to cut open a package, cut up cheese for a picnic lunch, or cut that tangled fishing line.  

Bronwen Jewelry Necklace

These simple but beautiful necklaces are great for an outdoors lover.  There are so many options including mountains, forests, a sun and moon and even one showing a hiker.  You can also choose a bracelet or earrings to complement it.

Recently I chose a forest one for myself to reflect both Minnesota’s northern forests and the mountain forests I hiked in growing up.  It is lightweight and easy to wear.

A Big Outdoorsy Gift

Sometimes the time is right for a really special or more expensive gift. These gifts will certainly make a special Mom or Dad’s outdoor adventures better (and the whole family can benefit too).

Exped Mega Mat

This mat is well loved by many on our TMM team.  While it is a bit pricey, it has held up really well for many of us and really has helped my husband and I sleep well while camping.  For me, good sleep helps me be a better parent, which is priceless.

For more info on all types of sleeping pads check out our updated Best Sleeping Pads for Families.

Hults Bruk Foresters Axe

My husband’s favorite section of any outdoor store is the knives and hatchets.  A few years ago we got him this for Father’s Day and he loves using it.  The 1.5 lb head and longer handle means he can split wood and chop kindling.

Yeti Tundra 45

If you are in a place where summer can be hot day and night, you understand how much ice it can take to keep food cool while car camping.  And it always seems that the nearest ice source to any campground runs out or has odd hours. 

We finally upgraded last summer to this Yeti after talking about it for a couple years.  It does require team lifting but that is okay. 

We chose a Yeti Tundra 45 for the right combo of size, price and local availability but there are multiple good options. Check out Best Coolers for Camping for more options.

Mother’s and Father’s Day Outdoorsy Gifts

Don’t let Mother’s Day and Father’s Day slip by without making the moms and dads in your life feel special.  These are well loved (and often tested) gift idea my family appreciates and I think you will too.

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Outdoor Gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

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