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Meet our TEAM!

Tales of a Mountain Mama Team for 2022

Every time we do a team call, we are completely overrun by AMAZING applicants. I am blown away, humbled, and forced to do the hardest part of my job – just choose a few of you!

But the reality is that YOU are the TMM Team. Each one of you that read, comment, share and get outside with your family. Thank you to each one of you for being here.

Without further adieu, I am so pleased to announce my dynamic team that you will be seeing on the site this year!

Newest Team Members:

Coming soon!!!

Current (and Awesome) Team Members:

Anna Kerlee – Washington

Anna is a proud Washingtonian living in the Cascade mountain range with her park ranger husband and their three kids.  Their family is lucky enough to live in a ranger house in a state park and have lots of access to the outdoors year round. 

When not spending time outside with her family, she is an 8th grade science and language arts teacher with a goal of getting her students outside as much as possible.  Anna is expecting her fourth child in early March and is on a mission to find the best gear for the tiniest of explorers.

Cait Carroll – Texas

Cait currently lives in Austin, TX with her partner and three kids (Atticus, 12; Tallulah, 9; and Clementine, 3). Over the past decade, they have floated between Austin, TX; Madison, WI; and Uppsala, Sweden, and they can’t seem to settle on one place to stay!

She loves any and all outdoor activities: she is especially adept at biking, hiking, swimming and car-camping, while dabbling in snow sports, paddling, and backpacking. She is currently finishing up a PhD in Sociology with an emphasis on Gender and Sexuality, and she loves to talk all things feminism, gardening, tiny living, and the Danish political drama Borgen. 

Follow their adventures on Instagram @caitpc

Domo Woodham – Washington

Being outside everyday is a lifestyle choice for Domo and her family. She got hooked on mountain running in high school, then stayed outside exploring the mountains and woods as a wildland firefighter, and later as a Natural Resources educator for Montana State University Extension.

These days, she can be found wrangling her borderline feral children (Maverick (3) and Ruthiemay (1)) on the farm, or exploring nearby trails of the west. Everything this mountain to farm mama loves is at the end of a dirt road, and besides exploring rural stretches of the west, her passions are art, conservation and agriculture. Sustainable agriculture depends upon healthy natural resources and art communicates where words fail; we realize the true value of conservation when we get outside and let our imagination soar.

Follow their adventures on Instagram @northcountryrural

Ginny Galbreth – Montana

Ginny has spent her career focused on getting people outside; working with the Park Service, Forest Service, Student Conservation Association and Keystone Science School, as well as spending a decade in the outdoor retail industry.  

She practices what she preaches, so can usually be found outside: downhill and cross-country skiing in the winter and hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, riding her dual-sport motorcycle, running, and SUPing in the summer.

Raised in Virginia, she realized early on that her heart was in the mountains. She has lived in Colorado and Washington, and currently resides in Montana with her husband, 4-year old son, and their rescued cattle dog.

Jackie Semmens – Montana

Jackie is a mom of three and a part time policy analyst and writer in Helena, MT. She has two boys – ages seven and nine, and four year old girl. Originally from the Appalachian mountains of Virginia, she is gradually getting used to Rocky Mountain winters. She co-leads a Hike it Baby Branch.

Her family loves hiking, fishing, cross country skiing and just hanging out by a river whenever they can. Jackie (and her kids) also loves birding, and is passionate about teaching kids about nature and their local environment. When they’re stuck indoors, she is probably either reading or baking (or catching up on laundry).

Jami Rogers – Wisconsin

Jami and her husband Greg were born and raised in lower Michigan, but now call Appleton, WI home.  They have two little girls, Kylie and Nora, and two Springer Spaniels, Reece and Lucie.

They love getting out as a family camping, hiking, hunting, running, biking, and just playing outside. Jami and her family love spending free time in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula looking for adventure or headed to the mountains whenever they can.

Jami mostly stays home with her girls but also works part-time as an Athletic Trainer and a Personal Trainer. She also enjoys helping other families get outside as one of the Branch Ambassadors for her local Hike it Baby branch.

Follow their adventures on Instagram @littleadventuremama

Jen Gardner – Colorado

Jen Gardner is a coach, educator and yoga teacher. When not working with special needs youth, she enjoys adventuring with her girls, husband and super cool cat named Tom. Her hope is to blend her passion for preservation with education and responsible recreation.

Getting our kids outside everyday is worth the effort. That said, dependable gear makes all the difference especially adventuring with children, thus reviewing gear is ingrained in the passion. We understand it all adds up and try hard to find gear that fits every budget. She writes about her families adventures and life with cerebral Cavernomas on her Instagram.

Follow their adventures on Instagram @jen.a.gardner

Jessica Floyd – Washington

Jessica likes to consider herself the world’s most average outdoor mom – her family goes on big adventures here and there but mostly just loves being outside and making the most of their everyday life and opportunities to exist in nature. 

She didn’t grow up doing anything in the outdoors, but when she relocated to Washington State from Illinois after college she found her inner mountain woman and hasn’t ever looked back. This means she is learning a lot of things as an adult and alongside her kiddos – skiing, mountain biking, backpacking, canoeing, fishing, etc. – a process she finds both humbling and empowering!

She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling, and is very passionate about the outdoors as a source of healing and grounding and connection for kids and adults alike. She is also very passionate about examining outdoor culture with a critical eye to discern how we can increase access and inclusivity for people of all races, ethnicities, abilities, gender identities, and cultural backgrounds. 

Her husband Ben is her best adventure partner, along with her two kids and Chesapeake Bay Retriever. 

Follow their adventures on Instagram @jurassica_marie

Kristin Drenzek – Alaska

Family dressed in snow gear standing in front of a glacier.

Kristin grew up in Western Massachusetts but has been exploring the majesty of Alaska for most of her adult life. She homeschools three wildlings: Zane, Eliza, and Aurora; and tries to spend as much time as possible learning outside.

Kristin loves backpacking, camping, skating, Nordic skiing, ice, puddle stomping, kayaking, laughing, igloo building, reading, science, baking, photography, and watching the sun go down from on top of a mountain; and is passionate about sharing her enthusiasm for the natural world and her knowledge of the gear that can get you out there in every kind of weather. Exploring the world with her children is her greatest adventure yet.

She works part-time from home as an Editor and Environmental Scientist.

Follow their adventures on Instagram @AlaskaWildlings

Laura Tolbert – Indiana

Laura and her husband are raising their seven children in Indiana, and despite the state’s flat, cornfield reputation, they enjoy camping and hiking in many beautiful local parks. They also are pursuing a bigger family dream–backpacking the entire Appalachian Trail–and they spend time each year training in the Smokey or White Mountains for that venture, which is set to begin in 2025.

Laura homeschools their children, ages 4 to 15, and loves learning alongside them as well as teaching classes at their homeschool co-op. She also loves Jane Austen and will happily debate the merits of each book or movie adaption with anyone!

Follow their adventures on Instagram @tolbertstakethetrail

Mary Burton – Idaho

Mary lives in Victor, Idaho. She enjoys bike touring, rafting, and skiing with her husband and three boys. Running in the Tetons and playing outside keeps her sane and happy.

Rebecca Hosley – Virginia

Rebecca has lived in five different states in the last decade with her Navy submariner husband and two boys. A former science teacher turned home educator, she now focuses on exploring her surrounding area (currently Virginia Beach) with her family as much as possible before life sends them on another adventure elsewhere.

While she has a background in Biology and Environmental Science, her true love of the outdoors didn’t come until she had children and witnessed the incredible wonder of nature through their eyes. Their favorite outdoor activities include hiking, snowshoeing, tide-pooling, geocaching, and nature journaling.

Follow their adventures on Instagram @frazzlednaturemom

Rita Muller – Vermont

Rita is a born and raised Vermont girl and mom of five children. She is also homeschool mom trying to learn how to live in town and still get out for fresh air. When not educating her kids or exploring, you might find her enjoying cooking a big meal, playing with Hattie the dog, or reading.

Rita grew up exploring the outdoors from a young age, and those early experiences were a formative influence. Rita wants to help everyone have access to that impact of nature and outdoor adventure.

She works and plays from the northeastern corner of her tiny state. This tiny corner abounds with mountain biking, hiking, lakes, and waterfalls.

Follow their adventures on Instagram @sevenhappyhobbits

Sarah Toal – Wyoming

Sarah Toal is a Colorado native who now calls Jackson, Wyoming, home. Sarah, her husband Evan, and two kids August, age 7, and Harper, age 5, spend their (long!) winters snowboarding, and (short!) summers riding bikes, floating on the Snake River, and hiking.

Follow their adventures on Instagram @sartoal 

Stephanie Johnson – Idaho

Stephanie is an Idaho native who recently returned to the state after living in Texas, Missouri, and Kentucky. She and her husband have 4 kids and one on the way. Stephanie has a background in exercise science and a masters of public health but spends most of her time chasing children.

As a family of 6 they enjoy biking, hiking, skiing, camping, climbing, traveling, backpacking and being silly. Like many others, they’re trying to balance the complexities of work and family life. They’ve found that time slows down when they’re outside adventuring together and appreciate the simplicity and beauty they find there.

And if you’re new here, a bit about me:

Amelia Mayer

Amelia lives with her husband and 5 children outside of Jackson, WY. She can wrestle a kid into a snowsuit like a ninja, isn’t above bribing her kids on the trail, and is just a better mom outside.

She started Tales of a Mountain Mama almost 10 years ago on a whim, and still loves connecting with other outdoor families all over the country. 

Please warmly welcome these ladies – they are amazing and I’m so thrilled to have them!

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