Outdoor Family Adventure Guide

The Outdoor Family Adventure Guide helps encourage the entire family outdoors through highly personalized adventures.

It includes over 365 ideas for getting out, broken down by season; pages for documenting each week; and our favorite outdoor family books.

We’ve also included our top links to helpful posts with gear recommendations, tips and tricks, and inspiration to just get out.

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Why your family needs this guide

Oftentimes just getting out the door is the hardest part of living an outdoor life. There’s gear to gather, plans to make, and, in a family, usually a wide spectrum of varying opinions on how the day should go. 

The time outside is always worth it in the end, but the process can be a hinderance. 

The Outdoor Family Adventure Guide makes it easy by giving you over 365 ideas to get out in any season, plus journal pages and extra challenges to help you with your family goals.


The included journal pages make documenting your outdoor adventures easy. We recommend giving the journaling job to a new family member each week so the end result is truly a collaborative effort.

 Every family benefits from getting outside together. The fresh air provides opportunities to bond, overcome challenges, and build memories together. 

There’s no Wifi in the forest, but you’ll build a better connection.



Seasonal Adventures

Get out with over 365 ideas 


Additional Challenges

14 bonus family challenges


Journal Pages

Weekly journal pages to document your adventures


Book Lists

Over 90 recommended outdoor picture books for all ages


Relevant Links

Links to our most helpful blog posts to get you out all year



You are not alone – join our community!

"If you're wanting to get outside more with your kids, this book is a lifesaver. The ideas inside of it are great, since we often fall into a rut of doing the same adventures over and over again. My absolute favorite part of the book is the journaling pages. My older kids are very goal oriented and being able to set goals and then visually see their progress, has been a lifesaver. This book takes the guesswork out of getting outside with kids, so I don't have any more excuses to not get outside more!"

Jessica, Bringthekids.com

For me and my family, it’s no secret that we are happiest when we’re outdoors, together. But sometimes we let life get in the way of adventuring! This book is an amazing resource of simple, well thought out ideas that are just the nudge we need to get outside and have fun.

Sarah, Wyoming

This is a fantastic go-to book with a plethora of terrific ideas for making new memories as a family. The organization of the book makes it easy to choose the perfect activity for any given day, both pre-planned and last minute ideas. Full of adventures that got me excited to get outside with my kids.

Brie, Washington

A note from Amelia

The Outdoor Family Adventure Guide is a heart-felt collaboration by the Tales of a Mountain Mama team, and is my favorite project I’ve ever worked on. 

We get emails daily begging for a community of like-minded families who are also striving to find connection and health outdoors. This book is an answer to those requests and jumping-off point for family togetherness.

We invite you to join us on this journey as we work every single day to get out families outside. It isn’t easy, but it is always worth it.

Amelia Mayer

Other books

The guide in Print 

Per the request of many of you, the Outdoor Family Adventure Guide is available in a print version including 52 weeks of journal pages!


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Organized into two sections: car camping and backcountry camping, this camping cookbook features delicious, easy-to-make recipes. Many recipes can be prepped at home so you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying camping―it even includes vegetarian options! Take the guesswork out of keeping everyone fed with this insightful camping cookbook.