Boba 3G Review

    **Boba has now come out with the new 4G model.  However, the 3G is still a GREAT carrier and is no different if your baby is beyond the infant stage (15+ pounds.)**

    I have been waiting to do this post for months now and am so excited to finally have the chance!  I would like to introduce you to the Boba 3G, Boba‘s newest generation of baby carrier, launched this fall and changing things for this Colorado-based company!


    I never thought that I would proclaim myself a “babywearer” but am so very thankful for the freedom it has provided for me in the past few months.  I honestly have no idea how people manage two children and staying active without some sort of carrier!  I am a firm believer in the benefits for both Mama and Baby when babywearing.

    I have said this before, but before I begin to talk about the Boba, I want to make it clear that I firmly believe that not every carrier works for every person the same.  What may be great for me might not work comfortably for another Mama.  I highly encourage using a rental program (PaxBaby has a great one) before you buy (or borrow a friend’s!) to help make the most educated decision for you!

    That being said,  It fits me well.  It fits my (growing) baby well, it fits my toddler well, and it fits my husband well.  It has oodles of extra features and provides me the freedom I need.  I wear it almost all day, every day, and remain comfortable.

    The Boba 3G has some new features that I really love.  The very best is that the carrier can now be used for newborns and up.  I kept thinking that P was 15 pounds so was wearing him in the larger setting of the carrier, but after a doctor appointment that confirmed a weight of only 12 pounds, I have been going back and forth, depending on how bundled up he is and his mood.  The smaller setting basically just helps raise him in the carrier and make him “kissable-close.”

    However, when he is in a snowsuit and bundled up, he definitely fits in the larger setting better.

    P in the Boba 3G set at the larger setting (he is comfortable, but not as close to me.)

    Here’s what I love:
    1. The ease of use – it can be adjusted quickly between wearers.
    2. I can wear it around my waist all day.  When P isn’t in it, I simply clip the chest strap around my waist also and it is out of my way.  This is how I often do errands to make it easy to pop him in and out.  It can also easily hang in front of me and not get in my way.

    photo from the Boba Family Site

    3. The slim pockets!  one in the waist strap (perfect size for my cell phone and a pacifier) and one in the top of the carrier (where the hood is stored.)
    4.  Detachable hood (that covers Baby’s whole head!)  I usually keep it with me, but it just snaps on and off.
    5.  The sliders that move the chest (or back when Baby is in front) strap up and down.  Super easy to do on my own and they remain in place.
    6. A purse holder on the strap that keeps your purse (or bag) from falling off your shoulder (which is SUPER annoying for me!)
    7. The carrier is slim and compacts easily (no padding and smaller than an Ergo, for all those that are wondering!)
    8.  The height of the carrier makes it much easier to carry toddlers than other carriers I have used (they can’t lean back quite as easily!)
    9. The new colors and designs (mine is called “Kangaroo”) which include basic black and patterns.

    What I wasn’t super crazy about:
    1.  When the carrier is adjusted to the newborn setting (up to 15 pounds,) the waist strap pocket is against your body and unusable.
    2.  I personally think straps that can cross behind your back are more comfortable for heavier weights.  That being said, I also like that these straps are attached and don’t get in my way when I am not wearing them.
    3. When I wear the carrier adjusted for a newborn, the snaps always come undone.  However, this doesn’t effect the way P sits.

    Husband helped me take a series of pictures to try and better demonstrate how the newborn setting works on the Boba 3G:

    1. Waist strap is on…you can barely see the safety tag that is facing outward.  The waist strap is actually upside down and the buckles need to be turned around so they are not inside out (not shown).  The body of the carrier snaps onto the waistband to make the “baby pocket” smaller.

    2.  I find that in the newborn setting it is easiest for me to then put on the arm straps and then snap the chest strap behind my back.  After I have that snapped, I will reach further down on my back and pull the chest strap down so it rests on my back and not my neck.

    3. Baby is then picked up and carefully set into the carrier.  Boba recommends having their legs out of the carrier as early as 2 months (assuming Baby is comfortable) and that is usually how P likes to ride.  However, there are times when he is super cozy that he prefers to have his legs froggied and inside the carrier (see picture at top of the post, taken about a month ago.)

    *It is during this step that the snaps holding the carrier smaller usually come undone.  However, like I said before, this does not effect Baby or how he sits in the carrier (the carrier is holding him, not the snaps!)

    He is now “kissable-close” and comfortable:

    When we have J in a carrier, it is usually with Daddy (because I have P.)  He is 31 months and about 32 pounds but sits comfortably in the Boba 3G.  We attended a conference as a family a few weekends ago that included late nights.  The boys both fell asleep in carriers easily.  However, the hood is not as comfortable for J – I wish it were a bit bigger for him (since he is taller and sits higher in the carrier.)

    As J becomes a more and more active toddler, he doesn’t want to sit in any carrier long, but will ask to when he is tired and loves to look around from his higher viewpoint when he is in it.

    Daddy easily running down the trail with J on his back (lots of laughing here!)

    Another feature of the Boba 3G are removable and adjustable foot straps (shown in the photo below.) J could go either way, but they do provide a resting place for a toddler’s feet and come in handy especially for longer hikes or days.  However, foot straps or not, the carrier does not dig into the legs of either boy.

    A few more things that impressed me about Boba:
    – They are based in Boulder, CO
    – The Boba 3G came with an impressive full-color instructional booklet that I referred to often the first few weeks I had it.
    – Their customer service is amazing – they truly want you to love wearing your baby.
    – They also make a Baby Wrap – formally Sleepy Wrap – (which I have tried and also love except for the general heat of a wrap during summer months).

    A Baby Carrier retails for $125.  Spendy?  Yes, but completely worth the investment (and that what a great carrier is: an investment!)

    Please feel free to contact me (via email or on facebook) if you have any questions about my experience with the Boba.  I would be happy to help!

    Per my request, I was given a carrier for this review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly my own.  Additionally, some of these links are affiliates.  See my disclosure here.

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      1. Anonymous says:

        I’d like to win this for a friend. My kids are (sigh) too big for a carrier…..

      2. Oh Amelia! I have been waiting for this one! I love the features you are talking about – purse strap especially! It looks so easy to use, and super cute. Baby wearing has been a life saver for me. It is great to see a review on one that is so nice, as there are so many out there, and buying them to try is so expensive!

      3. Aaahhh! I totally want this now…I have a Bjorn for when they are too small for the Ergo, and this looks so awesome. I just don’t like the support of the Bjorn. I wear my babes ALL THE TIME and with another coming soon, this would be so great.

      4. I really want this for me. I have had a lot of carriers and for baby #3 I am looking for something more comfortable not only for me but for my little girl. I wore my first son until he was unable to get into a comfortable position. I love the design of this carrier and the material. Would be awesome to have for my little baby.

      5. Not only do I love to win in general, but I’m looking for a more diverse carrier. I have the jeep brand which worked for a time, I’m borrowing a bjorn for my newborn (2 weeks old!) and we have a Kelty backpack. Maybe you could so a post on your different carriers for different functions….

      6. Looks great! I love the colour options they have. The lack of pockets is one thing I don’t like about our current carrier, you need somewhere to stick a phone, camera, keys and/or a tissue!

      7. I’m a huge fan of babywearing! It’s become a help in the day to day activities and this one looks great!

      8. This looks awesome! They clearly had input from a parent with all the features.

      9. I would use it for myself…primarily for running errands. It’s so much easier than lugging a heavy stroller around!Carolyn Hgraceink at yahoo dot com

      10. I have been wanting to buy a Boba 3g forever! but I just can’t afford it. We would use the Boba for hiking, taking family walks, trips to the zoo, heck even just to get chores done inside and outside the house! My little man (10 months old) LOVES to be help. I have a Boba wrap, but he’s really getting to be too massive for it and we need a toddler carrier =)

      11. I would love this for my kiddo! I would pass my ergo to my new nephew and use this one. I love the features of the boba! Akskedaddle at gmail

      12. I want to win this for myself because I could use it with the little guy when we shop or when we play outsideanjellfire at gmail dot comBrooke Schwaderer

      13. I would love to win this for my bub. He is almost 7mo and would happily be worn all day.

      14. I would love to win this carrier! I have heard great things about it and know your review. It would be for me. I am expecting baby number #2 in February and with a 2 1/2 year old it would be great to wear the new one and run after a toddler! I wish I had worn baby #1 since I mostly carried him anyway.

      15. What a great carrier! It looks so much more functional than the ones I’ve seen my friends use. It would be great for hiking, camping, and errands!

      16. I want to win this because I’m going to need something for around the house so I can get things done while still being close to my baby. I have heard great things about this carrier as well!

      17. I’m not having any more babies but I would love to get this for my sister in law. I think she would love it for her 6 month lil girl

      18. This comment has been removed by the author.

      19. This comment has been removed by the author.

      20. I would love to win this carrier for walks and doing errands around town!! And this post was done on my birthday yesterday!!! Maybe that will bring me luck .:)

      21. I have a 2G boba but recently gave it to my sister so she could use it for her youngest who was having trouble with teething. I was seriously using my boba everyday before I gave it to my sister and miss it dearly.

      22. I have an old version of the ergo that I love, but as a foster parent at the moment I have 3 kids under 3 so we could really use a second carrier!!

      23. I’d love to win the carrier for myself! I have been researching carriers and the Boba seems like a great option for me. I have a 3 yr old and a 16 month old. My 16 month old loves to be held.. so it would be great to have a carrier that would allow me to hold him and have my hands free. I would use it around the house while cleaning & doing yard work, for running errands and for hiking. I love that it has the newborn setting.. if we have another baby I could use it in addition to my wrap. Thank you for your review! It makes me want to get one even more! 🙂

      24. i would use this everyday! I cant get anything done unless i wear my baby

      25. Im an avid Boba user I love my G2 and I so want the G3!

      26. I really would like to win this to give to my sister in law. She loves being close to her babies and with #3 she is going to need this more than ever.

      27. I would win it for myself! I wear my baby everyday- I live in the city and do not have a car, so I like to have good carriers since he is in one every day several times a day!

      28. I would love to win it for myself! I have heard great things about this carrier and would use it for hiking, I live in Utah. 🙂

      29. I’d love to win this for my friend who had her first baby 2 months ago.

      30. I would like to win this carrier for my daughter and her 16 month old son. She has a woven wrap but he doesnt see too content when he is in it.

      31. I’d like to win this for myself! We have a little one on the way, and I am hoping that I can go on walks with my two older boys while carrying him!

      32. I would want to win this for ME and my 4th baby that’s due in January!! I would love to finally own carrier that is easy to use and gentle on baby and me! I’ve never been “good at” babywearing, but have heard wonderful things about this carrier!

      33. Id love to win this for myself, my toddler and our infant too. I have wanted one for quite a while but every time we get the money together something happens and we end up having to use the money elsewhere. Both hubby and I would use it every day for everything from taking walks to being able to be hands free to cook or do laundry or any of the other million things that require me to use both hands on lolticklemetiffy @gmail dot com

      34. I would love to win this for myself… I have baby #2 on the way and I know I am going to need a good carrier to help out while trying to juggle 2 kids! 🙂

      35. I’d love to win this for myself! I can see myself using it for errands, and hiking!

      36. Would love to win one. My baby loves to be close to me all the time.

      37. I’d like to win this because babywearing has been a godsend for us, with twins plus a 3 year old. We love to go on long walks at the nearby wildlife refuge and all three kids need to be worn.

      38. I’d love to win this for myself. My daughter (and I) never got comfortable with the carrier I had with her, but these sound great. I’m sure Baby #2 and I will love it 🙂 This would come in handy ANY where since I will also be chasing a toddler. ngiraldi at gmail dot com

      39. I would like to win this to donate to the local baby carrier club for others to try before they buy.

      40. I’d use this for daily chores, when baby girl is extra fussy, when out on the town, and when walking outside. 🙂 LOVE babywearing!!

      41. Shannon R says:

        I have been wanting to win a 3G but haven’t wanted to fork over the $$$! I would use it day to day on walks, cooking dinner and running errands. My son loves to be close to his mama.

      42. We are a very active family, around our farm. Everywhere we go I have two 2 and under and even though one of the older five help out alot wearing my baby is so much easier to get everything done. I love that I could use the Boba for my 2 yr old & 7 month old alike.

      43. I love baby wearing. I’m waiting for baby Pio to feel the same! Mostly I think when he is that snuggled and close he just thinks it’s time to eat. This looks like an awesome carrier though – would love to try it! 🙂

      44. I used the Ergo with John, but this looks like it has some neat features. I’d love to give it a try! =)

      45. Anonymous says:

        I want to win this for myself. I have heard great reviews of this from friends and need a carrier for my little one.

      46. I love baby carriers like this even for things like doing house chores!

      47. I have one Boba and love it! I would love another one so my hubby and I can each pack a kid around hiking, as my Boba is MUCH more comfortable than the frame pack we currently use for our older son.

      48. my baby is a hold-aholic! And since he is a giant baby, its very difficult to carry him for too long with out support. I love the new patterns!

      49. I want to win this because I love babywearing and have another little one on the way and need a soft structured carrier that will work well for the newborn days and this sounds perfect! Plus I have always wanted a Boba.

      50. I want to win this for myself. I really want to beable to carry my baby around with ease while doing everyday errands. I like to walk and I’d rather wear my baby then use a stroller.Melyndaranchlamb @ peoplepc dot com

      51. Anonymous says:

        laura4him@bellsouth.netI‘d win for my sister

      52. I would want to win it for baby boy #4. All he is ever going to have is hand-me-downs. It would be nice for him to get something brand new 😉 and it would be nice for me to retire the old painful baby carrier I have right now.

      53. I’d love to win this for us! I carry my 9 month old and 3 year old everyday! Thanks for the opportunity!

      54. This would be awesome for baby #3!

      55. Anonymous says:

        I would love to win this! I have been looking for the perfect carrier for my little guy!Amy Dillardasd42116 at yahoo dot com

      56. This carrier looks fantastic! With all of it’s new & updated features, I can see the Boba 3G benefitting our family immensely as well as being put to good use for a many years to come.We are expecting our second baby in the next month and, while we can’t afford to buy this lovely carrier, we would use this carrier right from the start if we were to win it. For anytime we go out of the house to just being able to keep the baby close while getting things done around the house, it would be such an awesome help to our family. It would especially be useful when I go back to work for my husband to be able to keep the baby content & still be able to keep up with our 4 yr old.

      57. I would love to use this to wear my little man! We are always on the go and this carrier looks perfect for everyday and for our long trips. -Sharon M

      58. I love, love, love my Boba! I wear it probably 3-4 times a week. My husband wears it when he take C out to feed the horses. She likes it too. My favorite part is that it can me a front or back carrier and it’s comfortable either way. I was looking into an Ergo when my friend told me she had a carrier I could just have and it turned out to be a Boba. I knew nothing about them, but I couldn’t be happier with a carrier.

      59. What an insightful review, thanks for doing this!

      60. I would love to win this because it has so many more features than my current carrier (i.e., purse strap!, pocket!). I LOVE carrying my little guy and he loves to be carried!!!

      61. This comment has been removed by the author.

      62. I want to win the carrier for me! My husband and I have very different builds, so a carrier that adjusts easily between the two of us is appealing! Also, I want to take my kids outdoors more and with a toddler, I have to have my hands free! 🙂

      63. I would love to win this for myself and my husband. It would allows the freedom to be more active with our 3 month old and 4 year old. Having to push a stroller around bites.

      64. I hugely value the opinion of other outdoor mamas before investing in outdoor gear, and you make such a good case for the Boba! Laura B.

      65. I finally found the perfect carrier. I want this so bad. I have a 17 month old. I was trying to decide between the ergo and the boba 2g. I love the boba for my 17 month old but I know he won’t be the last baby. I felt like I had to go with the ergo because it will work from birth. It’s like boba made their 3G just for me. I couldn’t afford two carriers (or really even one) and I didn’t want to buy one only for toddlers. So the 3G is perfect. It will be great for my toddler and it will work for a newborn too! Perfect!

      66. I really want this for me! My little one is almost 14 months old and I have a bjorn, but it is not my favorite because it kills my back and I don’t like her legs dangling! A lot of people on Twitter have recommended the Boba! Thanks!

      67. I want to win this because the only thing I don’t have for my baby due in a few weeks is a carrier! This would be great for taking walks, running errands, and going to the theme parks :)danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

      68. I’d LOVE to win one…. I have a Boba 2G but have a newborn coming in March. I’d looove to win one for her!

      69. I want to win this because I need a carrier that will allow me to use both hands while knowing my baby is secure. The sling I use now makes me nervous, so I always keep an arm around her for security. Hard to do dishes one handed… 🙂

      70. Valerie E. Shoemaker says:

        I’d love to win this to use for day-to-day errands… so many smart features 🙂

      71. both my husband and I would use it running errands. we have a homemade moby wrap but I an short and can never get it on without it touching the ground, bad thing in snowy parking lots. this seems so much easier for our little guy.

      72. I would like to win this for my 8 week old daughter to use around the house, for walks and running errands. Thank you so much for responding to my email/questions. I appreciate it!


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