Making Observations About Nature

One of the very first things I taught in my high school biology classroom was how to make observations about nature. I took my ninth and tenth grade students outside to three trees next to the parking lot and I asked them to make as many observations as they could in twenty minutes. It took … Read more

Wildelore Fleece Review

A family (mom, dad, and toddler) in front of an old red tractor. The mom is wearing the Wildelore All Phases Fleece.

When I was pregnant with my first child, my third trimester was during the summer. This time around, a due date in late November and a two-year old who loves to be outside means that I need something warmer to wear. This was when I found the Wildelore Fleece, designed to fit women through pregnancy, … Read more

Outdoor Winter Fun Gifts 2023

Winter can be cold and dark and wet, none of which sounds very inspiring for getting outside. But winter also offers tons of opportunities to have amazing outdoors adventures! Having the right gear for your family can make all the difference between miserable tears and lots of memories of winter fun. We hope this outdoor … Read more

Toddler Hiking: Checklist and Tips

Toddler Hiking: Checklist and Tips Toddlers are generally chaos machines, and throwing an adventure like hiking on top of their normally boundless energy can feel overwhelming. But in the end, I find the outdoors absorbs the energy of my two-year-old much better than I can! I’ve made my fair share of mistakes while hiking with … Read more

Solo Backpacking with Kids

Three children holding hands with backpacks and down jackets on, with mountains and the ocean in the background

Solo Backpacking with Kids Embarking on a backpacking adventure with children is an exciting experience in itself, but when you add the element of being a solo parent, it becomes truly remarkable. Solo parent backpacking involves venturing into unfamiliar territory, immersing yourself and your children in the beauty of nature, and navigating the challenges and … Read more