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Becky Trudeau

Although she grew up in the suburbs, Becky Trudeau enjoyed frequent hikes and camping trips as a child. These outings taught her to love the wilderness. In college, Becky studied journalism and biology, pursuing both her interest in the natural world and her love of writing. After graduation, Becky worked for Communication Services at her alma mater. Later, she taught chemistry and biology at a classical high school. Becky is still teaching, writing, and learning as she home educates her three boys. Since moving to the foothills of New Hampshire’s White Mountains in 2017, her family has dedicated more of their time to outdoor pursuits. During the summer, the Trudeau family swims, hikes, camps, and rides mountain bikes. Their winters are spent skiing. Becky enjoys trail running and may be found jogging along the Appalachian Trail while listening to a thrilling audiobook.