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MSpa Hot Tub Review

MSpa Hot Tub Review

As outdoor mama’s we happily double or triple our work in order to experience a wild adventure. We take it all on. All the gear, all the essentials and definitely remembering all the snacks!

Calling all tired mamas! Wouldn’t it be fantastic to sneak away at the end of a long, hard day and enjoy some warm massaging bubbles away from endless requests from small people with big needs?

Use code: RELAXMAMA for 10% off water sports, hot tubs and lighting.

But when it comes to slowing down and recharging ourselves, some of us have a hard time unwinding and need a little external encouragement to nurture ourselves. We’re supposed to put on our oxygen masks first, remember?

kids happy in hot tub
Instant hit with the neighbors.

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Introducing The MSpa Inflatable Hot Tub: Easy Set-up, Easy to Maintain and Easy to Store

My kids have been to four new hot springs just this summer. The whole family loves to soak under the stars and we are willing to drive multiple hours for that relaxation.

Additionally, we only book hotels or rentals with hot tubs. No hot tub? No booking! Yet it never occurred to me my family might enjoy an inflatable tub. Sure it’s our favorite après ski activity but as home renters, a big purchase like a hot tub seemed out of reach.

Zoppinh graciously offered us an opportunity to review the MSpa Aurora Inflatable Hot Tub in exchange for an honest review. We were blown away by the ease of use, even for renters. Keep on reading to see what we loved, what we learned and what we didn’t love.

The MSpa Aurora is part of the Delight Series of Inflatable Hot Tubs & Spas. It’s an all-in-one 4 person spa that boasts 138 Jets, a 700W Massage Air Blower and 1350W Water Heater retailing for $1,049.

Extravagant Purchase or Quality of Life Boost?

After receiving the MSpa hot tub, I worried that I over committed and the hot tub would become a burden or money pit. While it’s true that running the tub costs our family about an extra $100 a month, that’s a far cry from hot springs admission or booking a hotel for après ski.

The MSpa Aurora Inflatable Hot Tub from Zoppinh is far from the extravagant, wasteful toy that I had envisioned it to be. I will break down our resources use and additional expenses but first I want to explain just how easy an inflatable hot tub is to use and the benefits we experienced immediately.

The MSpa Inflatable tubs are a great addition to any adventure families outside time. We’re always buying gear to stay in motion but recovery and relaxation is just as important. Waking up or coming home to a lovely tub is a great incentive to slow down and relax outside. Screens are put down and eye contact is easy.

Set Up is as Easy as 1, 2 ,3!

Having an all-in-one inflatable tub has been a dream to set up and clean. It’s as simple as cleaning off the deck, laying it out flat, plugging it in, pushing one button to inflate, filling it with a hose and pushing another button to heat it.

It’s very straight forward. There are easy to understand instructions that tell you how not to over inflate it or overfill it. A release valve shows if the tub is overinflated or becomes overinflated in the heat. An easy to read gauge uses a color code to show you if the tub is too full and how to release the valve.

wild kids in hot tub
Kids gone wild, before the rules.

Instructions can be found both in the easy to read manual and on the hot tub itself. When setting up the tub, make sure to find a space out of the sun and away from metal.

Check out the MSpa Aurora and various other models to meet the specific needs of your family. There are bigger 6 person tubs and different styles to match your decor.

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight will shorten the lifespan of the tub. Additionally, the added heat could cause the tub to over-inflate. We covered ours with a tarp till we could hang a proper sail to shade the edge of the tub.

Figuring out how to hang the sail so it actually covered the tub when the shade of the deck drew back took some tinkering. We are loving the bigger sail which covers the whole deck which is lovely in the summer sun.

Built Strong Enough to Handle a Rowdy Young Family

When I think of hot tubs, I think of the heavy beasts of my childhood. For privileged home owners only, their lasting fun was quickly abandoned after a few seasons.

The MSpa Aurora is made up of PVC which makes it as strong as industrial pipes and as flexible as plastic wrap. It’s light enough that I can lift it on my own although a second set of hands is helpful.

PVC is Strong, Light and Incredibly Durable

Bias air chambers stabilize the tub while V-Beam construction with engraved PVC fabric makes it strong enough to handle a dog jumping up on it or a kid jumping off the side wall. It’s built to last many seasons, not just it’s first.

The PVC was strong enough to hold the weight of overfilling it to the point it was seeping through the seams of the cover after I forgot to turn off the hose. I quickly used buckets to dump the excess water onto a parched lawn. Seemingly no harm was done (minus the wasted water).

This tub may not boast 6 flashing LED light colors or a built in sound-system but it has been built with quality, durable construction to withstand even the most careless of mistakes.

Is PVC Safe?

Life-cycle studies show that PVC is effective in protecting the environment in terms of low emissions and energy consumption. Concerns regarding toxicity are valid but dosage is extremely low and PVC has been considered safe enough to use in medicine and home use for quite sometime.

An Investment in Your Family’s Health

I’m loyal to brands built to last. I hope that with care, my family will enjoy this tub for many seasons to come. Take care of the tub and it will take care of you. While my children love the tub, the main benefactors are the over-worked, over-tired parents.

Zoppinh has offered us a special 10% discount code for next 45 days on all orders. Our Mountain Mama code is RELAXMAMA, all capital letters.

Ease of Transportation and Storage

The MSpa Inflatable Tub’s greatest feature is its ease of use and portability. The intimidation factor goes way down when you realize it’s two buttons to set-up and one to deflate. It folds up into a box that fits in the back of my SUV.

As renters, having the ability to move it was very important to us. It’s a great equalizer as renters, RV owners, and second home owners that they can now all enjoy, provided they have the space.

Integrated Inflation, Heating and Bubbles

The MSpa Aurora was the only all-in-one hot tub with integrated heating, bubbles and inflation that I was able to find available for US purchase. An integrated heating system makes moving the hot tub around our deck as I cleaned a quick and painless process.

In fact, the MSpa Aurora inflatable tub is so easy to use, you could take it on the road for a nice soak with a new view. All you need is a week or so in one place to enjoy. You’re going to dump it (responsibly) in 7-10 days anyway so transporting it isn’t a leap. It only takes an hour to fill. Keep an eye on it!

Easy to Carry, Fill, Heat and Relax

In our experience it takes a day to heat. So arrive and fill, then go for your long run, bike, or ski and then rinse off and enjoy a healing cold recovery bath. Who doesn’t love a good ice bath after a hard session? The tub should be hot by morning depending when you started.

**The manual states a warning that the spa should not be used immediately following excessive exercise. Cool off, rinse off and use good judgement. Consult a doctor if you have questions or concerns.

Enjoy the rest of your trip soaking at the beginning or end of the day, resting and rejuvenating your muscles. Dump dirty water on rocks or in a place where the chlorine won’t cause harm, wipe down dry and pack it up for the trip home. It’s as simple as that!

When taking break from the tub, fold it up and put it back in it’s original box to be stored inside.

Water Usage

We’ve had the MSpa Aurora Hot Tub for 3 months, we’ve washed and filled it 5 times. At first it was a free for all and the kids jumped in and out with friends. The tub was a dirty mess. Then we instituted rules about cleaning the deck first, wiping feet on a large mat and only getting in and out once.

We had to learn the tub is not a pool. I take the kids to the community pool if they need to rough house and go splash around. The hot tub is for relaxing.

Properly treating the water with Chlorine or Bromine (never mix together) while measuring and maintaining the Ph level will allow the water to last 10-14 days. The downside to an inflatable integrated tub is the filtration isn’t as strong as a hard hot tub or pool.

The manual does a great job explaining how to measure and maintain Ph levels. We’ve spent about $150 on set-up on cleaning supplies. Additionally, we bought an electric pool broom and these kid friendly sponges which cleans the water nicely and increasing longevity.

Right now the hot tub is so new everyone wants it up all summer. I imagine we will love it even more in the fall and winter as well, so we will have to decide how to moderate usage long term. Likely we will also have breaks from wanting to put it up.

See below for our exact water usage over the months and in comparison to previous years.

Visual of water usage over three years

After reviewing our water bill over the last three summers, I can say our usage is definitely up but no more so than when we moved in last year and tried to revive a dying lawn.

I would estimate the tub costs us an extra $30 a month. Keep in mind June and July 2021 the house was left empty and the lawn dried up.

How to Conserve Water

We combat our usage by trying to save and be respectful in other areas of our life; whether it’s cycling everywhere or eating at home more often than usual. There are many ways to reduce our family’s carbon footprint.

Pro-tip: Switch to quick dry towels to save energy and water.

I found myself washing a lot of heavy towels, one simple way to reduce water usage is to switch towels. I found quick dry microfiber towels on Amazon, I like the plush/Terry cloth feeling of this one. Even better, these towels are much easier to carry when we bike to swim.

If you really want to up level, you could label everyone’s towel or create a towel spot for each family member so it’s hung up and not dropped into one big pile in the bathroom.

Power Usage

The MSpa Aurora has a 1,350W heater and 700W bubbling system. The heater will run longer as the bubbling will only run when you are in the tub and you want the bubbles.

According to the manufacturer, a typical family’s heating cost should be about $25-$45 per month. Of course, it will all depend on how much the tub is heating during the month.

Below you will see a comparison of our energy bill before and after receiving the hot tub early June 2022. While our bill did go up with the summer heat, it didn’t exceed the standard.

I didn’t have the courage to plug in the Kill-a-Watt to see exactly how much power the tub uses. The manual states the tub should be plugged directly into the outlet as power/extension cords are a fire danger.

We didn’t have an outlet close enough so at the advice of MSpa I bought a high end power cord that is carefully stored out of the way. It felt too risky to plug in an additional device.

Our family energy consumption.
Our bill went a bit above the $50 estimate but the temps have been at all time highs.

I was eager to put my concern about energy and natural resources to the test. Turns out they aren’t so terrible. How much you dump the water depends on how well you keep it clean and with kids that means reminding the kids the tub is a places to wind down.

New toys are fun, especially this one. Please take the time to read the manual and take all necessary precautions. Please, keep renters and home insurance up to date.

Features We Love about the MSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Message, Recovery and Relaxation

There are 138 strategically placed air jets along base of the spa to ensure a soaking experience that encourages the release of muscle tension. Thousands of bubbles thoroughly massaging my tired aching muscles while bringing joy to my little ones sound like a win/win to me!

Check out Zoppinh’s offerings on all available inflatable hot tubs. Remember 10% discount with code RELAXMAMA, all caps.

Lots of bubbles
A 360-degree air jet system enables an delightful full body message for everyone!

The settings to the tub are located on an easy to use wired waterproof remote located just outside the spa in a specially designed deep pocket. Don’t worry, the remote can’t reach the water!

Anti-icing System is Programed for Cold Environments

When the water temperature is lower than 33.8°F (1°C), the heater runs automatically until the water is heated up to 37.4°F (3°C). This will help prevent water from freezing. The circulation system, pump, and pipe will be saved.

I noticed a few of my Colorado friends keep their hot tubs in the garage in the winter to prevent it from falling below freezing. We’ve already created space in the garage as I’m really looking forward to getting in the tub after a long ski day.

Smart Filtration

To ensure the best quality of water in the spa, the filter cartridge is suggested to be cleaned after each use and replaced every 3-5 days. A reminder pops up at least once a week to keep the spa working in proper order.

We had not been very good about cleaning the filter after each use and when I cleaned behind the filter cover with a special tool that opens the space, I found lots of slime built up. Now I rinse it each time. We dump water ever other week or so.

How much you clean the filter depends on how dirty the water gets after each use.

Zoppinh was gracious to send us a couple filters so we’ve been set for the last few months. I imagine we will buy them in bulk next.

Remember to rinse the filter after each use.

Pro Tip: Be very careful when twisting the filtration cage on and off the filter, the thin plastic locking the cage to the filter breaks easily.


MSpa has applied the PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology on all spa products. It provides you with a warm and comfortable spa experience and ensures a quick heat-up function. 

A picture of the insulating layers on the tub.

Again, it takes about a day to heat but once it’s hot it stays hot. We tested the temp multiple times with an appliance thermometer and it was right on point at 104°F.

The tub stays hot when covered and cools off about 10°F over an hour or two when uncovered.

More Reasons to Love MSpa Inflatable Tubs

Self-care for care-takers has historically been pretty challenging but home-based tools have never been more accessible. Stronger materials and impressive technological advancements have increased affordability of home based spas like inflatable hot tubs.

Having fun in the hot tub with my family, kid on swing, husband listening to the news.

Get Outside and Stay Outside

Having an inflatable tub has increased my family’s outside time by at least 15 hours a week, even in this summer heat. Someone is almost always in it first thing in the morning and again before bed. It’s also great for parties and family gatherings. My mom eagerly brings her suit when she comes to babysit as she too loves to soak.

Maintenance has been a learning curve but given the opportunity to take on this project, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Though I’d try to relax and enjoy the process. It’s a hot tub after all!

Fantastic Marriage Counseling

We try to book date night regularly but consistent babysitters are hard to come by and life gets in the way. At the very least we can meet in the tub for a few moments to connect and plan together.

It’s become a special place we can go and just be with each other away from our phones and schedules. Sometimes it’s early in the morning and sometimes it’s long after the littles have gone to bed.

A moment of quiet in the tub with my man.
Of course the new lights came with a dead bulb, good thing I’m too relaxed to care!

We don’t unzip the cover all the way so its easier to close. The new cover works well but I’d rather keep it in good shape then have it all the way off the tub during use.

What We Didn’t Like About the MSpa Hot Tub

Receiving the floor model after Outdoor Retailer was fun but our model had two problems out the gate. On the flip side I was able to see how the tub faired after a fair bit of use.

One of the issues we had with the floor model was the cover zipper coming undone. During trade shows, many people handle the set-up and take-down of the hot tub, and might not be as gentle as an owner would be. The cover zipper broke on us quickly causing us to use pliers to get it aligned and closed.

Zoppinh graciously sent us a new cover which works very well but after some research I wondered if a buckle system is best for little kids. Not to mention the cover gets dirty and the dirt can easily slide into the tub when taking it on/off. The cover is really my only qualm with the tub.

The kids broke the filter base off its hinges almost immediately. The problem with the filter base was solved by explaining the importance of the filter to the children and asking them to be more careful. Unfortunately, I broke a second base trying to screw it on, so be very careful.

I bought a third base and now we take it off when the kids climb in the tub. Zoppinh sent us a second and was quick to point out they only replace one base in every 500 orders when I broke it again. So, perhaps we are more than half the problem!

I would also like to see a ground cloth added. My husband was so excited to fill it the evening we received it that he didn’t properly check the deck before filling it. I awoke to the children telling me that daddy set the hot tub up on a massive rock.

I was able to lift the tub and slide my hand under to pull out the rock. To my surprise the tub didn’t show any lasting damage. Again, this tub is constructed really well. I much rather have quality over bells and whistles.

I do wonder if a ground cloth would have forced him to slow down and clear the space. I could have done without the heart attack that we were going to break it on day one but I’m glad I can tell you it’s strong enough to withstand the abuse of a young, very tired family.

Finally, the plug to drain it easily closes while draining but that was fixed by pulling it off completely. Prior to breaking it, I would begin to drain it and walk away only to realize the plug closed. Now I have to be careful not to loose the plug, but it drains without re-plugging itself.

Hot Tub Safety and Locking the Tub

When we were having the zipper issue and couldn’t get the cover closed properly, I was very concerned our feisty two year old neighbor would get into the tub through the split in the zipper. I double locked the backyard gate during this time to make sure there was no unauthorized soaking.

ALWAYS WATCH KIDS NEAR WATER. The zipper does have a place to add a lock if you are enjoying this space with small kids and would like that extra piece of security.

I’d like to see how an inflatable cover with buckles works day to day though before I can say it would be better.

Children under 5 should avoid hot tubs and jacuzzis due to the risk of overheating, dehydration and drowning. I love inviting our little neighbor over for some playtime as the hot tub heats up with fresh water. She enjoys the tub around 85 degrees.

Children 6 and above can safely enjoy the tub at the standard 104 degrees for 15-20 minuets at a time. Encourage active hydration and check in periodically; beware of dizziness, headaches or flushed cheeks.

Inflatable Hot Tubs: The Bottom Line

Overall MSpas are similar to your usual hot tub but less expensive to operate and fix than hard body hot tubs & pools, with added convenience of portability. We found that any issue that arose was easy to solve with the help of the manual or an email to the manufacturer.

Happy family in a hot tub on the first chilly fall day.
Our first chilly fall day!

MSpas are considered the best in the industry in the inflation, heating & bubbling with integrated systems with an all in one easy to move/carry unit.

Maintaining a hot tub has been a journey, but the joys far outweigh the hassle. My husband does a great job managing the chemical balance and I do a great job cleaning and wrangling our unruly children. We both enjoy time spent in the tub together, both with the kids and without.

It’s a great meeting place, it increases our outside time significantly and I would definitely embark upon this project again.

There are many inflatable hot tub options on the market and I can’t compare our experience with another brand, but I can say this tub has been built strong enough to handle a young family and has brought much joy and relaxation to our backyard.

Adaptable to Your Current Living Situation

Having recently faced a fire that destroyed a good bit our neighborhood but spared our rental home, I stated I wasn’t going to buy patio furniture (or anything large) until I knew we were going to stay.

Then I inherited a new project that forced me to settle down and relax in our home. Since it’s inflatable I don’t have to commit to anything but the current moment. I can enjoy the space, relax with my family and take it one day at a time.

Once we finally relaxed into the space, I looked for ways to enjoy it more. I bought some plants and a tapestry. The bubbles massaged me into settling down enough to enjoy a really nice backyard.

Zoppinh’s MSpa hot tub was a beautiful blessing at just the right moment. I would highly encourage your to give an inflatable tub a try, especially if you only book hotels with hot tubs!

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