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This is the time of the year when we really switch gears and end up spending most of our traveling time on our bikes.  While we are bound to still have snow, it is certainly warming up quickly.  Between higher temperatures, a drier climate and the elevation (nearing 7000 feet here,) hydration is a must.  Since moving to Wyoming six years ago, I feel as though I am constantly battling the dry climate.  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post focusing on staying properly hydrated and nourished on the trail (for all ages.)  Sometime in the next few weeks, I will be going into a little more depth about the Geigerrig Hydration System (which I personally think is the very best out there for numerous reasons.)

However, actual hydration aside, I think that the packs hydration systems are kept in are equally important.  Bottom line: if the pack is comfortable and you want to wear it, you will be much more apt to keep at the task of drinking lots of water.

I am pretty excited about this new pack from Osprey (the Syncro 15).  In fact, that is an understatement (which Mtn Papa could verify because he has to listen to me rave about it every time we go biking….daily…)

The Osprey Syncro 15is capable of holding 100 fluid ounces, which is plenty to supply myself (and my kids) throughout our days running around town.  The pack is built with mountain bikers (and hikers) in mind and has some added features catered especially to that crowd.  However, as a biking (and hiking) mom, I love the features for what I do too.  Water is readily available, I am able to keep my important personal items (phone, wallet, keys, etc.) on my person, and I hardly notice it is there.

The Osprey Syncro 15 is available at REI for $109 (though it certainly is also sold other places – Amazon.com, Moosejaw, etc.)  Additionally, the “15” (meaning 15 liters) is the middle size.  The Syncro 20 and Syncro 10 are also available (again, the numbers relate to the capacity in Liters.)

What I love about the pack:
1. ThAirSpeed™ suspension and BioStretch™ ventilated harness work together to provide ultimate comfort and result in a cooler ride (with a non-sweaty back!)  The pack was built for people who “value light weight and ventilation.” (DEFINITELY me!)

2. There is ample space in the pack for a day ride.  Specific compartments hold keys, tools, camera, cell phone, wallet, etc.  
3. Magnetic Sternum Strap holds bite valve.  Again, I prefer a system like the Geigerrig, but the accessibility of my hose (resulting in minimum shuffling looking for a drink while riding) is pretty key.
4LidLock™ helmet clip means I can attach my helmet right to the pack.  Honestly, I usually just hang it on my handlebars or throw it in the Chariot, but it is especially handy when I need to walk into the store and either the Chariot is full or the wind is whipping enough to blow my helmet off my bike (which is usually the case…)
5. Plenty of reflective material for low-light conditions.  
6. Integrated rain cover (it pulls out of the bottom of the pack) with a patch to attach your blinker light (because the rain cover covers up all that reflective material on the pack too.) 

What I am not so crazy about: 
1. As is the case with any hydration pack, the actual water bladder does take up a fair amount of carrying space when full.  
2.  I would love to have just a BIT more room to be able to stuff in a heavier jacket if needed (since we often are biking in cooler temperatures here.)

This is honestly my current favorite pack for day-length outdoor adventures.  I sure can appreciate a pack that I hardly know is there AND holds what I need it to! 

Osprey generously supplied me this pack for review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly my own.  Additionally, this post includes affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure here.   


  • Anna is a proud Washingtonian living in the Cascade mountain range with her park ranger husband and their three kids. Their family is lucky enough to live in a ranger house in a state park and have lots of access to the outdoors year-round. Anna is expecting her fourth child in early March and is on a mission to find the best gear for the tiniest of explorers.

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