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Reima Shoes Review

Reima Shoes Review

I have four boys who are notoriously hard on gear, especially shoes.  That makes shoes a little tricky and always a pain to track down.  I prefer something that can get handed down at least once to help save some money but that usually requires a bit more of an investment to begin with. 

This post will detail the reasons both the Reima Wetter Wash and Reima Passo shoes absolutely fit the bill!

We were given the Wetter Wash sneakers with my 9 year old and my 6 year old and the Passo sneakers for my 4 year old to test. They were similar in a lot of ways and I’ve done my best to note the differences below! If you are looking for a toddler-sized version of Wetter Wash, try the Patter Wash sneakers! All opinions are my own.

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How I Chose Reima

My Requirements


As I mentioned before, durability is probably the number one thing I look for in shoes for my boys.  I really dislike constantly buying shoes because they have worn out.  Most of the shoes I’ve found hold up ok, but definitely look like “hand me downs” after one owner.  I have been searching for a durability unicorn!


We have limited space in our home, so I like items that are versatile.  The more versatile a pair of shoes are, the fewer pairs I have floating around to keep track of!


No one wants to spend a ton of money on a pair of shoes only to have their child complain while they wear them.  Or, even worse, refuse to wear them!  A lot of really durable shoes aren’t necessarily comfortable so I also look for a shoe that they want to wear.

Three boys posing on a muddy, snowy hiking trail.
They don’t look happy, but their feet are warm and comfortable!

Easy to Get On

With four kids it’s always a circus getting out the door.  Having shoes that are easy for each of my boys to put on makes things go much faster.  Bonus points if there aren’t laces they have to tie (and retie, and retie…)!

Looks Good

Honestly, I really want shoes that look good, but sometimes that has to take a backseat to practicality.  Most of the time my boys don’t care but it’s a lot easier to get them to wear shoes they think are cool.  

Price Point

This may be the last thing I look at when choosing my boys’ shoes, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a factor. I usually end up paying more for shoes because of the requirements I listed above. I am willing to pay more for quality, but I don’t have enough money to just throw it away on fancy shoes that don’t cut it.

Reima Product Claims

Initially I didn’t realize that Reima even made shoes.  I had heard a lot about their killer snow and rain gear and I noticed people constantly mentioning the quality. I also knew that Tales of a Mountain Mama highly regards the Reima products and even has a discount code (“mtnmama” for 20% off) so I decided to give them a try!

All Season

Only the Wetter Wash sneakers are advertised as all season but all my boys have worn them in similar conditions.  Could this be true?!  A shoe my boys could wear year-round until they grow out of it?  This would definitely check off my versatility requirement!


I always love a good waterproof shoe because it hits that “versatility” box for me again. But finding a truly waterproof kids shoe without it being a rain or snow boot seemed like a tall order. Both the Wetter Wash and the Passo shoes are advertised as waterproof!

Navy blue high top shoes with bright blue bungee laces.
Wetter Wash sneakers in Navy.

Machine Washable

We have owned another brand of shoe that is machine washable.  In my previous experience it’s a cool feature that helps mainly with the stinky feet factor.  I was willing to hope these shoes would actually look better afterwards as well, but I didn’t really have high expectations.

Elastic Lacing (or Velcro)

I was excited to see that both styles were laceless.  That’s a game-changer for me and my boys prefer it as well.  I was still a little nervous because high-top shoes are often more difficult to get little feet into.  I’m looking at you, toddler snow boots.

Reima Shoes Review

Now for the good stuff!  Did these Reima shoes live up to my high expectations and their own product claims?  We put them to the test for over three months through all sorts of weather and this is what we found.

How We Have Used Them

These shoes have been worn non-stop by my three oldest for over three months.  They’ve worn them biking and hiking, for neighborhood games of football and soccer, and everything in between.  They’ve also been worn in all different types of weather.

Three boys pose with one foot up on a snow covered log.
On our first hike with the Reimas!

Rain and Puddles

On basically the first day they wore the Wetter Wash shoes my two oldest found a puddle that was inches deep.  Like, completely submerged the footbed of their brand new shoes in a dirty parking lot puddle.  

I panicked because I just knew their socks would be wet and then they would be cold and complain-y for the rest of our excursion!  I mean, no shoes except rain/snow boots were that waterproof.

Wrong.  Their socks and feet were still completely dry.  They stayed warm and comfortable post-puddle and all through all our other rainy day adventures!

Three boys dressed in jackets and sweatshirts posing on a large frozen puddle in a parking lot.
This is same puddle the older boys went splashing through a few weeks earlier. Here it is now frozen solid!


Where rain is, mud follows and so do kids.  Am I right?!  Both styles of shoes found themselves in mud multiple times.  They wiped off easily and still looked pretty good afterwards as well.  We have them in navy and black, so I never noticed any kind of staining afterwards.

A close up shot of a boy wearing blue Reima sneakers in mud.
Even after hikes in the mud, they clean up well.

Snow and Slush

My boys still have dedicated snow boots, but these shoes have spent plenty of time in snow and slush.  They have spent hours in the snow with them and their feet have stayed warm.  I will say, their feet got wet more often in the snow, but that was because snow was coming over the top.

 A little boy smiling while he splashes in slush.
Warm, dry feet even after playing in the slush just before Christmas!

Are The Product Claims Accurate?

All Season

We’ve worn them through wet, dry, cold, and snowy and they keep feet warm and dry without the weight of a traditional boot.  They are perfect for school since they transition from the classroom to recess and right back again easily. We haven’t worn them in high heat (yet) and I’m guessing they are probably too heavy for everyday summer wear, but I think they will still be great on summer hikes. Again, the Passo sneakers are not advertised as all season, but have performed well.


These are definitely puddle proof!  Since they aren’t as high as rain or snow boots, you do need to watch for snow or water coming over the top though. I will say that my 4 year old didn’t do the puddle test in the Passo shoes.  His feet have stayed warm and dry in all other scenarios though!

Machine Washable

 Finally, the moment of truth came: I washed them.  They recommend you remove the insoles first and wash them in a garment bag.  I took the insoles out, but didn’t use a garment bag.  I just popped them in on the gentle cycle and waited.

YOU GUYS.  They looked practically brand new.  And I didn’t get a picture before my boys were off wearing them again!  Ahh!  

But trust me, minus scuffs and scratches on the soles (can’t wash those away), the shoes looked fantastic.  The fabric uppers had come completely clean and looked mind-blowingly good. Even my husband commented! We have the black and navy shoes, so I can’t speak for the lighter/brighter colors, but these washed beautifully.

I’ve only washed them once in the past few months.  Partly because they haven’t needed it (they wipe off easily).  But mostly because my boys literally wear them all day every day.  It’s hard to find a time to wash them and let them air dry without someone asking where their shoes are.

Elastic Lacing (or Velcro)

These have been so easy to put on that I haven’t had to help my older boys at all, and my 4 year old got the hang of them really quickly.  I especially love that the Passo shoes are extra firm on the back of the shoe so my 4 year old can slip his foot in easily without smashing down the heel.

The back of a little boy walking down trail in the fall.
My 4 year old loves his Reimas and can get them on by himself. Win!


The reflectors on the shoes are really awesome as well.  They show up well on our night time walks and my boys love to see how fast they can “make the lights go.” Light up shoes without batteries? Win!

Did They Meet My Requirements?

Finally, did they meet my hopeful, busy mom, unicorn requirements?  Yep.  Every single one of them.


After months of daily wear, they still look great.  And after someone outgrows a pair I know I can wash them and store them for the next kid without them looking run-down. I am especially impressed that the fabric upper hasn’t frayed or worn down anywhere (the toe).  Lots of neighborhood soccer has been played in these!


These have been absolutely versatile.  They are play shoes, casual shoes, hiking shoes, biking shoes, and school shoes. I wouldn’t say they are hard-core hiking boots, but they get the job done on everything we’ve done!

Three boys standing in the snow looking up a ski run.
After a tour of the Utah Olympic Park, we watched some athletes practice. These shoes went from the museum to the ski hill and kept them all comfortable and warm.


No sign of blisters or hot spots here.  My boys love them and haven’t complained once.  Need I say more?

Easy to Put On

Bungee laces and velcro are a mom’s best friend.  My boys put them on easily and quickly by themselves.  Yay!

Look Good

This may be the lowest priority on my list as a mom, but my oldest is starting to care about how he dresses.  When he opened these, he said, “These are rad!” I’ve also gotten several compliments from others, so there’s that. 

Price Point

Let’s not forget to address the price! While the price point on these shoes is high, when you consider how versatile and durable they are I think they are quite a good deal.  I’m buying a pair for my toddler and will continue getting them for my other sons as well!

Recommended Improvements

I will say the pull tab on one of the bungee laces has come off, which is a bummer.  My son is extraordinarily hard on things, so I’m not surprised, but maybe some more heavy duty stitching would help prevent that in the future?  

The Passo toddler shoe is a little on the heavy side, which is ironic since they are marketed as lightweight. So maybe they are just a bit bulky initially? I wouldn’t let that stop you from getting them, it may just take them a minute to be able to walk smoothly in them. 


I love them and totally recommend both the Wetter Wash and Passo sneakers! I also have no reservations recommending the Patter Wash sneakers as well since they are the toddler version of the Wetter Wash sneakers.  They are durable, versatile, comfortable, easy to get on, and they look good. They can replace multiple pairs of shoes and be handed down. 

Don’t forget to use our Mountain Mama discount code “mtnmama” for 20% off!

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