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Sawyer Kids Outdoor Clothing Brand Review

“Inspiring kids to be outside and be adventurous. That’s the idea, and the mission, behind everything we do.” Well, you sold me already, Sawyer.

Named after Tom Sawyer, the quintessential youth explorer, this small Utah-based company is our very FAVORITE place to buy clothes for our little guy.

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Cute Outdoor Styles for Kids

Sure, we feel the cute-factor of kids’ shirts that say “RAD LIKE DAD” and “Mommy’s Little Butterball” as much as the next person. But we love being able to find clothes for our little nature-lover that match our family’s interests.


Sawyer designs their clothes with the goal of inspiring a spirit of adventure in kids. With campfires and jackalopes and prints that read “Child of the Wild” or “Let’s Go to the Mountains,” we think they do a stellar job!

Soft and Durable

As if the adorable designs were not enough, you cannot beat the comfort level of these shirts. They are SUPER soft. So so soft. Like wearing-a-cloud-full-of-baby-bunnies soft. I can’t stop cuddling our little guy when he wears his.


But, if you’re worried that softness equates to tissue-thin and easily ripped or ruined, fear not! Sawyer focuses on craftsmanship and high-quality products that are made to last. Our son’s shirts have seen their fair share of adventures and still look like they just came out of the box.

And just when you thought they couldn’t get any softer, Sawyer upped the bar with their premium tees. Can we please get these in adult sizes?!


Great Customer Service

And one of the best things about Sawyer is that they are a thoughtful company that cares for their customers, their community, and the environment. They have truly outstanding customer service (experienced it myself when I thought our package had been lost in the mail!)

If for some reason you aren’t happy with your order they will replace or refund any product for up to ONE YEAR, no questions asked! All their products are ethically manufactured, and they donate 10% of all their profits to causes that support kids in need and protect the environment.


These are absolutely our favorite kids’ shirts (and hats!) for our son, both for adventures and for everyday wear, and we wish we could just buy them all.

I will say that with him just two years old and still growing through sizes fast, we do wish the prices were lower. (The majority of his wardrobe consists of $6 tees from Target.)


Bottom Line

But you definitely get what you pay for from Sawyer—soft, sturdy, adorable products that last and can be handed down to little bro or sis.

They usually have some good sales running (hello, holidays!), so keep an eye on their website and sign up for their email list to stay in the know and get special discount codes! You can also follow them on Instagram @exploresawyer to find out about new styles!


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