Sunday Afternoons Hats for Kids

The TMM Team has been fans of Sunday Afternoons Hats for kids for a very long time. They’re perfect for kids who want to be out, and parents who want to keep them protected from the sun.

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Our Favorite Sunday Afternoons Hats for Kids

Sunday Afternoons Clear Creek Hat

This hat is aptly named, because there is absolutely nothing more that my kids like than playing in the creek. I love that the brim goes all the way around to protect their neck and ears – especially since I’m guilty of forgetting to put sunscreen on those all the time.

My son loves the reversible colors as well – blue for when he wants to look cool, and chaparral for when he wants to play hide and seek. The hat has a toggle so you can adjust it to your kid’s head size, and the toggle can be pushed through either side so it’s comfortable no matter which color is showing.

The chin strap can be removed and switched around as well, but the toggle is sufficient to keep it in place even if you forget to reattach it. I am honestly a bit surprised at how much fun my son has had with switching the colors back and forth, and the hat has been perfect for lots of water play this summer. 

Available at REI here!

Sunday Afternoons Sun Chaser cap

My middle son has a head of thick, 1960s rockstar hair, and I wanted to find a cap that would keep his head cool. He loves his “superhero hat” with its removable cape.

The cape helps protect the neck and ears from sunburn, but can be taken off if your little one wants to sport a regular baseball style venting on the side keeps him nice and cool, so he puts up less of a fight about keeping it on.

And I love the bright colors – they make him easy to spot when he’s running through the woods.

Available here at Amazon.

Sunday Afternoons Play Hat

I love the Play Hat for little tots. The flat back makes it easy for them to ride in strollers without the brim getting in the way, and provides excellent coverage. The strap on the back adjusts for a wide range of sizes, so one hat can last for several years.

The side has vents that keep it from getting too sweaty underneath, and the fabric is nice and light for even the hottest days. It’s a great hat for every summer excursion, from playgrounds to stroller rides to playing in the water.

Available at REI and at Amazon.

Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hat

This hat has the widest brim of any sun hat for kids while still being very comfortable to wear. It’s a popular adult style that Sunday Afternoons finally made in a kid size.

It also folds flat for easy storing.

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Sunday Afternoons Hats for Kids

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