Best Hiking Boots for Women

    Having good hiking boots is key to having a great hiking trip! And just like every body is different, we all have different FEET too. I enlisted some help from my favorite women hikers to round up the best hiking boots for women.

    This is one of those posts that I will also be continually adding to, so I would LOVE to hear your opinions too. If you have a boot that you just LOVE, please email me at mountainmamatales(at)gmail – I’d love to hear all about it (and maybe will add your opinions here!)

    I’ll share my favorites first and then continue with what others have shared with me.

    1. AKU Transalpina GTX
      • I have worn and loved this boot for 4 years now. It’s great support for multi-day trips, alleviates any plantar fasciitis pain I am dealing with and works just fine for my wide feet. It’s beefy, but not too heavy or cumbersome for day trips too. My all-time favorite.
      • Buy them here at Amazon (on super sale….and going very fast.)Best Hiking Boots for Women
    2. Ahnu Sugarpine
      • The Sugarpine is a much lighter boot – perfect for day hikes and faster hiker. They also come in a low version. Still great support and still do well with my wider feet!
      • Buy them here at Amazon (again, on sale!) or here at REI (awesome new colors!)Best Hiking Boots for Women
    3. KEEN Targhee II
      • This is one of those boots that has KEEN has kept around forever….because they’re really great! KEENS tend to usually work very well for my wide feet and are a bit more substantial than the lighter Ahnu boots above. Great traction and they hold up to a few years of use and abuse.
      • Buy them here at REI or or HERE on Amazon.Best Hiking Boots for Women
    4. Five Ten Guide Tennie Mid
      • This is actually a men’s boot, but Whitney James swears by them! And she would know, as a past editor of Outside Magazine’s Buyer’s Guides. She says, “These are lightweight, water resistant enough to be perfect in all conditions, and most importantly–comfortable. They’re the only boots I’ve ever hiked in that don’t give me blisters.”
      • Follow Whitney on Instagram @whitneyljames
      • Buy them hereBest Hiking Boots for Women
    5. Asolo Powermatic 200 GTX
      • Stacey has been wearing these boots for TEN years (ok, 9 with the first pair and another year with her new pair). That’s a lot of years! She says, “They’re wearable straight from the box, no need to ‘break them in’. Being in Scotland, conditions vary every time we go out (sometimes 4 seasons in a day!) but these were great and stood up to the conditions… especially as I always seem to find the boggiest bit! I only had to replace last year due to a bit of leakage around the sole seam. Needless to say, I went out and bought an exact style as replacement and they’re just as comfy.”
      • While Asolo is known for fitting narrow feet better, Stacey has very wide feet and has never had any issues.
      • You can find Stacey over at her blog, An Outdoors Family.Best Hiking Boots for Women
    6. KEEN Marshall Mid WP
      • Narrow feet? According to Tanya, this one is for you! She says, “Maybe I have narrow feet, but I have always found it next to impossible to tighten a pair of hiking boots so that my feet don’t wiggle around inside the boots.  Feet sliding around in boots = blisters and I hate blisters.  I also suffer from weak ankles so I need my boots to tighten well at the ankle or else I’m prone to sprain one of my ankles.  (yet again!) With the Keen Marshalls however, one simple pull of the laces cinches the entire boot from my toes to my ankle and I don’t have to reef on every single lace in a vain attempt to pull the sides together.  I have never had happier ankles and I owe it all to these great boots.”
      • You can find Tanya at her blog, Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies (and see her full review there too!)
      • You can find them here on Amazon.Best Hiking Boots for Women
    7. Merrell Moab 2 MID Waterproof
      • Flat feet? Sarah says these are for you!!
      • “I have very flat feet and struggle to find shoes that accommodate my collapsing arches.  The Merrell Moab 2 MID Waterproof is what I have found that works great. I need ankle support and this provides that while not making my flat feet ache like other shoes have.  I have had several pair and they are awesome new and with miles on them.  I don’t feel like I have to break them in and that has been a big blessing.  I forgot my shoes on a trip to Colorado a few summers ago and had to buy new boots to hike the whole trip in.  I was so worried I’d end up in blisters but these were great from the get go.”
      • Find them on Amazon here!Best Hiking Boots for Women
    8. Ahnu Montara WP
      • Narrow feet? Stephanie of Raising Kids Wild has gone through 3 pairs of these and swears by them.
      • She loves the following features:
        • -leather for durability
          -comfortable even after soaked
          -breathable (I always wear wool socks when I hike and my feet never get hot with these boots)
          -cute design and I love the subtle peeks of color
          -great if you have narrow feet as they are not chunky or heavy in any way. They seem to mold to my feet perfectly
          -laces are strong but thinner which I like
      • Find them on Amazon hereBest Hiking Boots for Women
    9. Solomon Quest GTX
      • A great boot for wet conditions!
      • Sarah of North Country Littles says, “They are over the ankle and waterproof which makes them perfect for hiking in wet or rugged areas. Last summer I took my kids backpacking and carried all our gear in a pack on my back while carrying my baby on my front in a carrier, these boots made me feel stable and confident in my footing.
      • BONUS: they are made to accommodate orthotics or inserts!
      • Find them at REI here!Best Hiking Boots for Women

    Best Hiking Boots for Women

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    Best Hiking Boots for Women


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      1. My best choice is Hoka One One. They work with my Morton’s neuroma, plantar fasciitis, wide feet and high arches. I have them in boots and shoes.

      2. I need a woman’s size 12. Any ideals?

      3. Thanks a lot for posting the suggestions. I am in need for a woman’s size 11 for my wife.

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