Happy Baby Carrier for Comfortable Summer Baby Wearing

    There is literally not a day that goes by that I do not have a baby on my back. M still refuses to walk, even at 17 months, and with a herd of kids, it’s much easier for me to throw her on my back and have hands free to wrangle the other three.

    I am eternally grateful that this pregnancy has allowed me to continue carrying her, even if it’s for shorter time periods now. I wear the waist strap above my bump and we get along just fine.

    This summer I have had the opportunity to work with BabyCubby.com and check out a Happy Baby Carrier ($148). It’s a carrier I had caught wind of every once in a while, but hadn’t heard too much feedback about. I am so glad I did!

    Happy Baby Carrier for Comfortable Summer Baby Wearing

    What makes the Happy Baby Carrier Special:

    • SUPER lightweight linen makes it ideal for wearing in hot weather
    • Despite it being lightweight, the structure is still there making it easy to get on and off
    • It comes with a hood (many lightweight carriers do not)
    • It can be used for newborns (without an insert) up until 45 pounds

    After three months of wearing it and using it consistently, here’s my final thoughts. I look forward to getting the new baby in it this fall too – I think it will be great for a newborn. And I’ll update this post when I do!

    Happy Baby Carrier for Comfortable Summer Baby Wearing

    What I love:

    • The linen is very durable, soft (and softer with use) and breathable
    • There is a hood/sun cover <– truly, I think any carrier without this is worthless, in my opinion
    • It’s fully adjustable – plenty of room even to wear very pregnant.
    • The sternum strap (for back carry)/back strap (for front carry) is adjustable on a “rail” which means it’s super easy to move.
    • The straps have really good structure opposed to floppy ones that are hard to get on for a back carry
    • It’s SO compact
    • It’s classy and nice enough to wear to church….or out on a hike
    • It’s very easy to get a good, deep seat for optimal comfort for baby

    Happy Baby Carrier for Comfortable Summer Baby Wearing

    Happy Baby Carrier for Comfortable Summer Baby Wearing

    What I am not so crazy about:

    • I have only worn this carrier pregnant, but I sort of suspect that when I am NOT, the waist strap may feel a little thin and dig in…..will update this review when I know better!
    • I LOVE that there is a hood…but to use it, you have to thread the top of the hood strap through a loop on the carrier strap. It’s not something I find I can do on my own. I would prefer just a snap on the strap to easily get it attached. **See photo above for visual explanation!**

    I do want to note that while this carrier will be great for our newborn coming in a few (eeek!) weeks and for a baby 6+ months, I anticipate having a few “gap months” when baby wants their legs out of the carrier, but they aren’t big enough to straddle the panel. My kids tend to be smaller, so that gap time is longer, but some people never struggle with it – it totally depends on the kid!


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    Happy Baby Carrier for Comfortable Summer Baby Wearing

    Baby Cubby generously provided us this gear in order to facilitate this review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own.

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