Affirmation Cards For Getting Outside

You believe getting outside is great for everyone in the family (even in the winter), but are you having trouble getting out the door? You’re not alone! It happens to me quite often, especially with two little kids.

What helps me is changing my worries and negative thoughts into positive thoughts and motivation. A great way to help me change my thinking is by using positive affirmations. Wondering what this is, or how you can use them to help you get outside?

We have created a deck of affirmation cards for getting outside! These printable cards can be used on a daily basis. The affirmations are designed to reduce stress, increase feelings of personal power, and awaken your mind to possibilities for change. These simple and effective cards can help you persevere through difficult times.

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TMM affirmation cards for getting outside
TMM affirmation cards for getting outside

TMM Printable Affirmation Cards

First of all you’ll want to print your affirmation cards for getting outside. We recommend using card stock or structured paper to make them more durable. There are 24 total cards, and they print 4 cards per page, so you’ll need 6 sheets of paper.

In your printing settings, choose color printing, best quality, and full scale (100%). After you’ve printed them, you’ll have to cut them out. You can use scissors, a craft knife or a paper cutter (guillotine).

24 affirmation cards for getting outside to print at home
24 affirmation cards for getting outside to print at home

What are Affirmation Cards?

Affirmation cards are small pieces of paper that contain short positive statements. A deck of affirmation cards contains a series of different affirmations, all made up of positive words and simple but powerful messages that we repeat to ourselves. 

These messages are designed to inspire and motivate you to feel more positive energy in your life. They can also serve as a visual cue to remind us to practice affirmations throughout the day. 

Our affirmation cards for getting outside have positive, outdoor related affirmations. Keep them in the room where you get dressed to go outside or pick one in the morning and hang it up in the kitchen to remind and motivate you to go outside.

It’s good to choose a different affirmation everyday for the best impact. Keep reading for some more ways to use these cards!

How do Affirmation Cards Work?

Contrary to some opinions, affirmations do not work on the basis of superstition. There is a lot of research supporting the use of positive affirmations. It’s all about inviting positive thoughts, triggering the reward system and using them often.

You’re Intentionally Inviting Positive Thoughts

One of powerful ways that affirmation cards work is that they help you learn to intentionally invite positive thoughts into your day. Our brains don’t always make positive thinking a priority, so having a powerful tool that you can hold onto and read is a great way to make it happen!

Affirmations Trigger the Reward System in the Brain 

Researchers have used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to better understand how affirmations affected internal processing and reward systems in the brain. They found that participants who used positive affirmations reflecting their values had more activity in the reward center of their brains than those who didn’t.

Use Them Repetitively and Believe Them

It’s recommended to be consistent when practicing positive affirmations. It’s important to recite them often and biggest of all: believe them! A great way to use affirmations is by using an affirmation deck made specifically for your needs.

That’s why we created these very specific affirmation cards for getting outside. Conveniently sized, the cards can serve as reminders of your worth wherever you are. 

Benefits of Using Affirmation Cards

There are many benefits of using affirmations, but in general these statements inspire positive emotions and a positive attitude. This can help put a stop to negative self-talk and turn negative thoughts around! 

Affirmations are designed to reduce stress, increase feelings of personal power, and awaken your mind to possibilities for change.

This in turn will help you stay on track while pursuing the big goals that you have for your life. For example your goal of making going outside a priority.

Cold or snow, our affirmation cards will help you get outside!
Cold or snow, our affirmation cards will help you get outside!

Increase Positive Thinking 

Focusing on negative thoughts can generally have harmful effects on your outlook on life and how you handle certain situations.  Words can have such an amazing impact on the way that we think and the more we say something the more we believe it to be true.

Consequently, repeating statements that are positive relating to specific situations can alter our thought processes, behavior and how we approach things.

Reduce Stress

According to studies, positive affirmations help activate the brain’s reward center, and that, in turn, makes us happy and positive about things – helping us avoid the stressors around us.

Motivate an Action

Affirmations can help motivate you to act on your goals. Research suggests that affirmations can support people who are trying to make positive behavioral changes. 

Persevere Through Difficult Times

Practicing affirmations immerses you in positive energy that can help you deal with difficult situations and emotions more positively. With positive self-talk, we can persevere through the hard times.

5 Ways to Use Your Affirmation Cards to Help You Get Outside

Our affirmation cards for getting outside are a bit different from the usual affirmation cards. They each include a positive affirmation and a tip for helping you to get outside with or without your kids. These tips are here to help you make getting outside easier.

How to use our affirmation cards for getting outside?

Daily Drawing of the Outdoor Affirmation Card

If you are wondering how to use affirmation cards to make a positive change in your life, daily draws are one of the most effective ways to make it happen!

It’s very simple. First thing in the morning, grab your affirmation deck and shuffle it. Next, draw a random affirmation card from the whole deck to find your affirmation of the day.

Take some time to read and think about the affirmation until you can remember it without looking. As you move throughout your day, aim to think of or say this affirmation regularly. Make it the focus of all that you do.

Draw a daily affirmation card from your deck
Draw a daily affirmation card from your deck

Place Your Affirmation Cards All Over 

Scattering your affirmation deck all over your home, is another fun way to keep positive messages on your mind all day long.

Think about the high-traffic areas of your home. Where do you spend most of your time? Where are the places that you could leave positive messages for yourself? Consider placing your cards in places where you experience negative thoughts. Maybe the mud room, or on the inside of the front door?

Attach your favorite cards to your bathroom mirror, the fridge, or any other place that you visit often. Every time you visit these areas you will be reminded of your pursuit of a positive mindset!

Use affirmation cards as decoration
Use affirmation cards as decoration

During Daily Mindfulness or Meditation Breaks

Taking a dedicated mindfulness or meditation break is a powerful practice and wellness tool. However, as a busy mom, it isn’t always easy to find time for this. Keep it simple and short! Maybe you take a few minutes for this while using the bathroom, or when your kids are playing nicely.

Try randomly drawing a card from your deck, or choosing a specific affirmation that is fitting. Take deep breaths, holding each for a few seconds before exhaling. While you do this, repeat your affirmation in your mind over and over. Pay attention to how your mind and body feel as you focus inward and connect with your chosen affirmation.

Using affirmation cards this way will help you stay focused on the present moment while drawing your focus toward positive thoughts and feelings. This will have a lasting impression on your day!

Give Affirmation Cards As a Gift 

How about sharing the love? Your deck doesn’t have to stay all in one piece if you have the urge to give some of it away. Learning how to use affirmation cards also means knowing how to spread positivity.

Look through your deck and find messages that resonate with what your friends or family might need to hear. Giving or sending these cards to them can be a beautiful way to uplift their spirits and show that you care.

Decorate Your Home

For daily reminders, you can use your affirmation cards to decorate your home. This can be very simple and fun.

If you have a mirror where you get ready each morning, stick a few cards around the edges. Maybe you stick your favorite card onto your fridge, so you’ll see it every time you grab something from there. The family notice board in the kitchen would also be a great spot.

They look pretty in a card holder on your desk or table. If you’re familiar with vision boards, you can include them in there. You can even string them up in your living room with some fairy lights.

Think of places where the cards can catch your eye during challenging moments. Or high-traffic places to remind you often.

Getting outside is ALWAYS worth it!
Getting outside is ALWAYS worth it!

Use Your Affirmation Cards for More Time Outside!

Grab our free affirmation cards for getting outside. Print and cut them and start using them today! You will notice the benefits pretty soon. Go have fun!

Affirmation Cards For Getting Outside

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