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27 Great Gifts for Outdoorsy Guys 2021

Buying gifts for the outdoorsy significant other, brother, friend, or uncle in our lives can be hard! There are so many brands, gadgets, and options out there! Plus there are so many outdoor hobbies.

We have surveyed a whole bunch of dads and guys who love outdoor adventures. We have created a list of 27 different items to help you find gifts for outdoorsy men.

One caveat: every guy has different outdoor hobbies and gear needs. Make sure your recipient doesn’t already have one you intend to give. Additionally, it is often worth doing a little investigating to make sure that it is the right version or brand.

Many specific outdoor pursuits have similar needs to other outdoor pursuits. We have made a few categories here, but honestly, a guy who skis might also enjoy items from the hiking category, and vice versa. Have fun!

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Stocking Stuffers for Outdoorsy Men

Stanley Mug

Top of the list of many guys is a Stanley mug. Depending on your guy’s needs there are several sizes and styles to choose from. We particularly love the double insulated coffee cup with the constellations.

Great Wool Socks

Wool socks are such a stereotypical Christmas gift, but for good reason. Socks ultimately wear out, making room for new ones, year after year. If you give a pair of Darn Tough socks, when they do wear out, their lifetime warranty means you get a new pair for free.


This stuff is awesome. Pyro Putty is proprietary blend of non-toxic ingredients that helps you start a fire no matter the conditions.

It packs into a small tin, and a tiny amount can make a fire that lasts for 5 minutes. Definitely fun for anyone, but especially anyone packing the 10 Essentials.

Gifts for Men Under $75

Leatherman Skeletool

This is one of my favorite gifts to give anyone. Its great for guys, or teens, or even your mom. The Skeletool is a more minimalist version of the popular Leatherman.

Despite its sleek design, it stills packs pliers, screwdriver/bit driver, knife, and more. Outdoor Gear Lab chose it as one of their top pick knives in 2020.

Wool Base layers

Ridge Merino is a newcomer with fantastic designs in the wool baselayer business. They seek to design soft, lightweight wool garments that are also durable. In our testing, we’ve been impressed by their wicking, comfort, and quality.

Ridge’s base layer garments are technical enough to wear alpine touring, yet cut well enough to wear as stand alone layers. These are perfect for anyone skiing, biking, hiking or spending time outdoors this winter.

Kubb Yard Game

Kuub is a Swedish lawn game. Some say it dates back to the Vikings. Give a guy a gift that gets him outdoors right in his backyard.

This game is a favorite family game of several writers on the TMM Team. Its great for families, friends, and friendly competition between spouses.

Great Gifts Under $150

Lounge Jogger Pants

Fourlaps started as a men specific athletic clothing brand. They have since branched out to women, but they work hard to make clothes that fit guys well and look good.

This Rush Jogger Pant is an updated jogger style, made with a super soft cotton blend fabric. Exactly the pant to relax in after a long day skiing or outdoors. Fourlaps also makes other jogger styles if you want something made of more tec

Insulated Leather Gloves

Insulated Leather gloves or mitts are a universally awesome item for any outdoorsman (or outdoors woman!). Easy to keep waterproofed, and they hold up to the test of time when maintained well.

There are many companies making quality gloves. You can pay less for leather gloves from Kinco or REI. If you want a premium version, the Give’r Four Season Glove is a huge favorite among outdoors people. You can even have the recipients initials branded onto the leather.

Solo Campfire Stove

Is it a stove or a fire pit? This handy device can actually be both. Solo has led the way on making camp stoves that ingeniously burn twigs and woods instead of toxic fuel.

These stoves come in a huge range of sizes, from ultralight all the way to a huge backyard bonfire pit. The Campfire size is a nice size to bring in the car, and not so huge you couldn’t throw it in a pack.

Biking Gifts for Men

Nightrider Bike Light

The days get dark in the evenings long before biking season is actually over. In Vermont at Kingdom Trails, tons of folks still ride after dark, and this handlebar mounted bike light from Nightrider is one the favorite light options.

This light packs a walloping 1800 lumens, and instead of just having a front beam, it also has two smaller side beams to your peripheral vision is lit as well. This would be a top gift choice if the recipient doesn’t already own one.

Gregory Endo Biking Pack

A great biking pack is essential for long days on the single track. This pack from Gregory can fit lunch, snacks, and has a large hydration reservoir. It also has a special removable compartment for bike tools and supplies.

The exterior is rugged and streamlined to hold up to snags and rocks. The back of the pack is well aerated. Even though this pack is designed for biking, it also works well for long day hikes.

Crankbrothers Bike Tool

Every biker needs a bike tool for fixing the inevitable. Crankbrothers makes a variety of options, but we like this one because it has 19 different tools, yet it fits into a slim package.

This bike tool set comes with a nice case that keeps the tool neat and tidy. We have a couple different tool sets in our family, but this is the one we all reach for first.

Skiing Gifts for Men

Aftershokz Earbuds

Do you have a guy who likes to listen to podcasts or music? A great set of earbuds allows hime to do that, even when wearing a ski helmet. Here is a an interview with an avid skier who loves using Aftershokz under her ski helmet.

Aftershokz work differently than regular earbuds because they actually conduct the sound through your cheekbone instead of through your ear. This allows you to hear everything going on around you–which is so important during outdoor pursuits.

Backcountry Access Avalanche Backpack

A few backcountry skier dads indicated they would love an avalanche safety pack for Christmas. Of course, this is a highly specialized item, that requires research and knowledge to buy. Outdoor Gear Lab has a great review of their top picks, which we have linked.

Their Best Buy pack was the Backcountry Access Float 22 pack. This pack has a good combination of weight, air bag size, and decent pockets. Avalanche packs are important for any skier venturing into terrain where a slide could be triggered, but definitely do your research!

Aurora Heat Reusable Handwarmers

Cold hands are a frequent problem when skiing, especially while riding the lifts. Traditionally most skiers would just buy the throw away chemical heat hand warmers, but those are a mess and also not biodegradable.

These hand warmers are infinitely reusable, they are made by small Canadian families, and they are made from BEAVER fur. The fur is so thick that it traps all the heat from your hands and reflects it back onto your hands. The hand warmers work fantastic inside of mittens, but can also work inside of gloves.

You can get a set of small, kid hand warmers ($40 value) for free on orders over $125 by using code “mtnmama”.

Gifts for Men Who Hike and Run

Kuiu Merino Shirt

Designed for hunters, this shirt from Kuiu actually makes a great layer for runners and hikers as well. Made of a combo knit of nylon and merino wool, it is an excellent wicking layer.

Worn alone, it cools and removes sweat. Worn under something else, it serves as a baselayer, providing excellent warmth. The shoulder seams are designed to avoid chafing when wearing pack, which is another great feature.

Salomon Running Pack

Beloved among runners, a purpose built running hydration pack is a great piece of gear for avid trail lovers. A good pack such as the Salomon XA 15 holds gear and water in a compact package.

With pockets on the front of the traps and more storage on the back, it makes it easy for runners and hikers to grab what they need without slowing down. A great hydration pack can also be used on a bike, making it a dual purpose gift.

Cotopaxi Fuego Down Jacket

Stay warm and look rad doing it. Cotopaxi is making name by using color and stripes that just make these jackets so much fun.

This jacket is water resistant, and make a great mid layer in the winter, or top layer in the fall and spring. Every hiker needs one of these in their pack, and they make great daily jackets as well.

Gifts for Men Who Love Camping

Amok Draumr 5.0 Hammock Tent

One of the TMM husbands absolutely loves this hammock for camping. Throw a rainfly over the top and it can be used as a totally weatherproof tent.

This hammock is unique because it can be adjusted into a variety of sleeping and lounging positions. The user can sleep flat (unlike regular hammocks!) and even adjust it so the hammock works like a chair. Definitely a top pick for guys who like to camp.

Enlightened Equipment Ultralight Quilt

One of my husband’s favorite camping items is this sleeping quilt from Enlightened Equipment. Quilts are different than sleeping bags because they are not sewn into a tube and you don’t sleep on top of it. However, quilts, when paired with a good pad are just as warm as a regular bag, and weigh less.

The 20 degree Revelation Quilt is so warm and cozy. We use them for backpacking, car camping, even sometimes when flying places as they fit in our bags so well.

Yeti Tundra Cooler

The Yeti cooler is legendary for keeping items ice cold days on end. It also is super durable, with excellent impact resistance.

We like them because they keep you from having to constantly buy ice when camping. This cooler holds 28 liters which is perfect for a small family or couple to take camping for a weekend.

Men’s Gifts that are Worth the Splurge

Avalanche Course

For anyone going out of bounds on their skis, an avalanche course is a critical investment. Even if a skier doesn’t “plan” to be in avalanche area, sometimes the unexpected still happens.

An avalanche course teaches the student how to read snow, watch for danger, and how to handle a situation when it does go wrong.

There is also a Level II Avalanche Course if someone already has taken Level I.

Wilderness First Aid Course

For folks who do ANYTHING in the outdoors, a Wilderness First Aid course from NOLS is highly recommended. They go over so many useful topics in their certification courses.

Taking a first aid course gives anyone the tools to safely treat and respond to injuries and issues that often arise in the backcountry or front country.

Garmin InReach Mini

A Garmin InReach Mini is a satellite based messenger and emergency locator device. This device also maps locations and routes for the user. It is purpose built for outdoors people of all types. Everyone from sailors to backpackers use them in case of emergencies.

These devices are useful just for their messenger capabilities–even without cell service the user can message preloaded contacts with pertinent info, such as ETA, status, or whatever is necessary. This provides a lot of security when going solo into the backcountry. Definitely a top pick as a splurge-worthy gift.

Car Gear Rack System

If your recipients car doesn’t already have a rack, then this might be the year to buy one. Guys often will put off buying a rack, only to stash their skis, bike, and everything else inside their car.

This can work for a time, but it’s bad for the car interior, and bad for the gear. Thule makes fantastic racks and rack systems in a variety of sizes and styles. This purchase definitely requires more research, but in the long run is worth it.

Great Books for Outdoorsy Guys

Hunger Chef Cookbook

A cookbook written for the hunter, fisherman, and outdoors person. This cookbook details over a hundred different ways of preparing fish and game.

Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage

Alfred Lansing does an excellent job illuminating the true tale of Ernest Shackleton and his crew in this epic adventure story. More than just a survival story, this saga involves leadership, grit, and an inspiring fight for survival.

This is non-fiction but it is a gripping read (or listen) nonetheless. Great for curling up with on dark winter evenings.

Bushcraft 101

Learning bushcraft skills is a fantastic hobby. You can start with the basics, but take a lifetime to perfect them. This book goes over the basics such as fire starting and shelter building, but then launches into more challenging topics and projects.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Related Gifts

We all know, gift buying for the guys in our lives can be hard. Our hope is that this guide provides you with some great ideas to help in your holiday buying.

Remember, it is always ok to do some clever research when buying for your partner, brother, uncle, or friend. You can even send them this post and ask for their favorites.

Whatever you do, shop early!

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