Outdoor Christmas Projects

There are loads and loads and loads of awesome crafty Christmas ideas out there, and I certainly don’t claim any of mine to be completely original! I will, however, suggest a few that incorporate getting those little bodies outside (even if only a few minutes before their fingers and lips are frozen, northern friends!) and creating a tangible memory  of the Christmas season together!

Baby Jesus’ manger and Advent Activity

We’re never short on sticks around here! This project is great because children of all ages can contribute. The littler ones can find the sticks and the older ones can help with putting together the manger.

Outdoor Christmas Projects


Arrange the sticks to make two panels. You’ll want to position the longer sticks of the two panels so that the panels can interlock (see the completed manger!). We used a glue gun to secure the manger, but I imagine you could use craft glue as well, you just may need to wait  awhile for the glue to dry before connecting the panels!

Outdoor Christmas Projects


Once you have Jesus’ manger, you’re ready to prepare a cozy bed for his arrival on Christmas! We’ve been talking with our children about the significance of sharing love with others in celebration of Christmas and how our little acts of kindness are actually little gifts. As we practice good deeds (sharing a toy, making a card for someone, a thoughtful gesture, etc.) the kids will add “hay” to the manger. My kids chose to collect palms (yes, we’re in Florida!) to add to the manger for every act of charity, but you can really use anything:  yellow yarn, cotton balls, grass,  or real hay.


Pine Cone Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Outdoor Christmas Projects


This project was perfect for my 3 and 4 year old girls! It’s quick and easy and they could complete the project from start to finish on their own (with a little guidance with the glue gun). Bundle up and run around outside for some sticks and pine cones; finish the rest inside if you need a break from the cold! I had some leftover fake cranberries to use for the Rudolph’s nose but you could use red play dough, red paper rolled up, or color a cotton ball. We glued sticks together to make the antlers look more antler like. Add some fun eyeballs too!

Outdoor Christmas Projects

Christmas tree stump hammering!


Where we bought our Christmas tree this year, the kind folks let us take away clippings and tree stumps! Maxson loves to get his hands on tools and the girls were excited to practice hammering nails too! Of course, we allowed only one child at a time in the “hammering station.” This simple project is great hand-eye coordination work, and is also a good exercise for building confidence. They really felt like big kids!


Outdoor Christmas Projects

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

I love this scavenger hunt idea! Go here for a printable Christmas lights scavenger hunt! Parents, you’ll have to read the list for the younger ones, or I was thinking of drawing some pictures on the list to help my younger crew follow along. Those of us down south may enjoy an evening walk to see the lights and check off our lists!



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