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KinderLift Vests Review

KinderLift Vests Review

Kinderlift Vests have been a game-changer for us as far as being able to safely load and unload kids on the lift and keep them secure on the hill. Anything to make family skiing easier is welcome!

Family Downhill Skiing

We are fortunate to live near a ski area (Bridger Bowl) where having kids out on the ski hills at a super young age (18 months – 2 years) is fairly normal.

While ski school starting up this month means crowded weekends on the lower mountain, it also means kids being able to see that there are tons of others their ages learning too.  

I also love the fact that the lodge is full of mamas with babies (and plenty of people taking babies safely on the chair lift) on a daily basis.

While J was out on the slopes a little bit the last two years, this year everything came together for him and he’s actually making progress on his own.  However, Little Brother will not be outdone and is doing everything his little legs can do (which is certainly limited given his strength at 2.5 years) to keep up.

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In the past, we have used almost exclusively a harness or similar methods to teach the boys to ski (we really love this one from Launch Pad).  This year, we were given the opportunity to try out something a little different that has changed our game a bit.

Introducing Kinderlift Vests

The Kinderlift is a kids’ safety ski vest that just makes life easier for anyone teaching (and picking up) kids learning to ski.  It is a sturdy vest with a large handle on the back to allow adults to easily lift kids on and off the ski lift or when they fall.  

They fit over ski gear (so you need to size accordingly) and come in bright colors to help spot kids easily.  Finally, the zipper is oversized which makes it much easier to get them on and off.

The vests are used in ski schools around the world (so definitely check to be sure your child won’t be wearing the same vest as the ski school as to not confuse everyone).

Right now J is able to ski independently and so the vest is perfect for getting on and off the lifts and picking him up.  P is so small that he needs a little more support and really doesn’t have the strength to “pizza” his skis anyway.  It just means easy pick-up for us getting him on and off lifts and moving him through the crowd.

Additionally, we use our vests for more than just alpine skiing – they are great for x-country skiing and skating too.  They just make life easier.

What we love

  • Easy to get on and off
  • Bright colors for easy spotting of kids
  • Possibility to add your own logo
  • Nice big zipper
  • Easier on kid’s arms
  • Very sturdy and tough
  • Big handle in the back
We haven't tried this yet, but love how kids could carry their own skis too! Thanks to KinderLift for sharing the photo.
We haven’t tried this yet, but love how kids could carry their own skis too! Thanks to KinderLift for sharing the photo.

What we weren’t so crazy about

**NOTE: Both of these upgrades we would like to see ARE available as custom options for bulk orders from ski areas.**

  • Since many resorts have kids’ season passes, would be great to have a pocket to slide that in
  • We’d love to see some strap adjustments on the sides to accommodate for heavier or lighter jackets depending on the weather.  That said, we haven’t had any issues even with P who has a vest that fits a little looser than J’s.

The Stats

  • Available in 14 different colors
  • XXS (age 2-3) – L (age 7-8)
  • $47.95
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Help Kids Learn to Ski

Need some more tips on teaching kids to ski? Check out our post here full of tips.

KinderLift Vests Review

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