Gear for Hiking in the Rain

Once we can motivate ourselves to get out the door, we never regret taking a hike in the rain. Whether it’s to get some shoulder season wiggles out or just a desperate attempt to breathe fresh air in the middle of a rainy Pacific Northwest winter, hiking in the rain is something we have learned … Read more

MSR Habiscape 6 Person Tent Review

MSR Habiscape 6 Person Tent Review When we first introduced our kids to family camping as babies and toddlers, we wanted the experience to be as comfortable and positive for them as possible. Even though part of the allure of camping for us as adults is “roughing it,” we know that the littlest littles can’t … Read more

Winter Beach Activities

Winter Beach Activities We’ve all been there. It’s January (or November or February or whatever month brings the most drearies to your neck of the woods). It’s cold and wet and cloudy, the kids are restless, and everyone is struggling to find motivation to get out the door. If you’ve been around the Tales of … Read more

Singletrack for All: Cosmic Dirt Review

Singletrack for All: Cosmic Dirt Creates Outdoor Apparel for All Kinds of Bodies As a forty-year-old woman whose body has carried and birthed a couple of small humans, I’ve had my fair share of fitting room frustrations. Maybe you can relate? I just got into mountain biking a little over a year ago with the … Read more

Best Adventure Dress

Best Adventure Dress for All Seasons As an active mom with active kids, there’s one quality I value immensely in my clothing: versatility. A lot of the time I’m squeezing in a walk or a hike in between meetings or kid pickups. I’m taking the dog for a walk and then heading straight into a … Read more

Best Outdoorsy Art Gifts for 2021

Outdoorsy Art Gifts If you have a gear head in your life, as many of us do, gift buying can be a complicated business. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve had conversations with friends about how hard it is to shop for our significant others, especially if the goal is … Read more