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Singletrack for All: Cosmic Dirt Review

Singletrack for All: Cosmic Dirt Creates Outdoor Apparel for All Kinds of Bodies

As a forty-year-old woman whose body has carried and birthed a couple of small humans, I’ve had my fair share of fitting room frustrations. Maybe you can relate?

I just got into mountain biking a little over a year ago with the goal of being able to keep up with my kids (you can read about this awkward, hilarious, beautiful journey here). And at some point along the way I realized that I absolutely loved it. Like, really really loved it.

Image of a person wearing a bike helmet and smiling at the camera
Biking has become such a source of joy and connection for me, and has opened my eyes to the importance of addressing access barriers to outdoor sports

After making this shocking (to me) realization, I figured it might be helpful to pick up some gear. I didn’t need anything super fancy, just some basics that could help my body feel more comfortable on my bike and more prepared for the mud bath that is Pacific Northwest singletrack.

So I wandered into a few bike shops and outdoor retailers to see what I could find. And more than once I found myself trying something on – knee pads or shorts or pants or chamois – and asking myself, whose thighs are these made for?!? I mean don’t you need to have some leg muscles to actually pedal a bike? Or is my body really so abnormal that nothing actually fits it properly?

Spoiler Alert: All Bodies are Normal Bodies

Here’s the deal: I’m coming to terms with the fact that my body is changing. Regardless of how active I am, I’ve got some squishy places that are just squishy. I’ve got some stretch marks that are consistently getting stretchier. And (AND!) I’m also increasingly aware of how important it is for my mental and physical health to embrace and love my body for the incredible machine that it is.

Check out this post if you need more inspiration for incorporating self-care into your everyday #momlife.

This squishy body still moves me up and down mountains. It still breathes fresh air and gets absurdly giddy when it takes in a breathtaking view. It still moves through water and along trails and carries kids and overstuffed backpacks. It also loves ice cream and pizza and has a remarkable capacity for jalapeño lime tortilla chips.

Image of two people with bike helmets on, smiling and covered in mud
Every kind of body deserves to be this muddy and happy

And most importantly, it is my partner through all the ups and downs of life. Parenting, adventuring, hiking, biking, working, learning, hugging, dancing, listening, connecting, creating…all of these require cooperation with the body I have. Not the one I might have *wanted* at one point in my life, but the one I actually have. And that body deserves to move in outdoor apparel that loves it just as it is.

This, my friends, is the breathtaking beauty of Cosmic Dirt – an outdoor apparel brand founded by the incomparably lovely Ashley Duffus-Jambor and Heather Kinal. And this is why their Kickstarter campaign is nothing short of revolutionary for the outdoor industry and those of us who find joy and peace and healing on the trail.

With this brand we are building a community of people who will start to demand more inclusivity from the entire bike and outdoor industry because we are showing them it’s possible to have high quality tech apparel for any size body. Everyone deserves access to clothing that makes the sports they love possible.

Ashley Duffus-Jambor, CEO and Co-Founder of Cosmic Dirt

At Tales of a Mountain Mama we believe that the outdoors is for EVERYONE. Click here to read more!

Cosmic Dirt: Singletrack for ALL Actual Human Bodies

Where It All Began

For Cosmic Dirt’s CEO and Co-Founder, Ashley Duffus-Jambor, this is both a personal and collective quest. As a plus-sized woman who has been skiing and riding bikes her entire life, she knows all too well how the outdoor industry can perpetuate the idea that certain activities are only for certain body types.

When she set out to create an outdoor apparel line that would work for an extended range of sizes (XS-4X), she did so with a deep desire to foster the kind of belonging that she herself had not experienced.

For more of her story and more of the story behind Cosmic Dirt, you can check out Ashley’s piece for Outside Magazine here.

Image of Cosmic Dirt co-founders Ashley and Heather standing in the woods
Cosmic Dirt Co-Founders Ashley (left) and Heather (right) showing off some of their original streetwear collection tees and hats (Photo Credit: Cosmic Dirt)

As she started to speak her vision out into the world, Ashley connected with eventual Co-Founder Heather Kinal. Heather resonated deeply with Ashley’s desire to expand the mountain biking community to a broader and more diverse range of human beings, and the two began scheming. In early 2021, Cosmic Dirt launched into the world with streetwear, water bottles, hats, and accessories.

But they weren’t about to stop there.

The Dream Takes Flight

At Cosmic Dirt we know the pain of not doing what we love because we can’t find clothes that fit and function properly. We want something that’s high quality, size-inclusive, sustainably and ethically produced and not insanely expensive, and just plain stylish. And there’s a serious lack of that in the outdoor space, which is the very problem that lit a fire under us to do better.

Ashley Duffus-Jambor, CEO and Co-Founder of Cosmic Dirt

Ashley and Heather quickly realized that the issue of finding well-fitting, quality outdoor gear was not unique to them. It also wasn’t limited to those who identify as women. The more feedback they received, the more they became aware that there are a lot of folks out there who are dealing with less-than-ideal fit because that’s all they can find.

Image of Cosmic Dirt founder Ashley Duffus-Jambor riding a mountain bike and wearing the Zodiac pants
Ashley put in countless hours on the trail testing the Zodiac pants for fit and function (Photo Credit: Cosmic Dirt)

With the help of their product designer, Anna, Ashley and Heather spent the last year or so designing and refining their first pieces of technical gear: the Zodiac Pants and the Everywhere Tees. Anna has nearly a decade of experience under her belt working for Eddie Bauer, and she brought the same level of intentionality and care to this project that Ashley and Heather had brought to the mission.

Real Clothes for Real Bodies

I had the opportunity to do some fit testing for Cosmic Dirt’s initial technical product line, and I can confidently say that their mission checks out. These women are equally committed to quality, comfort, inclusion, and sustainability. They are real women with real bodies who ride real bikes. And it shows.

The tees are SOFT. Like, you will want to live in them soft. They have enough length to be practical but not too much to be annoyingly bunchy underneath your waist pack.

Image of two female-identifying people wearing Cosmic Dirt shirts sitting on a park bench and laughing
Cosmic Dirt founder, Ashley (left), is equal parts athlete, businesswoman, community builder, and activist (Photo Credit: Cosmic Dirt)

So if you’ve ever struggled to find quality gear that works for your body, or if you just believe that the outdoor industry could do a better job creating a welcoming and inclusive space for all kinds of human beings, this Kickstarter campaign is one that you will want to get behind however you are able.

Cosmic Dirt: The Zodiac Pants and Everywhere Tees

The Zodiac Pants

Available for $140 exclusively to Kickstarter backers, these pants are LEGIT. They stretch where they need to stretch and stay put where they need to stay put. They move with your body and are tough enough to handle blackberry branches and unexpected ground encounters.

And when this Kickstarter hit its initial goal of $10k in a matter of hours, it became very clear that they are needed and wanted by all kinds of folks.

I believe that the way we dress affects how we act. When a pair of pants fits right, keeps me cool, and looks great, I feel as if I can tackle anything. And when it comes to biking (a sport I am still learning), any confidence boost helps!

Becky Trudeau, TMM Team Member

High-rise jogger-style mountain bike pants with room for knee pads and a chamois if that’s your jam, the Zodiac pants are made to be worn, loved, and worked hard. The Zodiacs are comfy, stretchy, practical, and functional for riders of all shapes and sizes.

Image of person wearing Cosmic Dirt Zodiac mountain bike pants
The Zodiac pants are a dreamy blend of comfort and functionality (Photo Credit: Cosmic Dirt)

Tech Specs

  • Materials include 88% nylon, 12% spandex, DWR coated fabric with waterproof zippers
  • USA-made and manufactured
  • Three pockets including two roomy hand pockets and one side pocket designed for modern smartphones
  • Double-layer knee for extra durability
  • 4″ of stretch built into the elastic waistband and two powerful snaps to keep pants secure
  • Jogger styling with a 31″ inseam and a rollable cuff
  • Comfortable gusset to avoid chafing
Image of Cosmic Dirt mountain bike pants, detail of zippered thigh pocket
Pockets, pockets, pockets! That actually hold things! (Photo Credit: Cosmic Dirt)

The Everywhere Tees

Also available for exclusive pre-order to Kickstarter backers, the Everywhere Tees are a collection of short sleeve and sleeveless crew neck tech tees that perform equally well on and off the trail. These tees provide top-of-the-line fit and performance for Cosmic Dirt’s entire XS-4X range of sizes.

Tech Specs

  • Materials include recycled poly, lyocell, and spandex
  • USA-made and manufactured
  • Anti-stink, buttery soft peached fabric
  • Made to wear everywhere, not just on the bike
  • Slim cut, unisex styling
  • Comes in three colorways

Stretch Goals and Big Dreams

As you’ve probably gathered by now, Cosmic Dirt is all about dreaming big and smashing boundaries. At the halfway point of their Kickstarter campaign, they have already raised the capital needed to offer their first stretch goal product: the Nova Shorts.

The Nova Shorts

The Nova Shorts take all the design genius of the Zodiac Pants and scale them down to give your lower leg some breathing room! Same stretchiness, same pockets, same dreamy waistband. If you live in a warmer climate or are more of a fair-weather rider, these shorts are everything you’ve ever wanted and more. And because the project has already hit its initial goal, they are available for pre-order RIGHT NOW!

image of mock-ups of mountain bike shorts including text: "The Nova Shorts available for pre-order now!  7 inch or 12 inch inseam.  Comes in shark grey, black, or deep forest."

I’m short and curvy and it’s so hard to find bike shorts! They’re either too long, or the fabric isn’t stretchy enough for my butt and hips, or there’s the dreaded gap in the back.

Sarah Toal, TMM Team Member

The Interstellar Overalls

Perhaps the most drool-worthy product in Cosmic Dirt’s initial product line, the Interstellar Overalls feature the same fabric and fit as the Zodiac Pants and Nova Shorts. With straps to keep them up (and to keep you cozy and dry), these overalls are the essence of utility and comfort. If you want to see these beauties make it to production, show the campaign some love and help it get to its ultimate goal!

image of mock-ups of mountain bike overalls

Be the Change

The folks at Cosmic Dirt know that their goal of raising $100K in one month is ambitious, and they also know that their vision matters. That’s why they (and we!) are encouraging anyone who resonates with that mission to jump on board in whatever capacity you can. Whether that’s $5 or $500, every dollar is a statement that folks of all sizes and body types deserve to feel like they belong in the mountain biking community.

Image of mountain bike pants splattered with mud
Real pants for real bodies covered in real mud – the good stuff! (Photo Credit: Cosmic Dirt)

There are lots of products out there in the world right now, but I can say with a great deal of confidence that there are not a lot of people behind those products who care as deeply as Ashley and Heather about the bigger meaning behind those products.

Cosmic Dirt is more than another up-and-coming outdoor gear brand. It is a movement of folks who want to challenge the status quo and see more people enjoying the trails and loving their bodies. It’s a community of trailblazers – literal and figurative – who are committed to making sure everyone feels seen and embraced and welcome both on and off their bikes.

This is a vision that deserves every ounce of love and every dollar of investment we can muster. If you believe in the mission of Singletrack for ALL, learn more and help them send a message to the world that inclusion matters. Pick up some amazing pants or one of their other rad rewards, or just invest what you can in seeing this beautiful dream come true.

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