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Best Outdoor Themed Halloween Costumes

Outdoorsy Halloween Costumes

Pumpkin patches, apple cider donuts and a crispness in the morning air are evidence that fall is right around the corner in my little patch of the woods. With that comes the anticipation of the fast approaching holiday season and some anxiety as I think of all I hope, want, and need to accomplish.

So, if Halloween costume inspiration is one of your current stressors, then check out this costume roundup. Some costumes included require a little bit of effort and others you can throw together the night before a party. They’re also really fun to bring camping!

Most of these outdoorsy costumes are DI. They are inexpensive and require few materials beyond what you already own. Additionally, these costumes are easy to modify, simplify, and adapt to your own family’s needs.

Whether you’re a Halloween fanatic or feeling a sense of dread about October 31st this costume roundup goes ‘out on a limb’ to inspire you with ideas for a fun, low stress, outdoorthemed Halloween.

And let me put in a little caveat that you should not be surprised if “The Entomologist & His Bug Collection” make a repeat appearance this year! When I lack the motivation to get to a craft store and no lightning bolt strikes me with an “original” idea then I love to recycle a costume from previous years with a few added bells and whistles (your next-door neighbors will never know and your child will still come home with too much candy).


Creepy Crawly Critters:   

Entomologist & Bug Collection

How cute is this family (which happens to be team member, Stephanie) of bugs + entomologist?!! Just add wings!

Slimy Snail Costume

We love this super easy and affordable costume…and finally something to do with all that packing paper! Can be used for kids and adults of all ages/sizes.

Beekeeper & Bumblebee

Is there really anything cuter?? I love that they really only bought one costume (for that cute bee) and then threw some netting over wide brimmed hats. Easy and so awesome.

Monarch Butterfly

Wings really do make any costume that much better. These felt ones are super easy to make and you can customize them to the colors your child loves. Plus they are super fun for after Halloween too!

Caterpillar & Butterfly

Want to up the butterfly game just a bit? Grab a younger sibling and make them a caterpillar! Again, an easy tutorial that works for kids of all ages!


Boys (and girls) often want to be something scary – why not trade the Grimm Reaper for a little spider instead? Easy, no sew tutorial!

Woodland Themed:

Deer Costume

Make some fake antlers, dress in brown and add a cute tail and you can easily pass as a deer. Or make your cute little dear a deer!

Fairy Costume

A cute little woodland fairy sure beats a glitter fairy (if not for the mess if anything!!) Just add leaves, lots of leaves!

Knothole Tree

Owl Costume

Trees & Flowers

There’s something about trees and flowers that make costumes just a little more magical. This blog post (linked to the photos) has some other great ones too!

Camping & Fishing:

RV Costume

Celebrate camping all fall too! What a fun and easy box costume!

Lumberjack Costume

Easiest, best costume. Suspenders, flannel and beards. Bring your own firewood!

Campfire Costume

I personally LOVE this one. Only way to improve it? Add a marshmallow on a stick hat!

Fisherman & Fish

How cute is this??!? Perfect for kids of all ages.


There is really nothing that says American camping more than S’mores. Add a little campfire and you’re set!

Happy Camper

Headlamp always makes any costume 100% better. Actually headlamps just make LIFE better!

Park Ranger & Smoky Bear

Yes, yes, yes. Way to represent our National Parks!

Rock Climber

Super easy costume….just add blood to make it even more halloweeny.

Birds & Birdwatchers

I love this great and easy costume from team member, Jackie! A couple cute birds and those that watch them.

Outdoor Elements:

Rain Cloud


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